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Vietnamese Junks

Comfort Plus Class Boat for Bike Tours


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Carved dragon heads decorate the prow of the Junks in the Ha Long and Bai Tu Bay. Dragons belong to the circle of four sacred animals of Vietnam and they proudly guide the traditional wooden boats through the fairytale cliffs of the South China Sea.

It is easy to feel at home on the junks: the saloon with its upholstered wicker furniture and colorful carpets are a comfortable feature of the ship. For each meal, the tables are lovingly set and the folded cloth napkins are a piece of art. The crew, in their brilliant white uniforms, greet you warmly with a welcome drink with the hospitality that is so common Vietnam.

Additional Information:

  • Approx. 11 guest cabins with large windows located between decks with doors opening to the outside
  • Individually regulated air conditioning in each cabin
  • Tiled bathroom with a shower and WC in each cabin
  • Large sundeck with deck chairs and comfortable padded matting

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Vietnamese Junks
Vietnamese Junk - docked
Vietnamese Junk - docked
Vietnamese Junks - room
double room - Vietnamese Junks
food on Vietnamese Junks
bathroom - Vietnamese Junks
lounge / restaurant - Vietnamese Junks
food on Vietnamese Junks
Upper deck - Vietnamese Junks
Upper deck - Vietnamese Junks
Captain - Vietnamese Junks

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