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This 3-masted sailing vessel was built in 1905 and reconstructed in 2005. The unique charm of the Atlantis is due to the caring maintenance of the owner and his crew who already sailed this vessel around the world. It is always an adventure when the crew sets sail with the help of their guests and when the proud barque begins to move through the water.

  • Year of construction: 1905/ rebuilt in 2005
  • Size of boat: 57 x 7.45 m
  • Number of cabins: 17 guest cabins
  • Bathroom features: tiled, shower, wash basin & toilet
  • Beds: 2 twin beds at grade in each cabin
  • Services: daily cabin cleaning, fresh towels mid-week
  • Special features: 3 masts with sails (750 square meter sail area), quiet generator, chairs and big tables on deck, spacious saloon

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Atlantis Comfort Plus Boat
Deck - Atlantis
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Cabin - Atlantis
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Deck - Atlantis
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