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Gina F.
2 years ago

Verified Reviewer

I think the Tam Coc rowboat excursion was the most memorable part of the trip, but honestly that entire day was spectacular and the entire trip was like unwrapping a new gift every day. We went two by two in Tam Coc on rowboats paddled by local farmers. Every time we turned a corner we were greeted with a new vision that if I told you what it was, it might ruin the surprise factor. That same day, right before dusk, we went to a bird sanctuary and got to see flocks of pelicans and other waterfowl returning to their roosts against a beautiful backdrop of the sun setting in a hidden valley.

Alan B.
4 years ago

Verified Reviewer

Everything about this trip far exceeded our expectations. Our tour guides, Mr. Binh and Chris, were excellent. The logistics involved in putting this trip together were extremely complicated, but it all came together seamlessly. We can't imagine another trip to Vietnam being more comprehensive and informative. The scenery was phenomenal, and we truly got a better understanding and appreciation of the warm people of Vietnam. The biking, kayaking and hiking were actually secondary to all the other amazing things we experienced.

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