La Belle Fleur

La Belle Fleur

Comfort Class Boat for Bike Tours


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The La Belle Fleur, (formerly called the Eva Josiena) was built in 1929 and converted into a passenger ship in 1993. The former inland freighter, which has been restored into a hotel barge, is 44 meters long. The boat features cabins for 19 guests, a tastefully designed lounge area, and an expansive sun deck complete with tables and benches.

Additional information:

  • Total of 9 cabins
  • 8 double cabins with two low beds
  • 1 triple cabin with bunk beds and a low bed
  • Private bathroom in each cabin equipped with shower, toilet and wash table
  • Central heating in each cabin & a small fan
  • 220 V electricity
  • Hairdryers in each cabin
  • WiFi is only available when sailing in France
  • Helmets available on board
  • Credit cards are accepted on board (a €3 admin fee is charged for payments under €50)
  • Special dietary requests may be subject to a €50 fee

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