Mainz to Merzig

Germany Bike + Boat Tours

A bike & boat tour with Saarburg, Trier, Koblenz & the romance of rivers!

Nancy V.
8 months ago

Verified Reviewer

It is hard to decide on just one memorable part of the trip. Sailing along the Rhine with a drink, seeing castle after castle along the beautiful hills, drinking “fresh wine” at the lunch stop during one of our rides along the Mosel, riding through charming town after charming town, each was highly memorable. This was my dream vacation.

The only thing I would change is that I should have ridden an e-bike. Had I not been recovering from a recent illness, it would not have been necessary, but as one can never predict one’s future health at time of booking, I would consider an e-bike an insurance policy in case one is not 100%. It would have made some days more enjoyable.

Harvey S.
8 months ago

Verified Reviewer

My Second B&B trip on Merlijn. After my wife & I had such a great experience in Belgium & The Netherlands on the Merlijn, I pledged That I would try to reserve the entire barge and recruit 22 of our friends to join us on another trip. We did just that. We just finished our second trip - This time Mainz to Merzig in Germany.
Safe to say we all had a great experience that we will long remember.

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