Schloss Johannisburg, Aschaffenburg, Germany. Photo via Flickr:Carsten Frenzl

German beer, of course! Photo via Flickr:Daniel Panev

Amsterdam - Koblenz - Miltenberg

Germany, Netherlands Bike + Barge Tours

  • This bike and boat tour through Holland and Germany promises to be unforgettable and is the perfect mix of active cycling and relaxation.

    In Holland, the cycling is through the flat, peaceful, farming countryside dotted with the windmills known throughout the world. In Germany, the route follows the Rhine upstream, first through industrial areas, but later along numerous fortresses.

    Cycling through charming vineyards, orchards and lovely meadows along the bank of the Main River is a great way to end this tour. The cycling itinerary winds through the diverse countryside of Franconia and Hesse in several wide loops, passing old cities and towns full of historical attractions.

    Apart from the beautiful landscape, this tour features cultural highlights, art treasures, and regional culinary specialties.

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  • 2017 Prices

    8 Day Tour


    Amsterdam to Koblenz: £ 840 $ 1,450 945 NOK 8820 kr 8142 $ 1,058

    Koblenz to Miltenberg: £ 929 $ 1,603 1045 NOK 9753 kr 9003 $ 1,170


    Amsterdam to Koblenz: £ 973 $ 1,680 1095 NOK 10220 kr 9434 $ 1,226

    Koblenz to Miltenberg: £ 1062 $ 1,833 1195 NOK 11153 kr 10295 $ 1,338

    15 Day Tour

    Allure: £ 1707 $ 2,946 1920 NOK 17920 kr 16542 $ 2,150

    Iris: £ 1973 $ 3,406 2220 NOK 20720 kr 19126 $ 2,486

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    Rates are based on double occupancy.

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    We recommend purchasing bike trip insurance.

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Tour Dates

On the Allure: 

Amsterdam to Koblenz: May 6, 2017*
Koblenz to Miltenberg: May 13, 2017*

On the Iris: 

Amsterdam to Koblenz: May 13, 2017*
Koblenz to Miltenberg: May 20, 2017*

*DISCOUNT now being offered for all departure dates! Offer valid for bookings made after December 11, 2016.  See Pricing for details.

This tour can be taken as an 8 day tour from either Amsterdam to Koblenz or Koblenz to Miltenberg. You can also combine the tour making it a 15 day tour from Amsterdam to Miltenberg.

Where You’ll Stay

Accommodations aboard the comfort class boat, the Allure or the comfort plus boat, the Iris.

What’s Included

  • 8 Day Tour
  • Accommodations for 7 nights on board
  • Breakfast, packed lunches and 6 x three course dinners
  • 8 speed bicycle with panniers, helmet, and water bottle aboard the Allure
  • 11 speed bicycle with panniers, helmet, and water bottle aboard the Iris
  • Bed linens and towels
  • Tour guide (two guides for groups of 18 or more)
  • Welcome drink
  • Entrance national park Hoge Veluwe (Amsterdam to Koblenz portion)
  • Entrance Maintower (Koblenz to Miltenberg portion)
  • 15 Day Tour
  • Acommodations for 14 nights on board
  • Breakfast, packed lunches, and 12 x three course dinner
  • 8 speed bicycle with panniers, helmet, and water bottle aboard the Allure
  • 11 speed bicycle with panniers, helmet, and water bottle aboard the Iris
  • Bed linens and towels
  • Tour guide (two guides for groups of 18 or more aboard the Iris)
  • Welcome drink
  • Entrance national park Hoge Veluwe
  • Entrance museum Remagen
  • Entrance Maintower

What’s Not Included

  • 2 x dinner (15 day tour)
  • 1 x dinner (8 day tour)
  • Gratuities
  • Bicycle protection
  • Trip insurance
Length8–15 days
From945 Rates
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Skill Level

This is an easy, guided bike and boat tour with average daily distances between 10 and 31 miles (15 and 50 km).

Tour Boats

Day-To-Day Itinerary

Amsterdam - Koblenz - Miltenberg Map

Day 1: Amsterdam – Wijk bij Duurstede
Day 2: Wijk bij Duurstede – Arnhem, 31 mi. (50 km)
Day 3: Arnhem - Rees, 31 mi. (50 km) 
Day 4: Rees - Düsseldorf, 31 mi. (50 km) 
Day 5: Düsseldorf – Cologne, 28 mi. (45 km) 
Day 6: Cologne – Bonn, 28 mi. (45 km) 
Day 7: Bonn - Koblenz, 25 mi. (40 km) 
Day 8: Departure from Koblenz/Arrival in Koblenz/Rest day Koblenz 
Day 9: Koblenz – St.Goar, 25 mi. (40 km)
Day 10: St. Goar - Rüdesheim / Bingen, 25 mi. (40 km) 
Day 11: Rüdesheim / Bingen - Mainz, 22/31 mi. (35/50 km) 
Day 12: Mainz - Frankfurt-am-Main, 28 mi. (45 km)
Day 13: Frankfurt-am-Main - Aschaffenburg, 28 mi. (45 km) 
Day 14: Aschaffenburg - Miltenberg, 25 mi. (40 km) 
Day 15: Miltenberg

*All distances are approximate.

Day 1: Amsterdam – Wijk bij Duurstede, 10 mi. (15 km)
You'll be welcomed on board the Allure with an introduction to the week ahead. A short bike ride to Breukelen (known in New York as Brooklyn) along the meandering river Vecht will provide opportunity to test the bikes. Dinner is served while motoring to the Lek (Rhine) at Wijk bij Duur stede, one of the oldest settlements in the lowlands.

Day 2: Wijk bij Duurstede – Arnhem, 31 mi. (50 km)
The morning begins with a breakfast cruise and then the biking begins along the Nederrijn River with its wonderful river landscape. To arrive to the day's destination, Arnhem, the route leads through National Park de Hoge Veluwe with its abundant scenic beauty. Following dinner, there will be opportunity to walk the city of Arnhem.

Day 3: Arnhem - Rees, 31 mi. (50 km)
Cycling begins in Pannerden after a morning cruise. Before reaching the German border, Doornenburg is passed, with its wonderfully maintained medieval stronghold. This fairy tale castle was the scene for many movies. From Doornenburg, on the right bank of the Rhine, the border is crossed in Lobith. On the way to today's final destination, Rees, you pass Emmerich and will enjoy the lovely boulevard along the Rhine. In the Middle Ages, Rees was surrounded by a city wall, some of which is well-preserved and can be visited. 

Day 4: Rees - Düsseldorf, 31 mi. (50 km)
The cycling itinerary begins in Wesel and leads through the Ruhr area which houses some of the largest industries in Germany. Cities like Essen, Duisburg, Oberhaussen and Dortmund are bonded together through a maze of highways, railways and waterways. Due to the prosperity of the region, it was  a target in 1923 when Belgian and French troops tried to enforce WW1 payments of Prussia and again in 1944-1945. Once unthinkable to cycle here, now since the German government's redevelopment efforts, you can!  It is not scenic in the sense of mountain landscapes but is culturally and historically important. The Allure awaits in Duisburg and will motor to the international city of Düsseldorf. In the evening there is time to visit the Alstadt. Be sure to try their famous local dark beer, Altbier. 

Day 5: Düsseldorf – Cologne, 28 mi. (45 km)
Cycling in the direction of Cologne,  the Ruhr area is left  behind. You'll stay close to the Rhine in order to be in Cologne by mid afternoon to have some time to look around. Cologne is the oldest of the bigger German cities, founded by the Romans. It got its city rights 50 years after Christ as a gift from the Roman empress, Agrippa. Later Cologne became one the most important centers of the Holy Roman Empire. Worth seeing is the Cathedral right next to the railway station and the railway bridge over the Rhine. Construction of this cathedral began in 1248 and was finished in 1880! The city was almost completely destroyed in the 1944-1945. The city hall however, dating from 1330, is beautifully restored.

Day 6: Cologne – Bonn, 28 mi. (45 km)
The route today leads along the river to Bonn. When East and West Germany got reunited, Berlin was reestablished as capital, but still 6 departments of the German Government are housed in Bon. Like Cologne, Bonn was founded by the Romans, in the year 10 BC, because they could build a bridge over here. Worth visiting are the old City Hall; the Münster Basilica and the house Beethoven was born.

Day 7: Bonn - Koblenz, 25 mi. (40 km)
During breakfast, the barge will cruise to Remagen where your bike tour begins. Today it is known for its once famous Ludendorff Bridge, the only useable bridge over the Rhine taken over by the Americans in march 1945 in operation Lumberjack. In the bridgehead is a museum dedicated to its history. After Remagen, a more romantic section of the Rhine valley starts with strongholds, mansions, and the first vineyards in the first mid-German hills. The boat awaits in Andernach to transport to Koblenz. Its name comes from the Latin Confluentes, meaning the merging of two rivers (Rhine and Moselle). The of Emperor Wilhelm of Prussia on the merging point is impressive landmark. Koblenz is a city cozily rebuilt after the Second World War damages.

Day 8: Departure from Koblenz/Arrival in Koblenz/Rest day Koblenz
If you are booked on the 8 day tour from Amsterdam to Koblenz, it is asked that you depart in the morning after breakfast. If you are arriving, for the Koblenz to Miltenberg portion of the tour, boarding time begins at 2 PM. If you are booked on the 15 day tour, then today is a well deserved rest day and on of exploration! The Castle Stolzenfels is worth exploring. Dinner tonight is on your own. You can choose from one of the many restaurants in town. 

Day 9: Koblenz – St.Goar, 25 mi. (40 km)
First stop today is the ancient city Boppard. Here the Rhine takes a 180 degree turn. Boppard has always been a visitor magnet with its precipitous vineyards and one of the nicest bank promenades on the Middle Rhine. It also contains oldest preserved Roman fort walls to the north of the Alps.

Final destination is St. Goar, close to the famous Loreley. A hiking path leads up to this lovely spot and offers a beautiful sight to the narrowest part in the romantic Rhine Valley. During the Middle Ages the Loreley was well known, along with the Binger Loch, as the most dangerous section of the Rhine. 

Day 10: St. Goar - Rüdesheim / Bingen, 25 mi. (40 km)
Today you'll continue biking along the lovely banks of the middle Rhine to Rüdesheim, a historic city of winegrowers. The old town, dating from the Middle Ages, and parts of the city's fortifications like the Adlerturm (eagle tower) are maintained. Here you will find cozy traditional wine taverns in historic half-timbered houses. No tourist leaves this international city without visiting the world-famous Drosselgasse. The Drosselgasse is the heart of Rüdesheim's old town, a “magnet” for guests from all continents.

Day 11: Rüdesheim / Bingen - Mainz, 22/31 mi. (35/50 km)
The beautiful first stage leads through rolling vineyards and well-known wine villages. The Rhine flows quite unhurriedly, forming little islands and broadening its bed up to 800 m width! Today's destination is Mainz, where the Main river meets the Rhine. In the afternoon, there will be time to explore this interesting city. The inner city is the pride and joy of Mainz, filled with spacious plazas, lovingly restored timbered houses and magnificent Baroque style churches. The ‘Old Town’ has a very charming and warm atmosphere.

Day 12: Mainz - Frankfurt-am-Main, 28 mi. (45 km)
A unique feature of Frankfurt is its significant number of skyscrapers in the city center which form the Frankfurt skyline. Frankfurt is one of only a few cities in the European Union that have such a skyline, the others being London, Warsaw, Madrid, Rotterdam and La Défense in the outer Paris region. Because of the city's skyline, Germans sometimes humorously refer to Frankfurt am Main as "Mainhattan".

Day 13: Frankfurt-am-Main - Aschaffenburg, 28 mi. (45 km)
Today’s bike tour leads first to the small and romantic city of Seligenstadt with its windings alleys, wood framed houses, and  basilica. After that cross the Main on a small ferry and we continue through Hanau the town where the famous Grimm Brothers were born. Further along the river you bike through Dettingen and Kleinostheim. You will find the boat again in Aschaffenburg, where you will be able to experience museums, churches, and of course the Johannisburg Palace, located on the banks of the Main River. This castle will be the first thing you see as you enter Aschaffenburg as it is the grandest of all Renaissance palace complexes. The  upper levels of this castle serves as the town library where you can read scripts from past centuries, and the lower levels are art and science.

Day 14: Aschaffenburg - Miltenberg, 25 mi. (40 km)
Following the river, through several small villages, you cycle in a gentle wine landscape, passing Freudenberg and Bürgstadt and further on to Klingenberg and Groszheubach, places that are famous for their fine red wines. Miltenberg, the day's final destination, is a cozy little town, with its cross-timbered houses, located between Oldenwald and Spessart. You can follow the paths of the Celts and the Romans as you walk along the red sandstone meandering alleys and market square. Be sure to taste one of the many local wines in the oldest inn in Germany, “den Riesen.” 

Day 15: Miltenberg
Departure after breakfast.

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