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Domenico R.
9 months ago

Verified Reviewer

Maastricht and Amsterdam

John J.
11 months ago

Verified Reviewer

Great crew on the ship. Had a large group of 19. Was very satisfied with all aspects of the trip. On time, on schedule, and good value. The guide was able to assist a couple of people who wanted to find old family connections during the tour which made a very memorable trip for them.
We did arrive a couple of days early to get our bodies adjusted to the time change. Also spend a extra few days in Maastricht to take in the local sites. (well worth it) A day trip to Valkenburg was excellent.
Minor issues. Could have used a extra guide to split the group in two more compatible riding groups. With the large group it was hard to move through traffic( stopping at intersections or crossing roads) Dutch traffic was extremely polite and accommodating.
We were blessed with a couple of local people on the tour who assisted in filling in information for us tourists. Where to eat, what to try, tips on getting around, and what types of pastries or beers to try.
Map and GPS riding system worked wonderfully.

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