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Romantica was launched in May 2007. The ship is 32 m long and 7.6 m wide and possesses solid structural steelwork which, as the name says, connects romance with modern design and functionality.

The Captain takes pride in the elegant appearance of his ship. There are 17 comfortably equipped double cabins with a size of 9-10 square meters also offer sufficient area to accommodate larger groups.

The generous cabins feature updated decor. The far sun deck offers mats for sunbathing and relaxing.

A feature of the ship is a platform at the tail of the ship which offers easy access to the sea for guests to take a swim.

Year of construction: 2007
Size of boat: 32 x 7.6 m
Number of decks: 2 (surcharge for cabin on deck)
Above deck:
4x twin
5x double
Below deck:
3 x twin
2 x double
2 x triple (2 x double bed + single)
Size of cabins: 9 - 10 square meters
Number of cabins: 16 guest cabins
Bathroom features: tiled, shower cabin, wash basin and toilet
Cabin features: Air-conditioning, hairdryer, mirror, clothes line
Double beds: 200 x 160 cm
Twin beds: 200 x 80 cm
Third beds: 200 x 90 cm
Service: Daily cabin cleaning, fresh towels mid-week
Special features: 2 masts, quiet generator, sunbeds and mats on the sun deck, shaded deck tables and chairs, bathing platform at the stern

Romantica Photos

Cabin - Romantica
food - Romantica
bathroom - Romantica
bathroom - Romantica
double cabin - Romantica
salon - Romantica
port hole - Romantica
Salon - Romantica
salon - Romantica
swimming - Romantica
triple cabin - Romantica
food - Romantica
sun deck - Romantica

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