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In the year 2000, Captain Anton started to build the Kapetan Jure. Anton originates from a seafaring family from Krilo, a seafaring town near Split. With his father also being a Captain, Anton's biggest dream is that his son will become a captain someday too. Since Anton is a very experienced sailor, guests on the Kapetan Jure feel assured that they are in good hands.

At 27 x 7 m the Kapetan Jure built in 2000, counts as one of the smallest ships of our Croatian fleet. With an impressive 100 navigated tours . The fine detail etched into the wooden ship mirrors the seafaring affection of its captain. The spacious salon is decorated with shells, amphorae and showcases full of sailor’s knots. At the bow a mermaid keeps watch for the safe navigation of the ship. The Kapetan Jure provides 15 cosy guest cabins each with air conditioning, shower and WC. A spacious living room suite on the quarterdeck and a sundeck with cushioned sleeping mats play a part in contributing to the welcoming atmosphere.

With its 15 cabins, the Kapetan Jure can acommodate up to 30 guests. There are 11 cabins are on deck. Of these cabins, 10 are furnished with 2 beds arranged side by side, while one cabin has bunk beds.The remaining 4 cabins are below deck and are furnished with a French bed (140 cm wide).

Due to the shape of the ship's hull, the size of the cabins may vary.

Each cabin is equipped with a private bathroom (shower/toilet).

  • Year of construction: 2000
  • Size of boat: 27 x 7 m
  • Size of cabins: 7 - 8 square meters
  • Number of cabins: 15 guest cabins
  • Bathroom features: tiled, all-in-one shower, wash basin, and toilet
  • Cabin features: Air-conditioning, safe, hairdryer, mirror
  • Beds:
    • Double beds: 200 x 140 cm
    • Single beds: 200 x 80 cm
  • Service: daily cabin cleaning, fresh towels mid-week
  • Special features: 2 masts with sails, quiet generator, couch mats and lounge chairs on sundeck, 2 big tables with chairs on deck

Kapetan Jure Photos

Kapetan Jure
Bow - Kapetan Jure
Kapetan Jure
Captain - Kapetan Jure
Food - Kapetan Jure
Captain Anton
The spacious saloon offers enough room for having meals and spending some time with new friends.
Dining area
Saloon Kapetan Jure
Sun deck Kapetan Jure
Cabin - Kapetan Jure
Cabin - Kapetan Jure
Sun Deck - Kapetan Jure
Bathroom Kapetan Jure
Cabin Kapetan Jure
Cabin - Kapetan Jure
Swimming Kapetan Jure

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