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Highlights of Germany - Cochem, Germany. ©Hollandfotograaf Highlights of Germany A bike and barge tour featuring the Rhine, the Moselle, and the Main RiversGermanyMerlijnPremier Collection7Guided€15854.7/5Sep202234.7 out of 5EasyHighlights of Germany
Luxury Highlights of Holland - Cheese market in Gouda, South Holland, the Netherlands. CC:Ralf Roletschek Luxury Highlights of Holland A luxury cultural & culinary bike & boat cruise in HollandNetherlandsAuroraFood + Drink, Bike + Boat, Luxury7Guided, Self Guided€3995 May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct2022EasyLuxury Highlights of Holland
Luxury Tulip Tour - Tulips galore! Flickr:Willem van Valkenburg Luxury Tulip Tour An all inclusive luxury bike & boat tulip tour in HollandNetherlandsAdagio, AuroraFood + Drink, Bike + Boat, Luxury, Tulip Tours7Guided, Self Guided€3625 Mar, Apr, May2022EasyLuxury Tulip Tour
Merzig to Cochem - Saar River near Merzig, Germany. Flickr:Wolfgang Staudt Merzig to Cochem Bike & boat along the Moselle RiverGermanyQuo Vadis8Guided€13955/5Jul, Aug2022 202335 out of 5EasyMerzig to Cochem
Cologne to Bamberg - Half-timbered houses in Miltenberg, Germany. Flickr:Carsten Frenzl Cologne to Bamberg An exciting bike & boat tour along the Rhine & Main RiverGermanyQuo VadisPremier Collection, Bike + Boat11Guided€20854.9/5Aug202294.9 out of 5EasyCologne to Bamberg
Amsterdam to Bruges - 11 days - Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, North Holland, the Netherlands. CC:Nikolai Karaneschev Amsterdam to Bruges - 11 days Delta Works in Holland, Flanders Fields in Belgium, & so much moreNetherlands, BelgiumFleur, Gandalf, Quo VadisPremier Collection11Guided€15694.8/5May, Jun, Aug, Sep2022 202384.8 out of 5EasyAmsterdam to Bruges - 11 days
Ludwigsburg to Mainz - Schloss Heidelberg in Germany! Flickr:Polybert49 Ludwigsburg to Mainz A bike & boat tour through the Romance of the Rhine & Neckar RiversGermanyMerlijnPremier Collection, Bike + Boat8Guided€15255/5Sep, Oct202115 out of 5Easy–ModerateLudwigsburg to Mainz
Bike & Sail the Tulips - Volendam in North Holland, the Netherlands. Flickr:Juan Enrique Gilardi Bike & Sail the Tulips Bike & sail Northern HollandNetherlandsMare fan Fryslân, Wapen fan FryslânBike + Boat, Tulip Tours8Guided€1184 Apr2022EasyBike & Sail the Tulips
Tulip Tour - 8 Day - Biking in south Holland. ©TO Tulip Tour - 8 Day Biking & boating through the Tulips!NetherlandsAllure, Fleur, Iris, Lena Maria, Quo Vadis, Sarah, ZwaantjePremier Collection, Electric Bike, Family Friendly, Bike + Boat, Tulip Tours8Guided€11945/5Apr2022 2023555 out of 5EasyTulip Tour - 8 Day
Tulip Tour - 7 day - Bikes over the canal bridge in Amsterdam, North Holland, the Netherlands. Photo via Flickr:vgm8383 Tulip Tour - 7 day A bike & boat tour during peak Tulip season!NetherlandsMerlijnPremier Collection, Bike + Boat, Tulip Tours7Guided€15854.9/5Mar, Apr2021 2022164.9 out of 5EasyTulip Tour - 7 day
Amsterdam to Bruges - Canals and boats in Amsterdam, North Holland, the Netherlands. Photo via Flickr:Sergey Galyonkin Amsterdam to Bruges Cycle in Holland & Belgium on this picturesque bike & boat tourNetherlands, BelgiumAnna Antal, Clair de Lune, Fleur, Fluvius, Gandalf, Liza Marleen, Magnifique II, Magnifique III, Magnifique IV, Princesse Royal, Sailing Home, Zwaan, ZwaantjeElectric Bike, Family Friendly, Our Favorites4–8Guided, Self Guided€10604.9/5Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep2021 20221984.9 out of 5EasyAmsterdam to Bruges
Mantova to Venice or Venice to Mantova - Biking the Mantova to Venice Bike & Boat Tour in Italy. ©Photo via TO Mantova to Venice or Venice to Mantova Bike & Barge Italy!ItalyAve Maria, Vita Pugna8Guided, Self Guided€10354.7/5Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct2021 20221264.7 out of 5EasyMantova to Venice or Venice to Mantova
Burgundy to Provence - Pont du Gard, the ancient Roman aqueduct, over the Gardon River, near Vers-Pont-du-Gard, France. Photo via TO Burgundy to Provence Bike & boat from Lyon to Arles on the Rhone RiverFranceProvenceFood + Drink, Our Favorites, Bike + Boat8Guided, Self Guided€1699 Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct2022ModerateBurgundy to Provence
Bruges to Amsterdam - Grote Markt in Bruges, West Flanders, Belgium. ©Hollandfotograaf Bruges to Amsterdam Bike & Boat on one of Europe’s classic bike routes through Belgium & HollandBelgium, NetherlandsAnna Antal, Feniks, Fluvius, Liza Marleen, Magnifique II, Magnifique III, Magnifique IV, Princesse Royal, Sailing Home, Wending, Zwaan, ZwaantjeDiscounts + Special Offers, Electric Bike, Family Friendly, Bike + Boat4–8Guided, Self Guided€11154.8/5Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct2021 20222134.8 out of 5EasyBruges to Amsterdam
National Parks of Dalmatia - Trogir, where the boat is moored in Croatia. Flickr:Kate National Parks of Dalmatia Bike & boat Croatia through National Parks & the Islands of Central DalmatiaCroatiaRomantica, San SnovaMountain Bike8Guided€9904.6/5Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct2021 2022264.6 out of 5ModerateNational Parks of Dalmatia
Mainz to Merzig - Along the beautiful Rhine River in Rüdesheim, Germany. Flickr:Andrew Gustar Mainz to Merzig A bike & boat tour featuring Saarburg, Trier, Koblenz, & the romance of the rivers!GermanyMerlijnPremier Collection, Electric Bike, Food + Drink, Bike + Boat8Guided€16354.9/5Oct2021 2022114.9 out of 5EasyMainz to Merzig
Along the Danube - Four Country Tour - Old Town in Bratislava, Slovakia. CC:Rob Hurson Along the Danube - Four Country Tour Cycle the Danube Bike Path - along one of Europe’s most famous riversAustria, Germany, Slovakia, HungaryCarissima, Fortuna, Primadonna, Prinzessin Katharina, SE-ManonDanube Bike Tours8Guided, Self Guided€7494.6/5Apr, May, Jun, Aug, Sep20223374.6 out of 5EasyAlong the Danube - Four Country Tour
Super Tulip Tour - Plenty of tulips at the Keukenhof, near Lisse, South Holland. Flickr:Hans Splinter Super Tulip Tour The ultimate Dutch tulip bike & boat tour!NetherlandsAnna Antal, Clair de Lune, Feniks, Liza Marleen, ZwaanBike + Boat, Tulip Tours8Guided€10654.9/5Mar, Apr, May2022114.9 out of 5EasySuper Tulip Tour
Along the Danube - Passau to Vienna - Wachau Valley vineyards along the Danube River, Austria. Photo via Flickr:alchen_x Along the Danube - Passau to Vienna Bike Austria & the historic cities on the Danube Cycle Path!Austria, GermanyCarissima, Merlijn, Prinzessin KatharinaDanube Bike Tours, Electric Bike, Bike + Boat8Guided, Self Guided€7944.6/5Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct2022574.6 out of 5EasyAlong the Danube - Passau to Vienna
Metz to Cochem - Marktplatz in Bernkastel-Keus, a famous wine-growing region on the Mosel River in Germany. Flickr:Frans Berkelaar Metz to Cochem Bike & boat through three countries along the Moselle River!France, Luxembourg, GermanyIris, Princesse RoyalPremier Collection, Bike + Boat8Guided€14544.9/5Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct2022534.9 out of 5EasyMetz to Cochem
Provence - Wilderness of Camargue - Wildhorses at the Camargue in southern France. Flickr:Wolfgang Staudt Provence - Wilderness of Camargue A bike and boat tour through the region of Van GoghFranceCaprice, L’EstelloBike + Boat8Guided, Self Guided€10954.4/5Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct2021 2022614.4 out of 5Easy–ModerateProvence - Wilderness of Camargue
Holland Southern Tulip Tour - Tulip fields in South Holland, the Netherlands. ©Hollandfotograaf Holland Southern Tulip Tour Cycle Holland’s most beautiful cities during the Tulip Season!NetherlandsAnna Antal, Feniks, Liza Marleen, Sailing Home, WendingBike + Boat, Tulip Tours8Guided€12554.7/5Mar, Apr, May2022184.7 out of 5EasyHolland Southern Tulip Tour
Champagne Tour - Opera House in Paris, France. Flickr:alainlm Champagne Tour A bike & boat tour in France from Paris to Épernay or Épernay to ParisFranceClair de Lune, Feniks, ZwaantjeFood + Drink8–11Guided€11904.5/5May, Jun, Jul, Aug2021 2022204.5 out of 5ModerateChampagne Tour
Bruges to Paris - Medieval Gothic City Hall in Oudenaarde, Belgium. ©TO Bruges to Paris Cycling in Belgium and France!Belgium, FranceClair de Lune, Feniks, Fleur, ZwaantjeElectric Bike, Our Favorites, Bike + Boat15Guided€25604.7/5May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct2022694.7 out of 5Easy–ModerateBruges to Paris
North Holland Tour - Harbor in Hoorn, North Holland, the Netherlands. Flickr:b k North Holland Tour Holland below sea level, a Dutch bike & boat tour through Northern HollandNetherlandsAnna Antal, De Willemstad, Liza Marleen, Poseidon, Sailing Home, Serena, ZwaanPremier Collection, Electric Bike, Bike + Boat8Guided, Self Guided€7544.3/5Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct2022284.3 out of 5EasyNorth Holland Tour
Cyclades Islands - Famous windmills above Mykonos on Mykonos Island, Greece. Photo via Flickr:Ira Gelb 37.447473, 25.327018 Cyclades Islands Cycle Greece’s Saronic Islands between the Greek mainland and the Peleponnese IslandsGreeceThalassaBike + Boat8Guided€17904.5/5Apr, May, Jun, Aug, Sep, Oct202224.5 out of 5ModerateCyclades Islands
Ionian Islands - Gaios village on Paxos (Paxi) Island, Ionian Islands, Greece. CC:Anemos2000 Ionian Islands Bike & Boat in Greece featuring the Ionian Islands & Gulf of CorinthGreecePanagiotaBike + Boat8Guided€15905/5Apr, May, Jun, Aug, Sep, Oct202255 out of 5Moderate–DifficultIonian Islands
Bolzano - Mantova - Venice - Gondola ride in Venice, Veneto, Italy. Photo via Flickr:Moyan Brenn Bolzano - Mantova - Venice Bike & boat in Italy through the gorgeous countryside & villagesItalyAve Maria, Vita PugnaOur Favorites, Bike + Boat11Guided, Self Guided€18054.8/5Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep2022314.8 out of 5Easy–ModerateBolzano - Mantova - Venice
Tulip Tour - 5 day - Tulip heaven in the Netherlands. Flickr:Steven Bittinger Tulip Tour - 5 day Mini barge/bike tour during Tulip Time!NetherlandsFluvius, Magnifique II, Magnifique III, Magnifique IVTulip Tours5Guided, Self Guided€7294.7/5Mar, Apr2022324.7 out of 5EasyTulip Tour - 5 day
South Greek Aegean Sea - Symi Island in Greece. Flickr:Scouse Smurf 36.58995, 27.853088 South Greek Aegean Sea A bike and boat tour island hopping in the Southeastern Aegean SeaGreece, TurkeyLove Boat8Guided€13904/5Apr, May, Sep, Oct2021 202214 out of 5Moderate–DifficultSouth Greek Aegean Sea
Brussels to Bruges - La Grand Place in Brussels, Belgium. Flickr:Jiuguang Wang Brussels to Bruges Bike and barge Belgium along the Schelde RiverBelgiumFeniks8Guided, Self Guided€10654.9/5May, Jun, Jul, Aug2021 2022144.9 out of 5EasyBrussels to Bruges
Berlin to Malchin - Old Town in Szczecin, Poland. Photo via Wikimedia Commons:PublicDomain Berlin to Malchin Bike in Eastern Germany & into Poland!Germany, PolandMerlijnBike + Boat8Guided€16355/5Jun, Jul2021 2022175 out of 5Easy–ModerateBerlin to Malchin
Amalfi Coast - Tyrrhenian Sea - Beautiful seaside town of Positano, Italy. Flickr:pululante Amalfi Coast - Tyrrhenian Sea Experience the Tyrrhenian Sea & the Gulf of Naples by land & sea!ItalyCaique Maria Giovanna, Deriya DenizElectric Bike, Bike + Boat8Guided€17303.8/5Apr, May, Jun, Aug, Sep, Oct2021 202293.8 out of 5ModerateAmalfi Coast - Tyrrhenian Sea
Amsterdam to Cologne - Cathedral in Cologne, Germany. Flickr:Daniel Knieper Amsterdam to Cologne Bike & boat along the majestic Rhine in Holland & GermanyNetherlands, GermanyQuo VadisBike + Boat8Guided€15504.6/5May2023144.6 out of 5EasyAmsterdam to Cologne
Vietnam - Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. Photo via Flickr:guido da rozze 20.921063, 106.986531 Vietnam Cycle in Vietnam in the far east of Asia!Vietnam, CambodiaFunan Cruise, Vietnamese Junks15Guided€29104.9/5Mar, Oct, Nov2021 202274.9 out of 5Easy–ModerateVietnam
Münster to Cologne - Cologne, Germany. Flickr:Ed Webster 50.950884, 6.927223 Münster to Cologne A German Bike & Barge tour featuring several bike pathsGermanyQuo VadisBike + Boat8Self Guided€1104 Jun, Jul2022 2023EasyMünster to Cologne
Aschaffenburg to Bamberg - River Main in Miltenberg, Lower Franconia, Bavaria, Germany. Flickr:Kiefer Aschaffenburg to Bamberg Cycling in Bavaria!GermanyIris, Quo VadisPremier Collection, Bike + Boat8Guided€1395 Aug, Sep2022Easy–ModerateAschaffenburg to Bamberg
West Flanders & Bruges - Ypres in West Flanders, Belgium. Flickr:Paul Arps West Flanders & Bruges Bike & boat through Belgium & WW I historyBelgium, FranceFeniksBike + Boat8Guided€1065 Jul, Aug2021 2022EasyWest Flanders & Bruges
Mainz to Cologne - Rüdesheim & Bingen in Germany. ©TO Mainz to Cologne Bike & boat the Rhine River Valley!GermanyOlympiaBike + Boat8Self Guided€10944/5May, Jun, Aug, Sep, Oct2021 202294 out of 5EasyMainz to Cologne
Bremen to Wolfsburg - Neues Rathaus in Hannover, Germany. Creative Commons:Thomas Wolf Bremen to Wolfsburg GermanyMerlijn8Guided€1635 Jul2021EasyBremen to Wolfsburg
Highlights of Tuscany - Porto Santo Stefano in Tuscany, Italy. Photo via Flickr:Theo K Highlights of Tuscany Bike & Sail the Tuscan coastItalyAtlantisBike + Boat, Tuscany Bike Tours, Traveler Favorites8Guided€18905/5Aug, Sep, Oct202215 out of 5Moderate–DifficultHighlights of Tuscany
Koblenz to Merzig - Wine-centered town of Cochem, Germany. CC:Kai Pilger Koblenz to Merzig Bike & Boat along the Mosel & Saar RiversGermanyAllure, FloraPremier Collection, Traveler Favorites7–8Guided€12444.7/5Aug, Sep, Oct2021 2022154.7 out of 5EasyKoblenz to Merzig
Frankfurt to Ludwigsburg - View from the castle in Heidelberg, Germany. Flickr:Gunter Hentschel Frankfurt to Ludwigsburg Cycling through the valleys of the Main, Rhine, & Neckar Rivers!GermanyMerlijnPremier Collection8Guided€15255/5Sep202145 out of 5EasyFrankfurt to Ludwigsburg
Bike & Sail the IJsselmeer - Biking the Bike & Sail IJsselmeer tour in Holland! ©TO Bike & Sail the IJsselmeer Bike the beautiful harbors and varied landscapes and sail the waters of Holland’s largest lakeNetherlandsElizabeth, Leafde fan Fryslân, Wapen fan FryslânBike + Boat8Guided, Self Guided€8594.6/5May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep2021 202254.6 out of 5EasyBike & Sail the IJsselmeer
Douro River E-Bike & boat - Beautiful Porto in Portugal. © TO Douro River E-Bike & boat Explore the beauty of the Douro River Valley by boat & electric bike!PortugalAlvaDiscounts + Special Offers, Bike + Boat, Luxury8Guided€2694 Apr, May, Aug, Oct2022Easy–ModerateDouro River E-Bike & boat
Aschaffenburg to Cochem - Cochem is a center for the wine trade on the Mosel River in Germany. Flickr:Frans Berkelaar Aschaffenburg to Cochem Biking & boating along the Moselle, Rhine & Main RiversGermanyIrisPremier Collection, Bike + Boat8Guided€1655 Oct2022EasyAschaffenburg to Cochem
Luxury Northern Burgundy - Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte, Burgundy, France. ©TO 48.565845, 2.714117 Luxury Northern Burgundy Wine, dine, & explore in the enchanting Seine & Yonne River RegionsFranceAuroraFood + Drink, Bike + Boat, Luxury7Guided, Self Guided€5500 May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep2022Easy–ModerateLuxury Northern Burgundy
Montargis to Paris - Relaxing in Paris, France. Flickr:Steven dosRemedios Montargis to Paris Bike & Barge in France in the Seine ValleyFranceFleurBike + Boat8Guided€14644.1/5Jul, Aug, Sep2022104.1 out of 5Easy–ModerateMontargis to Paris
Mosel & Saar - Marketplace in Trier, Germany along the Mosel River. Flickr:Dennis Jarvis Mosel & Saar Cycling through the legacy of the Roman EmpireGermanyZwaanBike + Boat8Guided€15554.7/5Aug, Sep, Oct2021 2022104.7 out of 5EasyMosel & Saar
Peloponnese & Saronic Islands - Port of Saronic Island Spetses in Argolic Gulf, Greece. Flickr:Marco Verch 37.346202, 22.924061 Peloponnese & Saronic Islands A bike and boat journey through 5,000 years of Greek historyGreeceThalassa8Guided€1790 Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Oct2022ModeratePeloponnese & Saronic Islands
Along the Danube - Passau to Vienna aboard the Primadonna - MS Primadonna on the Danube in Dürnstein, part of the Wachau Valley & Krems-Land district of Lower Austria. ©TO Along the Danube - Passau to Vienna aboard the Primadonna Cycle along the Danube River in Austria on the famous Danube Bike PathAustriaPrimadonnaDanube Bike Tours8Self Guided€6795/5Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct2021 202215 out of 5EasyAlong the Danube - Passau to Vienna aboard the Primadonna
Explore Friesland - Biking through Stavoren, Friesland, the Netherlands. Flickr:Bruno Rijsman Explore Friesland Explore the northern province of Holland by bike & boatNetherlandsLena Maria8Self Guided€10544/5Jun, Jul, Aug2021 202214 out of 5Easy
Kvarner Bay E-Bike & Boat - Lošinj in the Kvarner Gulf, Croatia. Flickr:Miroslav Vajdic Kvarner Bay E-Bike & Boat Explore Croatia & the Adriatic Sea on this electric bike tourCroatiaAndela LoraElectric Bike, Bike + Boat, Traveler Favorites8Guided€14904.7/5Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct2021 2022184.7 out of 5Easy–ModerateKvarner Bay E-Bike & Boat
Rotterdam to the Zeeland Province - Veere on the island of Walcheren, the Netherlands. ©Hollandfotograaf Rotterdam to the Zeeland Province A bike & boat tour from Holland’s second largest city into the wonderful water world of the ZeelandNetherlandsOlympiaBike + Boat8Self Guided€1044 May, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct2021 2022EasyRotterdam to the Zeeland Province
Luxury Rotterdam to Paris - Bruges, Belgium! ©Hollandfotograaf 51.209391, 3.224998 Luxury Rotterdam to Paris Cruise & bike the best of Europe- Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp, Auvers sur Oise + moreNetherlands, Belgium, FranceAuroraRiver Cruises, Bike + Boat, Luxury15Guided, Self Guided€9500 Jun, Jul, Oct2022EasyLuxury Rotterdam to Paris
Amsterdam to Maastricht - Biking through Volendam, the Netherlands. ©TO Amsterdam to Maastricht Biking & boating the Dutch RiversNetherlandsGandalf, Sarah8Guided€11044.4/5May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep2022104.4 out of 5EasyAmsterdam to Maastricht
Pearls of Dalmatia - Pape Privi Ship Dalmatia Croatia Bike Tour. Photo via TO Pearls of Dalmatia Bike and boat in Croatia from Split to Dubrovnik or reverseCroatiaPape PrviBike + Boat8Guided€1390 Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct2022ModeratePearls of Dalmatia
Southern Dalmatia E-Bike & Boat - Harbor of Hvar Island in Croatia. Flickr:Arnie Papp Southern Dalmatia E-Bike & Boat Electric bike tour of Croatia & its southern islands!CroatiaMelody, Princess DianaElectric Bike, Bike + Boat8Guided€16904.6/5Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct2021 2022104.6 out of 5ModerateSouthern Dalmatia E-Bike & Boat
Heart of Holland - Tulip fields in the Springtime in Holland! ©Hollandfotograaf Heart of Holland Biking and boating historic cities in the Netherlands through the green heart of Central and Southern HollandNetherlandsFlora, Gandalf, Lena MariaBike + Boat8Guided, Self Guided€9544.8/5May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct2021 202254.8 out of 5EasyHeart of Holland
Mainz to Würzburg - Lohr-am-Main in Germany. Flickr:Ben Mainz to Würzburg A Bavarian Bike & Boat tourGermanyMerlijn7Guided€1625 Jul, Oct2022EasyMainz to Würzburg
Central Greek Aegean Sea - Leros Island, Greece. Flickr:maurizio jaya costantino Central Greek Aegean Sea Cycle Greece by island hopping the Aegean from BodrumGreece, TurkeyLove Boat, Osman Kurt8Guided€14904.3/5Apr, May, Jun, Sep, Oct2021 202264.3 out of 5Moderate–DifficultCentral Greek Aegean Sea
Bike & Sail the Highlands of Scotland - Tobermory, the capital of the Isle of Mull in Scotland. Flickr:Frank Pickavant 56.622882, -6.068071 Bike & Sail the Highlands of Scotland A sailing & biking tour around Scotland’s Isle of Mull, the Inner Hebrides, & the HighlandsScotlandFlying Dutchman8Guided€14403/5Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep2021 202213 out of 5Moderate–DifficultBike & Sail the Highlands of Scotland
Bike & Sail the Frisian Sea - Stavoren is the oldest city in Germany. Flickr:Bruno Rijsman Bike & Sail the Frisian Sea Exploring the Frisian Islands by bikeNetherlandsLeafde fan Fryslân, Mare fan Fryslân, Wapen fan Fryslân8Self Guided€9045/5May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep202255 out of 5EasyBike & Sail the Frisian Sea
National Parks of Dalmatia E-Bike & Boat - Overlooking Primošten along the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia. Flickr:Hotel Zora Primosten National Parks of Dalmatia E-Bike & Boat Electric bike tour in Croatia + National Parks - Krka, Kornati, & the nature park of TelašćicaCroatiaMelody, Princess DianaElectric Bike, Bike + Boat8Guided€15904.7/5Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct2021 2022194.7 out of 5Easy–ModerateNational Parks of Dalmatia E-Bike & Boat
Along the Danube-Iron Gates - Dürnstein in the Wachau Valley, Krems-Land, Lower Austria. Danube River bike tour. ©TO Along the Danube-Iron Gates Six countries, four capitals, and the Iron Gates National ParkGermany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, SerbiaCarissimaDanube Bike Tours, Bike + Boat15Guided, Self Guided€16583.9/5Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep2021 2022153.9 out of 5Easy–ModerateAlong the Danube-Iron Gates
Merzig to Cologne - Cochem, Germany. ©Hollandfotograaf Merzig to Cologne Three River Bike & Boat tour featuring the Rhine, Moselle, & Saar RiversGermanyMerlijn8Guided€1695 Oct2022EasyMerzig to Cologne
Galapagos Bike & Boat - The Altair Galapagos Lodge on Santa Cruz Island. Galapagos Bike & Boat Experience the Galapagos Islands on this multi-adventure tourEcuadorBelugaOpen Travel Destinations, Multi-Adventure, Our Favorites, Bike + Boat9Guided$47105/5Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec202115 out of 5EasyGalapagos Bike & Boat
Würzburg to Nuremberg - 'Little Venice' of Bamberg on the Regnitz River in Germany. Flickr:Heinz Bunse Würzburg to Nuremberg Bike & Boat featuring Germany’s most beautiful cycle pathGermanyMerlijn7Guided€1625 Aug, Oct2022EasyWürzburg to Nuremberg
Amsterdam to Koblenz - Hofgarten at University of Bonn, Germany. Flickr:Thomas Amsterdam to Koblenz Bike & Boat from the flat, farming countryside of Holland to the mountain chains of the RhinelandGermany, NetherlandsAllure, Flora, ZwaanBike + Boat8–9Guided€12305/5May, Aug, Oct2021 2022EasyAmsterdam to Koblenz
Greek Aegean - Cyclades & Dodecanese Islands - Watersports on Paros Island, Greece. Flickr:Marco Verch 37.060438, 25.224609 Greek Aegean - Cyclades & Dodecanese Islands Cycle Greece by island hopping the Aegean from BodrumTurkey, GreeceLove BoatBike + Boat8Guided€1590 Apr, May, Jun, Sep2022Moderate–DifficultGreek Aegean - Cyclades & Dodecanese Islands
Tulip Tour - Amsterdam to Bruges - 11 day - Yellow tulips in the Netherlands! Photo via Flickr:stokesrx Tulip Tour - Amsterdam to Bruges - 11 day Bike & Boat Holland & Belgium during tulip seasonNetherlands, BelgiumMerlijnPremier Collection, Bike + Boat, Tulip Tours11Guided€24254.9/5Apr, May2022244.9 out of 5EasyTulip Tour - Amsterdam to Bruges - 11 day
Nuremberg to Passau - Passau, the "3 River City" along the Danube, Inn & Ilz Rivers. CC:HighContrast Nuremberg to Passau Bavarian Danube tour in GermanyGermanyMerlijnDanube Bike Tours8Guided€1695 Aug, Sep2022EasyNuremberg to Passau
Tulip Tour - Amsterdam to Bruges - 9 day - Tulip fields in the Netherlands! Flickr:Willem van Valkenburg Tulip Tour - Amsterdam to Bruges - 9 day Bike and Boat in Holland and Belgium during Tulip SeasonNetherlands, BelgiumIrisPremier Collection, Bike + Boat, Tulip Tours9Guided€1795 Apr, May2021EasyTulip Tour - Amsterdam to Bruges - 9 day
Southern Dalmatia - Harbor on Hvar Island, Croatia. Flickr:Arnie Papp Southern Dalmatia An island hopping Bike & Boat Tour in CroatiaCroatiaRomantica, San Snova8Guided€9904.9/5Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct2021 2022264.9 out of 5Moderate–DifficultSouthern Dalmatia
Berlin to Stralsund - Brandenburger Gate, Berlin, Germany. ©TO 52.516267, 13.377732 Berlin to Stralsund The Baltic Sea to Berlin & reverseGermany, PolandPrincessBike + Boat8Self Guided€9944/5May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep2021 202214 out of 5EasyBerlin to Stralsund
Highlights of Dalmatia E-Bike & Boat - Gorgeous view of Hvar Island on the Dalmatian Coast, Croatia. Flickr:Arnie Papp Highlights of Dalmatia E-Bike & Boat Electric bike & boat tour through the region of Dalmatia, including Dubrovnik & SplitCroatiaHarmoniaElectric Bike, Bike + Boat8Guided€15904.8/5Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct2021 2022324.8 out of 5Easy–ModerateHighlights of Dalmatia E-Bike & Boat
Saarburg to Mainz - Cochem, Germany. ©Hollandfotograaf Saarburg to Mainz Bike & Boat the Rhine, Moselle, & Saar RiverGermanyMerlijn7Guided€1695 Jul2022EasySaarburg to Mainz
Koblenz to Bad Wimpfen - Bad Wimpfen, Germany. Flickr:Gerhard Hölzel Koblenz to Bad Wimpfen Take a historic bike & boat tour on the Rhine & Neckar Rivers in GermanyGermanyPatriaBike + Boat8Self Guided€9444.6/5May, Jun, Jul2021 2022114.6 out of 5EasyKoblenz to Bad Wimpfen
Fishing Villages of Kerala - Boat rides at Marari Beach in Kerala, India. Flickr:Andy Kaye Fishing Villages of Kerala Bike & boat the backwaters of Kerala, IndiaIndiaHouse Boat in IndiaBike + Boat7Guided$1095 Jan, Feb, Mar, Nov, Dec2021EasyFishing Villages of Kerala
Multi-Adventure Tour from Trogir - Promenade on Hvar Island, Croatia. Flickr:Arnie Papp Multi-Adventure Tour from Trogir A family friendly bike & boat & activity tour of Southern DalmatiaCroatiaSan SnovaMulti-Adventure, Family Friendly, Bike + Boat8Guided€12504.7/5Jul, Aug202264.7 out of 5EasyMulti-Adventure Tour from Trogir
Berlin to Wolfsburg - Neues Palais in Potsdam, Germany. Flickr:Wolfgang Staudt Berlin to Wolfsburg Another glorious bike & boat tour in GermanyGermanyMerlijnBike + Boat8Guided€16355/5May, Jun, Jul2021 202225 out of 5EasyBerlin to Wolfsburg
Rotterdam to Cologne - The famous Cathedral & Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne, Germany. Flickr:Jiuguang Wang Rotterdam to Cologne Bike & boat Holland & Germany through the Lower Rhine RegionGermany, NetherlandsOlympiaBike + Boat8Self Guided€10445/5Jun, Jul, Aug2021 202215 out of 5EasyRotterdam to Cologne
Amsterdam to Bruges - 12 days - Bruges in West Flanders, Belgium. ©Hollandfotograaf 51.209391, 3.224998 Amsterdam to Bruges - 12 days Easy biking & boating through the Dutch & Belgian countrysideNetherlands, BelgiumIrisBike + Boat12Guided€2574 May, Jun2022EasyAmsterdam to Bruges - 12 days
Koblenz to Saarburg - Along the Mosel River on Koblenz to Saarburg Germany Bike Tour. ©TO Koblenz to Saarburg Bike along the Mosel River to Germany’s ‘Little Venice’!GermanyPatriaBike + Boat8Self Guided€5194.9/5Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct2020 2021 2022294.9 out of 5EasyKoblenz to Saarburg
Danube Delta - Danube Delta Bike Tour in Romania. Photo via TO Danube Delta Cycle nature’s paradise in Europe!RomaniaDanube Bike Tours8Guided€12134.3/5Apr, May, Jun, Aug, Sep, Oct202134.3 out of 5Easy–ModerateDanube Delta
Strasbourg to Nancy - Biking through Alsace, France. Flickr:Valentin R. Strasbourg to Nancy A bike and boat tour in the Alsace region of FranceFranceClair de LuneBike + Boat8Guided€1180 May, Jun, Jul2022EasyStrasbourg to Nancy
Wolfsburg to Cologne - Schloss Dyck in North Rhine-Westphalia region of Germany. Flickr:Polybert49 Wolfsburg to Cologne Bike and barge tour through the heart of GermanyGermanyMerlijn8Guided€1525 Jul2021EasyWolfsburg to Cologne
Thailand Adventure - Cycling the Thailand Bike Tour. Thailand Adventure Bike and boat from the River Kwai to Koh Yao IslandThailandRV River KwaiMulti-Adventure, Bike + Boat7Guided$2750 Jan, Feb, Aug, Oct, Nov2021Easy–ModerateThailand Adventure
Mainz to Strasbourg - Old Bridge over the Neckar River in Heidelberg, Germany. Flickr:Alex Hanoko Mainz to Strasbourg Bike & boat the Rhine & Neckar RiversGermany, FranceOlympia8Self Guided€10943.8/5Jun, Sep, Oct2021 202243.8 out of 5EasyMainz to Strasbourg
Dutch Villages of Friesland - Harbor in Hoorn, North Holland, the Netherlands. Flickr:b k 52.641265, 5.070496 Dutch Villages of Friesland Bike & boat Holland’s historic and picturesque towns of Sloten, Leeuwarden, and Hoorn.NetherlandsLiza MarleenBike + Boat8Guided€1175 Jun, Jul, Aug2022EasyDutch Villages of Friesland
Kvarner Bay - Old Town of Rab, Croatia. Flickr:Tess Kvarner Bay Experience the Islands of Kvarner Bay & the Adriatic CoastCroatiaLindaBike + Boat, Mountain Bike8Guided€10905/5May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct2021 202235 out of 5Moderate–DifficultKvarner Bay
Authentic Holland - The Hanseatic Town of Doesburg, Gelderland, the Netherlands. ©TO Authentic Holland Cycle Central and Northern Holland!NetherlandsAnna Antal, De Holland, Lena Maria, Sarah, ZwaanElectric Bike, Family Friendly, Bike + Boat8Guided€7544.8/5Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct2022154.8 out of 5EasyAuthentic Holland
Loire Valley Bike & Boat - Old gate in Nevers, region Bourgogne-Franche-Comte, France. Flickr:Daniel Jolivet Loire Valley Bike & Boat Bike the garden of franceFranceClair de LuneBike + Boat, Loire Valley Bike Tours8Guided€12382/5Aug, Sep, Oct2022Easy–ModerateLoire Valley Bike & Boat
South Holland Tour - Orange is Holland's signature color! Amsterdam, North Holland, the Netherlands. Flickr:Moyan Brenn South Holland Tour Bike & boat through some of Holland’s best cities & countrysideNetherlandsDe Amsterdam, Normandie, Poseidon, WendingDiscounts + Special Offers, Bike + Boat8Guided, Self Guided€5944.8/5Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct2022564.8 out of 5EasySouth Holland Tour
Bruges to Amsterdam - 9 day - Colorful houses in Amsterdam Bruges to Amsterdam - 9 day A bike and boat tour through Belgium to Holland (or reverse)Belgium, NetherlandsIrisPremier Collection9Guided€1775 May2021EasyBruges to Amsterdam - 9 day
Multi-Adventure Tour in the Ionian Islands - Lefkada Island, one of the 7 Ionian Islands in Greece. CC:Alf van Beem Multi-Adventure Tour in the Ionian Islands A bike & boat tour off the western coast of GreeceGreecePanagiotaMulti-Adventure, Family Friendly8Guided, Self Guided€1350 Jul, Aug2022EasyMulti-Adventure Tour in the Ionian Islands
Amsterdam to Cochem - Cochem, Germany. ©Hollandfotograaf 50.145636, 7.165996 Amsterdam to Cochem Bike & Boat in Holland & Germany!Netherlands, GermanyIris9Guided€1892 Jul2022EasyAmsterdam to Cochem
Northern Burgundy - Biking among the vineyards in Burgundy, France. ©TO Northern Burgundy Bike & Barge tour in France in Northern BurgundyFranceFleur, ZwaantjeBike + Boat8Guided, Self Guided€1494 Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep2021 2022Easy–ModerateNorthern Burgundy
Lycian Coast - Göcek in Turkey. Flickr:Jorge Franganillo 36.760997, 28.926148 Lycian Coast Cycling the Southern Coast of TurkeyTurkeyElara 1Open Travel Destinations8Guided€1490 May, Sep, Oct2021 2022ModerateLycian Coast
Cologne to Saarburg - Saarburg Valley in Germany. Flickr:Gilbert Sopakuwa Cologne to Saarburg Rhine, Moselle & Saar - three river tour in Germany!GermanyMerlijn8Guided€1635 Jul, Aug2021 2022EasyCologne to Saarburg

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