Electric Bike

Electric Bikes, or "E-bikes", are the coolest way to travel on two wheels! This option makes it possible for those who love to cycle but find it increasingly difficult to either master the terrain or the distance. E-bikes are NOT motorized but have a battery and have been described as having a constant tailwind at your back. If you would like more information on the e-bikes, please contact us!

NOTE: The majority of our tours now have e-bike options. As such the list below is not entirely inclusive so be sure to ask if you think an e-bike is for you!

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Venice to Poreč Photo

Venice to Poreč Italy, Slovenia, Croatia 4.6/5 (5 ratings)2019 Departures on Saturdays, April 6 to July 14 … This bike tour in Europe takes you through three countries in one week! You will bike in Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia. The history of the Republic of Venice …

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TypeSelf Guided
Length8 days
Villages and Beaches of Holland Photo

Villages and Beaches of Holland Netherlands 2019 Arrivals possible daily from April 1 … This is a lovely bicycle tour in Holland, a cycling paradise, that indiviudals and families alike will enjoy! Behind the dunes, you’ll discover a diverse …

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TypeSelf Guided
Length7 days