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Ruth Ann M.
4 years ago

Verified Reviewer

As we biked on the Cyclade islands of Greece, it was the amazing views across the Aegean and the myths and stories told to us by our guides that was the most memorable. The Greek food on the boat was also fantastic!

Judith M.
2 months ago

Verified Reviewer

I loved the Cyclades Islands. It was wonderful. I enjoyed everything about it. But the pre extension tour in Athens would have been a total misstep on Tripsite’s part if not for our own initiative. We received no information on times for the activities or where they were. No map indicating how close or far our hotel was from any of the activities. Once we found the bike shop for the Athens bike tour - we were told we had missed the 9:30 start. But were given no time we were to be there. We paid extra money to have a guide do the tour with us at a later time. We made it to the Acropolis with the vouchers, but were just given vouchers with no directions or opening or closing times. We found a Food Tour on our own that we paid for. No directions or times were given for the restaurant, just a name. When we finally found it, they had no reservations for us but in the end accommodated us. It was like we were dumped in a foreign City with absolutely no directions or plans. I have Read More
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