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Born and raised on a small island in the Philippines, May has always loved the beach and considers herself an island girl through and through. Living close to the beach, she enjoys a perpetual vacation vibe.

Her love for the outdoors knows no bounds, as she enthusiastically engages in camping, swimming, and hiking. Karaoke sessions with friends bring her immense joy as she sings her heart out. Stand-up paddle boarding, longboard cruising, and playing frisbee are her preferred sports, serving as both fun and exercise. May's passion for art serves as a stress-reliever, and she actively participates in organizing events like clean-up drives and downhill bike races.

May's journey to Tripsite was paved with two exciting years as a local tourism staff and a charismatic tour guide. This colorful background gave her the ability to effortlessly connect with others. Social interactions pose no challenge for her, as she has become thoroughly acquainted with the art of engaging with people.