Prices - Euros?

You will notice that the prices for our European tours are now listed in Euros.

1 January 2014

Why Euros?  We purchase all of our European cycling tours from European tour operators. We do not run these tours ourselves, we never have. We work solely from commission  which means that you do not pay more for a tour when booking through us. The price stays the same. However, since we buy these tours in Euros, it is easier to list the price in Euros and use that day's exchange rate to determine the price in U.S. Dollars. The prices for the tours does not change, but the exchange rate will.  There is a calculator on the pricing page of each tour so that you can accurately and immediately calculate the price in U.S. Dollars.

But what exchange rate will you use to compose the final invoice?
The exchange rate will be the bank rate plus 2 cents. If there are more than 100 days before travel, you can pick a day when the exchange rate is favorable and pay in full that day. Otherwise, we will use the exchange rate of the day that is 100 days before your tour date.  As always, an initial $300 per person deposit is required at time of booking that goes towards the final cost of the trip. Full payment is due 90 days before travel. If you are booking a tour less than 90 days before travel, full payment will be required at time of booking with that day's exchange rate.

*For charters, payment will be due 150 days before travel.

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