Electric Bike

Electric Bikes, or "E Bikes", are the coolest way to travel on two wheels! This option makes it possible for those who love to cycle but find it increasingly difficult to either master the terrain or the distance. E bikes are NOT motorized but have a battery and have been described as having a constant tail wind at your back. If you would like more information on the e-bikes, please contact us!   NOTE:  The majority  of our tours now have e-bike options. As such the list below is not entirely inclusive so be sure to ask if you think an e-bike is for you!  Electric Bike Tours


For those of you who like a multi faceted experience, these tours are for you! You will not just cycle, but enjoy other activities to give your adventure a little flavor and a lot of depth. Multi-Adventure Bike Tours

Food + Drink

There are those that eat to live, and others, well, we live to eat! On these culinary adventures, you will not only eat and drink but earn the indulgences as well as you pedal the countryside by day and enjoy the gastronomy by night!  Food + Drink Bike Tours

Family Friendly

The family that cycles together stays together and here at Tripsite, we are all about family. These tours are easy enough that the entire family can enjoy them from the very young...to the very old.  Family Friendly Bike Tours

Road Bike

You love challenges! The longer the day, the better for you. Throw in a few mountains and a lightweight, top notch road bike and these are your tours! You see the vistas that others only reach by car, made sweeter by the challenge of getting there.  Road Bike Tours

Our Favorites

Been there, Biked that!  We have our favorites and you will too! These are tours that we here at Tripsite have personally experienced and can highly recommend. Don't be shy. Ask us why. We will provide you with our personal insight.  Our Favorites Bike Tours


Attention bargain seekers! These tours are now being offered at a discount. You won't want to miss these deals!  Current Discounts: ​​  Along the Danube - Iron Gates : Receive a €200 per person discount for departure on April 22.  Amsterdam to Bruges : Discount for departure October 21, 2017 aboard the Fluvius: €100/perperson  Around Paris : €120/person discount for departures on May 13 and May 27, 2017. €200/person discount for all June departures.  Bike and Sail the Frisian Sea : €100 discount on May 6, May 13, and June 3 departures. Valid for reservations made after April 24, 2017  Bordeaux - Chateaux, Rivers, and Wine : Group discount - For groups of 10+, 11th person travels free  Bordeaux - Chateaux, Rivers, and Wine : 50% discount on specific departure dates!  Bruges to Amsterdam : May 20 aboard the Sarah - €150/person discount. Offer valid for reservations after May 8, 2017.  Koblenz to Miltenberg : Discount on May 20 departure for reservations made after March 6, 2017: €200/person  Metz to Cochem : Discount October 14 departures: €100/person  Miltenberg to Bamberg : Discount on June 3 departure for reservations made after March 6, 2017: €100/person  Miltenberg to Koblenz : Discount on 8 Day tour for reservations made after December 11, 2016: €100/person  Southern Tour : Children ages 11 and under receive 50% discount on tour price when booked in same cabin with an adult. Offer valid for July 8 and August 5 departures.    Discounts Bike Tours