Boats & Barges for Bike Tours

Bike and boat tours are offered on ships in the following classes. Click any boat class for more details and a list of ships.

Comfort Plus class
The Comfort Plus class ships are the most luxurious and spacious of all the ships we use. They are generally all recently renovated or built, and offer more comfort than the other class ships. More

Comfort class
The Comfort class ships come well equipped and each ship has a saloon/dining room and a sundeck/bicycle deck. More

Standard Plus class
Standard Plus ships are equipped with bunk beds or twin beds, washing facilities with hot and cold water in all cabins, saloon/dining room and sundeck/bicycle deck. More

All Bike Tour Barges + Boats

Allure Photo

Allure Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg Comfort Class Boat The Allure is a very comfortable comfort class ship. It has ten, 2-person cabins, each with their own private bathroom.

Anna Antal Photo

Anna Antal Netherlands Standard Plus Class Boat The Anna Antal is a former shuttle barge converted into a motor passenger ship in the winter of 1994-95. In 2012, the salon and cabins were renovated. The sailing area of the Anna Antal includes all Dutch, German and Belgian waterways in so far as a ship of this size can sail. She also sails on the Waddenzee, IJsselmeer and Zeeland. The Anna Antal is built according to the rules of Maritime laws and holds a valid certificate for the Rhine.

Anna Maria IV Photo

Anna Maria IV France Standard Plus Class Boat The Anna Maria IV was built specifically for the French canals with it's length, width, and height all adjusted to sail the narrow waterways of the country. She sails in the Loire Valley region during the season. You will feel right at home in the relaxed atmosphere of this barge. Total 9 cabins (private facilities) are equipped with a sliding window and an electrical fan. On board limited WIFI access.

MS Arkona Photo

MS Arkona Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia Comfort Plus Class Boat The MS Arkona is new to our program and was refurbished in the winter of 2017/2018. Both the upper and the main deck hold comfortable cabins of 11 m² which are modernly and tastefully furnished. All cabins feature hotel-style beds, en-suite facilities with shower and hair dryer, TV, safe and individually controlled air conditioning.

Atlantis Photo

Atlantis Spain Comfort Plus Class Boat This 3-masted sailing vessel was built in 1905 and reconstructed in 2005. The unique charm of the Atlantis is due to the caring maintenance of the owner and his crew who already sailed this vessel around the world. It is always an adventure when the crew sets sail with the help of their guests and when the proud barque begins to move through the water.

Ave Maria Photo

Ave Maria Italy Comfort Plus Class Boat The Ave Maria was launched in 2011. This Italian boat was totally rebuilt in order to meet even the highest expectations. The boat was completely redesigned by a renowned architectural firm. Its shapes, colors and materials were chosen carefully in order to create a warm, inviting and sophisticated atmosphere.

Bahriyeli A Photo

Bahriyeli A Turkey, Greece Comfort Plus Class Boat On the Turkish coast, a Bahriyeli is a synonym for greatest possible comfort and best material.

Love Boat (formerly BB2) Photo

Love Boat (formerly BB2) Turkey Comfort Plus Class Boat The Love Boat has all the amenities and the elegance of an exclusive yacht. While sailing or mooring, the sun beds spread out on the deck will offer you an excellent opportunity to sunbathe and relax. The professional and experienced crew ensures the safety and convenience of all guests. Enjoy the sea from the comfort of your home.

Beluga Photo

Beluga Ecuador Comfort Plus Class Boat Embark upon the very spacious and comfortable “Superior First Class” motor yacht, Beluga, for your Galapagos experience. With panoramic windows in the salon and great deck space, this ship will become your comfortable base as you cruise.

Bordeaux Photo

Bordeaux France Comfort Plus Class Boat Cruising along the Garonne and Dordogne rivers, the Bordeaux offers an escape through this enchanting wine country in the southwest region of France.