Around Stockholm - Land of Lakes & Castles

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Bike Sweden’s scenic, tranquil and unique nature!

Anne S.
8 months ago

Verified Reviewer

This tour was very well organized, and out of at least 6 self-guided bike trips that we've taken, the only one that didn't have mistakes/errors in the maps and/or GPX tracks. Every hotel was expecting us and we didn't have to sort out a booking made under someone else's name (also a first). The scenery was lovely, and the second day of biking was among the top two I've ever had. The last day of biking within Stockholm itself was the highlight of the trip for the other members of the party (I missed it due to a headache). We went several days early and enjoyed spending time in Stockholm itself - a beautiful, clean city, well set up for bikes. Many thanks to Carmen who did a wonderful job and covered every detail.

Melodie C.
11 months ago

Verified Reviewer

This was an absolutely beautiful way to explore Sweden. This route was very peaceful and pastoral. We loaded the GPX files onto our Garmin devices which made navigating very straightforward. It was wonderful to be so immersed in nature with all of the forests and lakes. Riding through farms and being able to explore so many castles was also a highlight! Wonderful food, accommodations and people. We would highly recommend this trip and we can’t wait to come back to explore some more!

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