Flying Dutchman - Flying Dutchman

Flying Dutchman

Comfort Class Boat for Bike Tours


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The Flying Dutchman, once a herring logger, was launched in 1903. The conversion to a sailing schooner took place in 2004. The front saloon in the deckhouse serves as a cozy dining room and lounge with upholstered benches for seating all guests. At the stern, you can sit beside Captain Klaas at the wheel and perhaps even steer the 39-m-long vessel for a while.


  • Capacity: 20 passengers
  • Size of Boat: 39 x 6.5 m

Decks & Cabin Layout

  • Cabins: 10

Cabin Amenities

  • Private bathrooms- tiled, all-in-one shower, wash basin, toilet
  • Air-conditioning, mirror
  • Fresh towel service at mid-week

Boat Features & Amenities

  • 2 masts with sails
  • Quiet generator

Flying Dutchman Photos

Flying Dutchman
sail - Flying Dutchman
deck - Flying Dutchman
cabin - Flying Dutchman
lounge - Flying Dutchman
dining - Flying Dutchman
Flying Dutchman
Relaxing on the Flying Dutchman
Captain Claas on the Flying Dutchman
Meal on the Flying Dutchman

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