Funan Cruise - deck - Le Cochinchine

Funan Cruise

Premium Class Boat for Bike Tours


The Funan Cruise is one of the largest and most modern ships in the region. Its shape is reminiscent of the vessels of the famous river delta in southern Vietnam. This comfortable wooden boat is protected by the watchful dark eyes of the red dragon painted on the prow. Three times a day, the large common room becomes the dining room with beautifully set tables.


  • Capacity: 20 passengers

Decks & Cabin Layout

  • Cabins: 10
  • Double and twin style cabins

Cabin Amenities

  • Private tiled bathroom with shower

Boat Features & Amenities

  • large sundeck with padded deckchairs - probably the best place to experience first hand the lively activities in the many tributaries of the Mekong Delta.

Funan Cruise Photos

Le Cochinchine
Le Cochinchine
deck - Le Cochinchine
restaurant - Le Cochinchine
bar - Le Cochinchine
bathroom - Le Cochinchine
cabin - Le Cochinchine
cabin - Le Cochinchine

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