Premium Class Boats + Barges

The Premium class boats offer a high level of comfort with large cabins, private bathrooms.

The Premium class ships come equipped with:

  • more spacious cabins (generally more than 9 square meters/97 square feet)
  • low twin beds (no bunk beds)
  • AC in all cabins
  • private shower/toilet in all cabins
  • washing facilities with hot and cold (drinkable) water in all cabins
  • central heating
  • bedsheets and pillow
  • 2 small towels

Each ship has a saloon/dining room and a sundeck/bicycle deck. Most cabins are double cabins with some also serving as 3- and/or 4-person cabins.

Ave Maria in Venice | Bike & Boat Tour

Ave Maria


4.7 out of 5

Premium Class Boat Sails on 2 Tours

The Ave Maria was launched in 2011. This Italian boat was totally rebuilt in order to meet even the highest expectations. The boat was completely redesigned by a renowned architectural firm. Its shapes, colors and materials were chosen carefully in order to create a warm, inviting and sophisticated atmosphere.

Love Boat | Bike & Boat Tours

Love Boat


4 out of 5

Premium Class Yacht Sails on 2 Tours

The Love Boat has all the amenities and the elegance of an exclusive yacht. While sailing or mooring, the sun beds spread out on the deck will offer you an excellent opportunity to sunbathe and relax. The professional and experienced crew ensures the safety and convenience of all guests. Enjoy the sea from the comfort of your home.

Deriya Deniz | Bike & Boat Tours

Deriya Deniz


3.8 out of 5

Premium Class Boat Sails on 1 Tour

Deriya Deniz is furnished with style! it boasts prestigious wood furnishings and fittings, as well as comfortable inner spaces, such as the spacious dinette with bar. The guests can also take advantage of a large solarium and lie down on comfortable beach mattresses enjoying the sounds of the sea. The back deck is covered and has a table for breakfasts and dinners. Aboard catering is the pride of the boat based on the old recipes of seaside villages. Carpaccio, fresh seafood and vegetables, pasta, meat and the herbs of the Mediterranean scrubs, are the absolute protagonists on the table.

Elodie | Bike & Boat Tours


Netherlands, Belgium, France

4.9 out of 5

Premium Class Boat Sails on 2 Tours

The Elodie was built in 1931 and has been completely refurbished into a comfortable boat for biking and boating. Everyone who has been on board says the same thing. There is just something special about this boat. Perhaps because it simply feels like home. It is nothing flashy but oh so comfortable. The common area of the Elodie is beautifully finished with various types of wood, has a number of small tables, a large reading table, and a comfortable sofa where everyone gathers before breakfast to just talk The sundeck is the perfect space to enjoy sun and fellowship after your cycling day.

Fiep | Bike & Boat Tours



4.9 out of 5

Premium Class Barge

The Fiep was converted from a cargo ship into a modern and spacious passenger ship, specifically designed for bike and barge tours in the Netherlands and Belgium. The ship has recently been renovated. There are two decks on board. On the upper deck is a lounge, a spacious seating area, a cozy bar, and a large sundeck. The dining room is located on the lower deck.

Fluvius | Bike & Boat Tours


Belgium, Netherlands

4.8 out of 5

Premium Class Barge Sails on 3 Tours

The MS Fluvius accommodates 44 guests. It has a large salon with lounge, bar, and restaurant area. The 70-meter long ship has a partially covered sundeck with comfortable tables and chairs along with a storage room for the bikes. The ship sails under the Dutch flag and has been sailing in Holland and Germany for many years.

Le Cochinchine renamed Funan Cruise | Bike & Boat Tours

Funan Cruise


Premium Class Boat Sails on 1 Tour

The Funan Cruise is one of the largest and most modern ships in the region. Its shape is reminiscent of the vessels of the famous river delta in southern Vietnam. This comfortable wooden boat is protected by the watchful dark eyes of the red dragon painted on the prow. Three times a day, the large common room becomes the dining room with beautifully set tables.

Typical house boat in India | Bike & Boat Tours

House Boat in India


Premium Class Boat Sails on 1 Tour

Nothing brings you up close and personal with a terrain than a bike and boat tour and no trip to Kerala, India would be complete without a tour of the backwaters. As you immerse in this tropical ecosystem, your tour will include a few nights on one of Kerala, India's houseboats.

Waiting for your arriving on the Iris | Bike & Boat Tours


France, Germany

4.7 out of 5

Premium Class Barge Sails on 7 Tours

The Iris is a refitted freight barge that accommodates 24 overnight passengers. The interior of the Iris is fresh, tasteful, and comfortable. This vessel can navigate on most rivers and canals in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. On the top deck, you will find the lounge, a roomy sitting area, a cozy bar, and a sun deck. The whole barge has central heating and air-conditioning.

MS Florentina | Bike & Boat Tours


Czech Republic

3.5 out of 5

Premium Class Boat Sails on 1 Tour

The MS Florentina is a deluxe, light-filled ship featuring a large upper deck dining area, an upper deck bar and lounge with large windows, and a spacious sun deck with table, chairs, and deck chairs for sitting and river watching.

Olympia ship - the Netherlands: Rotterdam to Zeeland Bike & Boat Tour.



Premium Class Boat Sails on 4 Tours

On this premium vessel, you will enjoy wonderful amenities while biking in Holland, a cycling paradise!

Osman Kurt | Bike & Boat Tours

Osman Kurt


Premium Class Boat Sails on 1 Tour

The Osman Kurt is an beautifully designed, 32-meter Gulet made of wood that has been crossing the sea since 2000. It was rebuilt in 2007 and features seven comfortably furnished guest cabins. The cabins, four with double beds and three with twin beds, are situated near the comfortable lounge for your relaxation. All cabins are equipped with a bathroom, a shower / WC , and air-conditioning. Numerous reclining options offer plenty of space on the sun deck for you to relax while sailing, giving you time to sit back and enjoy the view! The friendly crew do their best to provide you with a trouble free trip.

Pape Privi Dalmatia Croatia Bike & Boat Tours

Pape Prvi


Premium Class Motor Yacht Sails on 1 Tour

The Pape Prvi is a two-masted motor yacht built in 2008 that sails the waters of the Adriatic Sea in Southern Dalmatia.

Romantica | Bike & Boat Tours



4.3 out of 5

Premium Class Motor Yacht Sails on 2 Tours

Captain Jure's Romantica was launched in May 2007 and he takes great pride in his ship. As the name suggests, the vessel connects romance with modern design and functionality. The ample sundeck provides a lovely place to relax or sunbathe as the sea expands before you. At the tail of the ship, you will find a platform that offers easy access to the sparkling clean waters of the Adriatic. Come and experience what the Dalmatians call "fjaka" or utter contentment.

MV River Kwai - Thailand Bike & Boat Tour

RV River Kwai


Premium Class Boat Sails on 1 Tour

This unique vessel is a river cruiser built in the colonial style based on designs used by the original Irrawaddy Flotilla. The RV River Kwai carries a maximum of 20 passengers lodged in 10 teakwood twin bed cabins all located on the main deck. This is a perfect way to see parts of Thailand that are otherwise inaccessible.

Sailing Home | Bike & Boat Tours

Sailing Home

Netherlands, Belgium

4.2 out of 5

Premium Class Boat Sails on 5 Tours

Built in 2001, the Sailing Home was designed specifically to provide a more attractive hotel ship during your carefree vacation. It was built to meet the latest wishes and ideas with respect to comfort and service. The experience of a lifetime: cycling through the most beautiful spots within the Netherlands while residing on a very comfortable, newly built and well-furnished ship.

San Snova | Bike & Boat Tours

San Snova


4.9 out of 5

Premium Class Motor Yacht Sails on 3 Tours

This ship, constructed entirely of oak, took 3 years to build by the Scherka familiy in their own carpentry workshop as a family project. The ship, 31m long and 8m wide, meets the highest expectations in regard to comfort, elegance, and style, combining romantic seafaring with modernity and functionality.

Bahriyeli | Bike & Boat Tours


Turkey, Greece

Premium Class Sailing Ship Sails on 3 Tours

The premium ship Thalassa, formerly known as Bahriyeli A, combines pure elegance with great comfort. With its high rising masts, it is an impressive sight in the harbor and navigating the seas.

Vietnamese Junks | Bike & Boat Tours

Vietnamese Junks


5 out of 5

Premium Class Boat Sails on 1 Tour

Carved dragon heads decorate the prow of the Junks in the Ha Long and Bai Tu Bay. Dragons belong to the circle of four sacred animals of Vietnam and they proudly guide the traditional wooden boats through the fairytale cliffs of the South China Sea. It is easy to feel at home on the junks: the saloon with its upholstered wicker furniture and colorful carpets are a comfortable feature of the ship. For each meal, the tables are lovingly set and the folded cloth napkins are a piece of art. The crew, in their brilliant white uniforms, greet you warmly with a welcome drink with the hospitality that is so common Vietnam.

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