Cheese market in Gouda, the Netherlands. Photo via Flickr:Bert Knottenbeld
Holland's colorful tulips for sale in Amsterdam! Photo via Flickr:Ricardo Liberato

Gorgeous Amsterdam at night. Photo via Flickr:gags9999

Bruges to Amsterdam Bike Tour

Belgium, Netherlands Bike Tours

Cycling diverse scenery and charming towns through Belgium and Holland

  • We have discovered this wonderful cycling holiday that kicks off in Belgium and leads up through the Netherlands to Amsterdam. Recurring themes include historical architecture, pastoral countryside, and water vistas. In eight days, as you pedal this cycling paradise, you will discover places you would not see if traveling by car.

    Starting in Bruges, you will go through the most picturesque towns in the Netherlands and Flanders, remarkably well-preserved and evocative of centuries past, and end your tour in Amsterdam, the Venice of the North!

    • Damme
    • Sluis
    • Vlissingen (Flushing)
    • Middelburg
    • Zierikzee
    • Willemstad
    • Dordrecht
    • Gouda

    We also offer this tour with Amsterdam as the starting point. Ask us!

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  • 8 day tour: £ 708 $ 1,144 811 kr 6862 $ 892 Single supplement: £ 183 $ 296 210 kr 1777 $ 231 E bike rental: £ 79 $ 128 91 kr 770 $ 100 9 day tour: £ 782 $ 1,264 896 kr 7582 $ 986 Single supplement: £ 210 $ 338 240 kr 2031 $ 264

    extra options

    Extra night, twin/double:  £ 61 $ 99 70 kr 592 $ 77 Extra night, single: £ 87 $ 141 100 kr 846 $ 110
    Surcharge for overnight in Amsterdam on Saturdays, double/twin:   £ 13 $ 21 15 kr 127 $ 17 Single:   £ 26 $ 42 30 kr 254 $ 33

    Surcharge overnight in Amsterdam during the periods of April 18 - 23, May 15 - 17,  June 24 - 27, September 14 -19, double/twin:  £ 44 $ 71 50 kr 423 $ 55 Single: £ 87 $ 141 100 kr 846 $ 110

    Supplement, E bike rental (8 day tour):  £ 79 $ 128 91 kr 770 $ 100 Supplement, E bike rental (9 day tour): £ 91 $ 147 104 kr 880 $ 114

    Dinners included:
    8 day tour:  £ 168 $ 272 193 kr 1633 $ 212 9 day tour: £ 192 $ 310 220 kr 1862 $ 242

    Starting on another day of the week is possible with the following supplement:
    2 people: £ 44 $ 71 50 kr 423 $ 55 4 people: £ 22 $ 35 25 kr 212 $ 28

    *Road bike is available for rental. Please ask.

    please note

    Rates are based on double occupancy.

    Information to read before you book.

    We recommend purchasing bike trip insurance.

    Please see our FAQ.

Where You’ll Stay

Accommodations in 3 and 4 hotels

What’s Included

  • Accommodation for 7 or 8 nights in 3 and 4 hotels
  • Breakfast (buffet)
  • Luggage transfer
  • Detailed route descriptions and maps,
  • GPS rental or tour as GPS-file (advanced reservation required)
  • Tourist information
  • Seven days a week service-hotline
  • 24 speed bicycle with pannier bag
  • Premium emergency services (please see remarks for details)
  • Ferry ticket to Vlissingen on Day 2

What’s Not Included

  • Lunches
  • Dinners (available with supplement)
  • Other ferry transfers en route
  • Bicycle protection
  • Trip insurance
TypeSelf Guided
Length8–9 days
From811 Rates
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Tour Dates

Saturdays from April 22 to September 23, 2017

Skill Level

This is an easy, self-guided tour on one of the most well developed cycling path systems in the world. You will ride 200 miles (320 km) over 6 days of cycling. The route is predominantly rural and flat and passes through a number of nature reserves.

Day-To-Day Itinerary

Bruges to Amsterdam Bike Tour Map

8 Day tour:

Day 1:
 Arrival in Bruges
Day 2: Bruges - Vlissingen, 31 mi. (50 km)  
Day 3: Vlissingen - Schuddebeurs, 33 mi. (53 km) 
Day 4: Schuddebeurs - Willemstad, 31 mi. (50 km)
Day 5: Willemstad - Dordrecht, 24 mi. (39 km)  
Day 6: Dordrecht - Gouda, 32 mi. (52 km)
Day 7: Gouda - Amsterdam, 50 mi. (80 km) 
Day 8:  Departure 

*All distances are approximate.

Day 1: Arrival in Bruges 
Bruges is known as the pearl of Flanders. It is truly an enchanting town that has been welcoming tourists for about 150 years. With most of its medieval architecture intact, it remains exceptionally well preserved and can really give you a sense of times gone by when it was at the center of the European wool and cloth trade. 

Day 2: Bruges - Vlissingen, 31 mi. (50 km)
After a hearty breakfast, hit the tracks and pedal to the charming little town of Damme on the banks of the Damse Vaart. Then continue to the border and enter Zeeland, a Dutch province marked by light, wind, water, and lots of space. It is mostly made up of islands so bridges and ferries will be taking you across the waters as you drift northeast. Picture-book towns with ancient houses and cobbled streets But first you will pass through Zeelandic Flanders with its winding country roads, pollard willows, wet meadows and scattered villages. At the end of the day, hop on a ferryboat to the maritime town of Vlissingen. After dinner, you can head for the beach to watch the sun set into the sea.  

Day 3: Vlissingen - Schuddebeurs, 33 mi. (53 km) 
Today you will discover the nostalgic splendor of the city of Middelburg. In the 16th and 17th centuries it was one of the most important centers of trade in the Netherlands. Next on the agenda is the charming village of Veere. From 1541 everything that was exported to Holland from Scotland (mainly wool) came ashore and was distributed from Veere. This contract brought the town not only prosperity but also a very lively Scottish expat community that stayed for 300 years. Walk in their footsteps as you take a tour of the sights. A wander down the narrow streets of Zierikzee is an absolute delight. Quaint old houses take you back in time to the town's glory days when ships set sail for the Baltic and Mediterranean to sell salt, wool, fish, grain, and red dye. 

Day 4: Schuddebeurs - Willemstad, 31 mi. (50 km)
Today, your last day in Zeeland, you will traverse a patchwork landscape of vast polders, idyllic countryside, rolling dunes and golden sand flats. Your day will end in Willemstad, a fortified town shaped like a seven-point star. 

Day 5: Willemstad - Dordrecht, 24 mi.  (39 km)  
​The result of a major flood in 1421, Biesbosch is one of the few remaining wetland habitats in Europe where the ecosystem has adapted both to saltwater coming in from the sea through tidal creeks, and to freshwater coming down in the rivers. It’s an ever-changing labyrinth of creeks and riverlets encompassing countless little islands of willow woods and reeds, a paradise for birds. Pedaling on, you will reach one of the oldest towns in Holland: Dordrecht, completely surrounded by water. The area around the marina is a true gem. This oldest part of town counts over a thousand historical buildings and three nostalgic canals.

Day 6: Dordrecht - Gouda, 32 mi. (52 km)
Today's route leads to the village of Kinderdijk where nineteen majestic windmills present a unique sight. They were used to drain excess water out of the low-lying polder up into the River Lek. As you ride your bike towards Gouda, cruising at about two meters below sea level, enjoy pastoral countryside and wonderful cloudscapes. For centuries, people flocked from far and wide to buy horses, cows, meat, turf, seed, cheese etc., at weekly and annual markets in Gouda. We recommend a stroll around the old part of town to soak up the yesteryear atmosphere. Walk all the way around St. John’s church and the market square boasting a 15th-century town hall and a Weighing House (“Waag”).  

Day 7: Gouda - Amsterdam, 44 mi. (71 km) 
Plunge into the “Groene Hart” (green heart), a pleasant rural area of low-lying polders with peat meadows and grazing cattle. It’s a flat, open, spacious landscape where church spires and windmills touch the horizon and clouds are reflected in lakes and canals. Your bicycle holiday ends in Amsterdam, famous for its gorgeous 400-year-old canal district. This city is brimming with things to see and do. As always, street artists and performers draw crowds on Dam, Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein. A new attraction is “Het Grachtenhuis” (Museum of the Canals). You'll also want to visit the newly renovated Rijksmuseum and Maritime Museum?  

**If this day is too long for you, you can actually change the itineary and spend an overnight in Woerden (30 km) and then continue on to Amsterdam (48 km).

Day 8: Departure 
End of tour, after breakfast.

9 Day tour

Day 1: Arrival in Bruges
Day 2: Bruges - Vlissingen, 31 mi. (50 km)  
Day 3: Vlissingen - Schuddebeurs, 33 mi. (53 km) 
Day 4: Schuddebeurs - Willemstad, 31 mi. (50 km)
Day 5: Willemstad - Dordrecht, 24 mi. (39 km)  
Day 6: Dordrecht - Gouda, 32 mi. (52 km)
Day 7: Gouda - Woerden, 19 mi. (30 km)
Day 8: Woerden - Amsterdam, 30 mi. (48 km)
Day 9:  Departure

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Customer Feedback

  • Michelle C 2 years ago

    This was our first bike tour (second for the two other couples in our party) and we truly enjoyed it. It was a good amount of daily biking, a mostly flat ride, with nice places to stop along the way. We liked all of the hotels - though two could have been more conveniently located in town - and the breakfasts were always great. We made use of the printed directions, maps, bike route number system, and GPS to find our way - each system seemed to work better at different points of the journey. There were a couple mix-ups with missing or misplaced signage on the bike route, but other than that, things went smoothly. We've posted pictures and more info about our trip at . Thanks for a great trip!

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