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With its dark green hull and distinctive white stripes, the Tarin is an eyecatcher in each port. Completed in early 2004, it is one of the newer ships in our fleet. The furnishings of the cabins attest to the care that Captain Nevio put into building his great ship. Bright wood, curtains on the large windows and the nicely decorated cabins will immediately make you feel right at home on the Tarin!

The Crew of the Tarin
Captain Nevio and his crew work hard to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Here the Captain serves the dinner by himself, makes music with his sailor Zeljko on the accordion and the guitar, and each member of the crew has a smile or a nice word for the guests. The Tarin is also a favorite ship for our guides, for whom the parting is always difficult, particularly if it means going home again. In the meantime, their second home is here.

The Cabins of the Tarin
The 23 meters long and 6 meters broad two-masted ship has 11 cabins, from which 10 are above deck. Four cabins have a French bed (140 cm) and a single bunk. Two cabins are equipped with a French bed (140 cm). The five remaining cabins have two bunks, which are arranged one above the other or next to each other. A cozy cabin is below deck. It has one small desk, separate beds and two portholes. Each cabin has a private toilet and "all-in-one" shower.  This means there is no seperate shower unit, but a sink with a handlheld shower attachment.  

Tarin Photos

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