Our Partners and Prices

Building lasting relationships with our local partners, and with you!

We are glad that you found us and hope you are excited by the amount of tours we offer.

As you begin your exploration, you will quickly realize that Tripsite does not own or operate the majority of the tours we offer. In fact, you will find the name of our local operator listed on each page. There is one thing that we want to make clear:

We are not a broker.

Though we are a comprehensive marketplace, offering a wide variety of tours and locations, we are so much more!

We work with local partners to showcase the places they call home, providing quality tours that highlight culture, history, food, people, geography, architecture, nature, and more.

Carla with our friend and partner, Jantien, owner of the Merlijn.

We experience the tours, gather information, and then give it to you straight. We are the first to say that there are places we like more than others, or that a boat’s dining room is dark, or that an operator is a bit inexperienced.

Hennie posing with a local spice merchant in Burma

So if a broker explores, experiences, and educates, then guilty as charged. But we think not.

A bit more...

You will find our prices match the price listed on the operator's site.* We work from commission. All of our tour operators are eager to have us feature their tours and we are excited to offer them. *We do add a small administration fee equivalent to €20 to our tour price.

Still seeing a difference in price? If you were to book with most of our partners, you would also, as you get to the end of the reservation process, have a booking fee applied. Also, do keep in mind, that many times our operators list certain items, such as bike rental or GPS devices as supplements, and we incorporate them in our overall pricing. Be sure to check what is included and not included and if you still feel there is a discrepancy, ask us!

The bottom line

We work with hundreds of local partners so we can explore for you and with you. Service is at the heart of everything we do and everything we are.

If one tour doesn’t quite work we will find an operator and a tour that will.

We are here for you. By building strong and lasting relationships with local partners, we can be your advocates, before you go, during your travel, and after you return. We feel that your adventure should be rewarding, from your very first contact with us until it is is just a wonderful memory.

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