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Passion for Travel

We love to travel and we love to share. A genuine passion for cycling fueled our inception and now this passion continues to fuel our vision. We believe that travel should be more than business, it should be a way of life. For us, travel is not indulging, it is engaging with people, cultures, and destinations that are foreign to our own.


The opportunity to explore and discover should be available to more than just a few. We offer quality and economy and our partners are as passionate as we are. They know their own backyards and love to walk you through them. As a marketplace, we can offer many choices, to many different types of travelers, to many destinations, and we stand by each and every one.

Customer Service

We are travelers helping travelers. In the office, we have seasoned travelers and those who have only one or two stamps in their passports. We have those who want every detailed ironed out before they go and others who go with the flow. We understand. From giving personal advice before you depart to providing assistance when you are traveling, we are dedicated to making your journey as seamless as possible. Service is at the heart of everything we do and everything we are.
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Tour Types

Bike + Barge

Our bike and barge tours throughout Europe are the best way to travel and will be an experience you will never forget! The bike is your means to pedal the back roads of countries and cultures and the boat is your unique accommodations throughout your tour.

Bike + Hotel

Our bike tours in Europe, Asia, and beyond are as varied as you are. We have self-guided, guided, and supported bicycle tours, with most now offering the electric bike option.

Hiking + Walking

It is a walk through time, a venture through the rugged, and a cultural, historical, and culinary experience. As you trek the trails and paths of the ancients, Europe's amazing landscapes, not accessible by any car or tourist bus, unfold before you.

Small Ship Cruises

We are excited to announce that we are now offering small ship cruises in Europe & beyond, but not your typical cruise. Our small ship cruise selection is handpicked, featuring smaller boats and old-world charm.

Birding + Birdwatching

Birding and bird watching is one of the best ways to connect to nature and enjoy the outdoors. We are excited to offer birding adventures from Colombia to India.

About Us

Tripsite is your comprehensive marketplace for cycling and hiking holidays in Europe, Asia, and beyond, showcasing hundreds of tours for the active vacationer, including bike and boat tours, bike tours, hiking adventures, small ship cruises, and multi-adventure experiences!

Offering a diverse portfolio, we have tours to fit any budget, from luxury to value, and tours to suit any interest, including history, culture, and gastronomy. Custom-made tours are possible as well!

Founded in 1999, we are still family-owned and operated. Our focus then, and our focus now, is to share our love of travel, and to help you find the perfect tour for you.


New and Featured Tours

Hooded Mountain-Tanager in Colombia. Flickr:Joao Quental

New Tour: Birding on Colombia’s Caribbean Coast

10 days from $2811

New Tour: Birding on Colombia’s Caribbean Coast

Easy Birding + Bird Watching Tour in Colombia

Welcome to the world's premier birding destination! So much awaits you on this birdwatching tour in Colombia. Of the over 1,900 recorded species of birds found here, 80 are endemic. You will have the…

Overlooking Lake Garda in Italy. Photo via TO

New Tour: Lake Garda & the Veneto

8 days from €1315

New Tour: Lake Garda & the Veneto

Easy Bike Tour in Italy

On this guided and supported bike tour from Lake Garda all the way to Venice, you will pedal across the Veneto, a lovely corner of Northern Italy nestled against the Italian Alps. On dedicated bike…

Exploring Dubrovnik on the Dalmatian Coast Walking Tour in Croatia.

Featured Tour: Dalmatian coast from Split to Dubrovnik

7 days from €1335

Featured Tour: Dalmatian coast from Split to Dubrovnik

Easy–Moderate Hike + Walk Tour in Croatia

A hike along the Dalmatian coast of Croatia showcases the best of this island world. Enjoy walking along Greek, Roman, Venetian and French trails while discovering local culture and gastronomy of…

New Tour: Dutch River Cruise

7 days from €3995

New Tour: Dutch River Cruise

Easy Cruises Tour in Netherlands

Welcome aboard the enchanting Aurora, a 5-star ship with an understated elegance that will grace your entire experience. Bring your family, friends, or special group and enjoy exclusivity, tailored…

Feast of Sant'Efis in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy. Photo via Flickr:usadifranci

New Tour: Sardinia: Culinary Delights E-Bike Tour

8 days from €1590

5 out of 5

New Tour: Sardinia: Culinary Delights E-Bike Tour

Easy Bike Tour in Italy

When you think of a bike tour on Sardinia, you think mountains, right? In fact, legend has it that after God created all the dry land and seas, He finally got around to creating boulders, which He…

Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, North Holland, the Netherlands. CC:Nikolai Karaneschev

Featured Tour: Amsterdam to Bruges - 11 days

11 days from €1569

4.8 out of 5

Featured Tour: Amsterdam to Bruges - 11 days

Easy Bike + Boat Tour in Netherlands, Belgium

This bike and boat tour in Holland and Belgium is a unique 11-day experience. It provides more time to enjoy this classic route. Think of Holland, and inevitably what comes to mind is windmills and…

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