Giving Back

Giving Back

Through your adventures and our own, we have realized that people are focusing more on experiential and responsible travel, seeking immersive and cultural experiences. We are all traveling to be changed and to enact change. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your story and for being part of ours. In fact, we are all part of the same story. Each tour you book through us, allows us to give, globally and locally. Thank you!

Hope for Korah

Tripsite is helping to fight malnutrition for impoverished children living in Korah, Ethiopia. Situated on the edge of the Addis Ababa garbage dump, the area is consumed with poverty and disease spreads quickly. We have partnered with Hope for Korah, a non-profit in this area, and by supporting their Berta Breakfast program, we are providing these children a nutrient enriched meal in the form of a pancake specifically designed for malnourished children. For some it is their largest meal of the day. Many families in Korah eat only once a day and the quality of food is extremely poor. Most boys and girls living in Korah are underweight. It is common for these children to have poor participation (some actually fainting) in school because they have not eaten. Hunger and malnutrition affect more than just a child's physical health - it has a direct impact on their future opportunities by diminishing their attention span, energy levels, creativity, and school performance. Berta not only fills hungry bellies; it changes lives by providing relief for parents, sustenance for hungry children, and a more promising future to deserving children in need!

Learn more about Hope For Korah or read our blog for more information.

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