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Bike & Boat in Greece featuring the Ionian Islands & Gulf of Corinth

Bob Holliday
7 months ago

Verified Reviewer

Ahhh - the Ionian Islands! I've been on a dozen or so tours and I have to say that this was the absolute best cycling I've ever done. Hands down. Everything clicked - Dimitris and Alexandros were exceptional guides. The Med is the bluest of blues and extremely beautiful. The weather was unreal - high seventies to low eighties and not a cloud in the sky. Dimitris told us that this was the best weather he'd seen all season. The riding was also excellent. Wonderful vistas and small harbor towns. Islands with calderas. There were some downhills of about ten kilometers. Man, I was in heaven. Boat was fine - we had the on deck cabin. Food was quite good and very plentiful. We were on the last tour of the season also. Cheryl had a birthday during the tour and our guides found a sinful birthday cake on Dimitris's home island. Good Lord!! Martin (retired German judge) played 'Forever Young' with his guitar. Magical. Doesn't get any better Read More

Susan G.
11 months ago

Verified Reviewer

We liked the feel of the rustic boat, the Panagiota. Although far from luxurious, we found it comfortable. The cook, Nondas, along with the engineer and grill master, Makis, offered healthy and delicious creations for each lunch and dinner served on board. Dimitris and Alexandros were excellent guides, always attentive, helpful and knowledgeable. We couldn't have had better weather and each swim stop proved rewarding. The waters of the Ionian sea were breathtakingly clear and blue. The diverse set of fellow travelers also added exponentially to our adventure, with a special mention to Martin from Germany, who graced us with guitar and song our last evening on board. As our tour was the final one of the season, we also enjoyed the more quiet side of the many roads, ports and attractions we encountered.

Susan & Neal

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