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Let us help make your search a bit easier. On this page, you will find tours and cruises organized according to type. The cyclist will discover that biking does not make everything possible but makes many things possible, the multi-adventurer will love to explore hiking, kayaking, and other varied activities, and the history and culture buffs, who want to give the body a rest but enrich the mind will find that our new small ship cruises could be their next undertaking. Take a look. We are sure we have something for you!

Premier Collection

Our Premier Collection has been curated by our staff to offer the very best in bike & boat travel. Premier Collection Bike Tours

Danube Bike Tours

The best Danube Hotel to Hotel Cycle Path Tours and Danube bike boat tours we could find for you. Danube Bike Tours Tours

Electric Bike

Check out our comprehensive collection of e-bike tours! Electric Bike Tours


For those of you who like a multi faceted experience, these tours are for you! You will not just cycle, but enjoy other activities to give your adventure a little flavor and a lot of depth. Multi-Adventure Bike Tours

Food + Drink

Check out our collection of bike tours with a food and drink based theme. Food + Drink Bike Tours

Family Friendly

Check out our comprehensive collection of Family Friend Bike Tours! Family Friendly Bike Tours

Our Favorites

Check out some of Tripsite's favorite bike tours! Our Favorites Bike Tours


Tripsite's constantly changing Bike Tour Specials and Discounts Discounts Bike Tours


Are you looking for an active travel experience with a touch of class? May we suggest a luxury river cruise or an elegant bike and boat tour? Introducing our selections designed for the most discerning traveler. On your all-inclusive vacation, you will enjoy a new level of personalized service with itineraries as unique as you are.  Luxury Bike Tours

Tulip Tours

Check out the most extensive collection of Tulip Bike Tours on the internet! Tulip Tours Bike Tours

Tuscany Bike Tours

Book your magical bike tour in Tuscany here! See Florence, Pisa, and taste endless varieties of wine as you feel the fabric of the land. Tuscany Bike Tours Tours

Loire Valley Bike Tours

The best Loire Valley Hotel to Hotel Bike Tours and Loire bike boat tours we could find for you. Loire Valley Bike Tours Tours