Melk Abbey, a Baroque Benedictine Monastery, Lower Austria. Photo courtesy of Austrian National Tourist Office

Statue of Athena in front of Austrian Parliament in Vienna. Photo courtesy of Austrian National Tourist Office
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Danube Bike Path - Passau to Vienna - OV

Austria, Germany Bike Tours

From the City of Three Rivers to the Imperial City along the lovely Danube Cycle Path

  • Passau is known as the City of Three Rivers because the Danube, Inn and Ilz River merge here and offer fantastic views. Begin your bicycle tour in Germany along the infamous Danube Bike Path in this lively port town in a romantic river setting complete with the great Veste Oberhaus (a fortress built 13th–16th century that overlooks the town). There’s also the elegant Gothic Town Hall and the grand Stephansdom, which is a true masterpiece of Italian Baroque architecture and houses one of the world's largest church organs (17,774 organ pipes), on which concerts are frequently played!

    You will end your bike trip in Austria. En route to Vienna, you’ll cycle to Engelhartszell, through the famous 180º Schlögen loop in the Danube, and into Linz (with its dominating Poestlingberg Church) and Grein with the impressive 15th century Greinburg Castle. Stretching from Melk to Krems, the Wachau region offers an enchanting landscape of apricot orchards and tree-lined avenues that are almost as well known and inviting as the region's fruity wines.

    The grandness of Vienna will impress you immediately! Its glorious history and old roots as a monarchy are evident everywhere.


    • Stephansdom
    • Poestlingberg Church
    • Greinburg Castle
    • St. Stephen's Cathedral
    • Hofburg Palace
    • Delectable Viennese Cuisine

    See the daily itinerary for information on how you can extend your holiday including 3 days aboard the MS My Story, making your way back to Vienna by bike & boat.

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  • 2017 Prices

    8 day tourCat CCat BCat A
    Season 1: £ 389 $ 667 487 NOK 4667 kr 4308 $ 560 £ 472 $ 809 591 NOK 5664 kr 5228 $ 680 £ 517 $ 886 647 NOK 6200 kr 5723 $ 744
    Season 2: £ 469 $ 804 587 NOK 5625 kr 5193 $ 675 £ 560 $ 960 701 NOK 6718 kr 6201 $ 806 £ 584 $ 1,001 731 NOK 7005 kr 6467 $ 841
    Season 3: £ 517 $ 886 647 NOK 6200 kr 5723 $ 744 £ 584 $ 1,001 731 NOK 7005 kr 6467 $ 841 £ 632 $ 1,083 791 NOK 7580 kr 6997 $ 910
    Single supplement: £ 128 $ 219 160 NOK 1533 kr 1415 $ 184 £ 136 $ 233 170 NOK 1629 kr 1504 $ 196 £ 152 $ 260 190 NOK 1821 kr 1681 $ 219
    Dinners included (except Vienna): £ 100 $ 171 125 NOK 1198 kr 1106 $ 144 £ 109 $ 186 136 NOK 1303 kr 1203 $ 156 £ 127 $ 218 159 NOK 1524 kr 1407 $ 183

    Category A: 4-star hotels, or if fully booked the very best 3-star hotel in town
    Category B: 3 & 4 star hotels
    Category C: 3 star hotels, usually typical Austrian inns

    10 day tourPrice
    Season 1: £ 560 $ 960 701 NOK 6718 kr 6201 $ 806
    Season 2: £ 616 $ 1,056 771 NOK 7389 kr 6820 $ 887
    Season 3: £ 680 $ 1,165 851 NOK 8155 kr 7528 $ 979
    Single supplement: £ 160 $ 274 200 NOK 1917 kr 1769 $ 230
    Dinners included (except Vienna): £ 137 $ 234 171 NOK 1639 kr 1513 $ 197
    6 day tourPrice
    Season 1: £ 432 $ 741 541 NOK 5185 kr 4786 $ 622
    Season 2: £ 480 $ 823 601 NOK 5760 kr 5317 $ 691
    Single supplement: £ 104 $ 178 130 NOK 1246 kr 1150 $ 150
    Dinners included £ 69 $ 118 86 NOK 824 kr 761 $ 99

    extra options


    Electric bicycle: £ 64 $ 110 80 NOK 767 kr 708 $ 92

    Helmet purchase, payable on arrival: £ 18 $ 30 22 NOK 211 kr 195 $ 25

    Transfer: Munich airport to hotel in Passau or reverse

    One-way: £ 59 $ 101 74 NOK 709 kr 655 $ 85  per person

    Round-trip: £ 95 $ 163 119 NOK 1140 kr 1053 $ 137  per person

    Extra nights

    3 star Passau: £ 42 $ 71 52 NOK 498 kr 460 $ 60

    Single room: £ 54 $ 93 68 NOK 652 kr 602 $ 78

    3 star Vienna: £ 50 $ 86 63 NOK 604 kr 557 $ 72

    Single room: £ 73 $ 126 92 NOK 882 kr 814 $ 106

    4 star Passau: £ 51 $ 88 64 NOK 613 kr 566 $ 74

    Single room: £ 67 $ 115 84 NOK 805 kr 743 $ 97

    4 star Vienna: £ 54 $ 92 67 NOK 642 kr 593 $ 77

    Single room: £ 77 $ 133 97 NOK 930 kr 858 $ 112


    please note

    Rates are per person based on double occupancy.

    Information to read before you book.

    We recommend purchasing bike trip insurance.

    Please see our FAQ.

  • Travel

    Fly to Munich, Salzburg, or Vienna.

    Local Travel

    Train to Passau. From Munich airport, train ride is ± 2½ hr (cost is approximately €30). You can also include a transfer from Munich airport to Passau for an additional fee.
    From Vienna and Salzburg airports, ride is ± 3½-4 hr.


    Average high/low temperature in °F for Vienna is 57/51 in April, 67/49 May, 72/55 June, 77/59 July, 77/59 August, 69/53 September & 57/43 in October.


    Booking an extra night before the tour in Passau.


    Electric bicycle available for this tour. Children’s bikes, and other equipment for children available by request. Dinners included is optional. If you choose this, there is no dinner in Vienna. Tour is also available for 6 days / 5 nights or 10 days / 9 nights.

Tour Dates

2017 Dates
8 or 10 Day Tours - Daily arrival possible
Season 1:
April 1 to April 14 and October 14 to October 21, 2017
Season 2: April 15 to May 19 and September 30 to October 13, 2017
Season 3: May 20 to September 29, 2017

6 Day Tour - Daily arrival possible (except Sundays)
Season 1:
April 29 to May 19, 2017
Season 2: May 20 to September 29, 2017

Where You’ll Stay

Category A: 4-star hotels, or if fully booked the very best 3-star hotel in town
Category B: 3 & 4 star hotels and inns
Category C: 2-3 star hotels, usually typical Austrian inns

What’s Included

  • 8 Day Tour
  • Hotel accommodations for 7 nights
  • Breakfasts
  • 7 or 21-speed hybrid bicycle (equipped with handlebar bag, pannier, and odometer)
  • Welcome drink at hotel in Passau
  • Luggage transportation (1 suitcase per person, max 20 kilo or 44 pounds)
  • 1 set route descriptions & maps per room
  • 1 free bottle of wine from vineyard in Wachau
  • Tasting of regional delicacies
  • Train transfer Krems - Tulln (incl. bike)
  • Service hotline
  • 10 Day Tour
  • Hotel accommodations for 9 nights
  • Breakfasts
  • 7 or 21-speed hybrid bicycle (equipped with handlebar bag, pannier, and odometer)
  • Welcome drink at hotel in Passau
  • Luggage transportation (1 suitcase per person, max 20 kilo or 44 pounds)
  • 1 set route descriptions & maps per room
  • 1 free bottle of wine from vineyard in Wachau
  • Tasting of regional delicacies
  • Train transfer Krems - Vienna (incl. bike)
  • Service hotline
  • 2 ferry rides on the Danube incl. bike
  • 6 Day Tour
  • Hotel accommodations for 5 nights
  • Breakfasts
  • 7 or 21-speed hybrid bicycle (equipped with handlebar bag, pannier, and odometer)
  • Luggage transportation (1 suitcase per person, max 20 kilo or 44 pounds)
  • 1 set route descriptions & maps per room
  • 1 free bottle of wine from vineyard in Wachau
  • Tasting of regional delicacies
  • Train transfer Krems - Vienna (incl. bike)
  • Service hotline - availabe 7 days a week
  • 1 x boat ride Passau to Schlögen incl. bike

What’s Not Included

Extra Stay

Stay an extra night or 2 in Passau or Vienna!

TypeSelf Guided
Length6–10 days
From487 Rates
Client Reviews

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Skill Level

This is an easy, self-guided hotel bike tour. The routes used are flat or slightly down or uphill.

Day-To-Day Itinerary

Danube Bike Path - Passau to Vienna - OV Map

Day 1: Arrival in Passau.
Day 2: Passau – Schlögener Loop/Surroundings, 25 mi. (41 km)
Day 3: Schlögener Loop – Linz, 33 mi. (55 km)
Day 4: Linz – Strudengau, 38 mi. (60 km)
Day 5: Strudengau - Nibelungengau, 31 mi. (50 km)
Day 6: Nibelungengau – Krems/surroundings, 31 mi. (50 km)
Day 7: Krems/surroundings – Vienna, 25 mi. (39 km) + train ride Krems to Tulln
Day 8: Departure from Vienna.

Distances are approximate. Changes in routes and itinerary can become necessary due to unforeseen circumstances.

Tour is also available for 6 days / 5 nights or 10 days / 9 nights. Please contact us for details.  See the bottom of the itinerary for details about the extension by bike & boat.  

DAY 1: Arrival in Passau.
Independent arrival to Passau. Use any extra time to walk through the picturesque old part of town. You could also take a boat cruise around this ‘3 river city’ (not included). Between 4 -7 pm, meeting with representative for delivery of bike and Q & A. For late arrivals, meeting can be scheduled for the following morning.

DAY 2: Passau - Schlögener Loop/Surroundings,  25 mi. (41 km)
You bike through the Upper Danube Valley to Schlögen. In Engelhartszell you can visit the only ‘Trappisten’ Monastery in Austria, where you can taste very good liquors. You bike on through to the impressive Danube Loop, where the river makes a 180 degree turn.

DAY 3: Schlögener Loop - Linz, 33 mi. (55 km)
There are many small passenger ferries back and forth along the Danube; enjoy this special experience. You bike through the Eferdinger basin to Linz, the upper Austrian capital. Enjoy the summer evening with a shopping tour in the charming old part of town, with many interesting sights to see.

Day 4: Linz - Strudengau, 38 mi. (60 km)
An excursion to Enns, the oldest town in Austria, is highly recommended!  Your cycling itinerary leads through beautiful meadows and tranquil hinterland, passing the Celt village Mitterkirchen. You will also see the famous church in Baumgartenberg and the romantic castle Clam. At the end of the day, you reach the beautiful baroque town Grein, where you can visit the oldest theater of Austria.

Day 5: Strudengau - Nibelungengau, 31 mi. (50 km)
Enjoy the Danube landscape of the Struden and Nibelungengau regions, with high wooded rock formations on both sides of the Danube. High over the Danube you will see the pilgrimage church of Maria Taferl. Further on, in the distance, the Benedictine Monastery town of Melk greets you.

Day 6: Nibelungengau - Krems/surroundings, 31 mi. (50 km)
Another highlight of this tour is the beautiful landscape of the Wachau. You bike past the apricot trees to find a wine terrace, and with castles and monasteries in between. During your ride to Krems, you bike through the attractive wine towns of Spitz, Weissenkirchen and Dürnstein. Along the way can stop at a cozy tavern and enjoy the Austrian hospitality.

Day 7: Krems/surroundings - Vienna, 25 mi. (39 km) + train ride Krems to Tulln
By train you will leave the unique cultural landscape of this UNESCO world heritage region. In Tulln, you start your last leg of this bike trip throught he Vienna Woods, right through "The Gates of Vienna."  Don’t forget to visit the Monastery in Klosterneuburg before you reach Vienna, the "City of Music".

Day 8: Departure from Vienna.
Be sure to visit the famous ‘Naschmarkt’ (market) and the beautiful ‘Schönbrunn’ castle. You may opt to include a transfer back to Passau by request.

6 day option:

Day 1: Passau
Day 2: Passau – Linz, approx. 53 km + Ship Passau - Schlögen
Day 3: Linz – Strudengau approx. 60 km
Day 4: Strudengau – Nibelungengau, approx. 46 km
Day 5: Nibelungengau – Vienna, approx. 48 km + train ride Krems - Vienna
Day 6: Vienna

10 day option:

Day 1: Passau
Day 2: Passau – Engelhartszell, approx. 27 km
Day 3: Engelhartszell – Eferdinger Valley, approx. 45 km
Day 4: Eferdinger Valley – Linz, approx. 30 km
Day 5: Linz – Mauthausen, approx. 26 km
Day 6: Mauthausen – Strudengau, approx. 36/42 km
Day 7: Strudengau – Nibelungengau, approx. 30 km
Day 8: Nibelungengau – Wachau, approx. 45 km
Day 9: Wachau – Vienna, approx. 19 km + train Krems - Vienna
Day 10: Vienna

Please note: This tour can be taken as a 14 day tour from Passau to Budapest. Please contact us for details.


Enjoy a 3 or 4 day stay aboard the MS My Story while it makes it's way back to Passau by boat. Included in the extension are all meals, and 7 or 21-speed bicycle rental.

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Customer Feedback

  • Steve & Jan C. 2 years ago

    Extremely happy with our trip. There were a couple of times where maps or detailed instructions would have been helpful, eg. How to get to the boat in Passau and more detailed directions to get to our accommodations. The other part of the trip that proved difficult was getting from the train station to our hotel (Novotel Suites) in Vienna. The biking through the city was a bit dicey.
    Each accommodation and restaurant knew who we were and was expecting us. The luggage always arrived before we arrived. The bikes were comfortable and worked well (after using our own tool to adjust a dragging brake which wasn't discovered until after the first day). You offer a great service and were very helpful answering our many questions prior to the trip.

  • Jack G. 2 years ago

    Very satisfied with Route, only comment the finish was not as clear a couple times to find the Hotel location.

    The guide needed to be more clear on the final route to hotels .

    • Jehiel 2 years ago

      Thanks for the feedback, Jack. We are working with our local partner to make the routes more clear. Glad you had a great trip!

  • Heidi L. 2 years ago

    The route (along the Danube) was excellent - all paved, mostly with a view of the river and away from traffic. Markings were great and easy to follow.

    We were provided with a lot of information (maps, routes, suggestions), but they were in separate books and materials. It would be helpful if they could be integrated more, or if we could have received more of the information ahead of time. It took us a couple of days to sort through the various pieces.

    The best hotel was in St. Agatha. The best meals were at our hotel in Melk. Grein was a very cool town, with lots of art and theater. It was also very picturesque as we approached. The most beautiful site was the Abbey in Melk; the most meaningful was the Mauthausen Memorial. The biggest surprise was the swimming pool at our hotel in Krems. We loved the Wachau Valley, where we had vouchers for a bottle of wine and a tasting of liqueur. We also loved having the bikes available to explore Vienna, on the last day of Read more… our magical week.

    • Jehiel 2 years ago

      Thank you for sharing this feedback with us! We are working hard with our local partners to provide you with detailed and thorough information before your trip.
      Thanks again for your feedback!

  • R. Kocher 2 years ago

    The scenery between Passau and Vienna was the most memorable part of the trip, even when we were away from the Danube. Beautiful.

    The reason I gave the first question a 4 out of 5 is because the daily rides were long enough that it was hard (tiring) to get back out in the evenings to see the local sites or to see some of the sites along the way. That was probably also a result of trying to coordinate and corral too many people (9 on our trip) to get things done in a timely manner. I suspect the 10-day option for this trip might have been better for us.

    Regarding route and description guides, sometimes it was a little too much to remember to coordinate the route book, the additional instructions in the travel documents (voucher) book, and Rad & Reisen's Travel Information book, not to mention the daily itinerary in the literature advertising this trip. In fact, the worst mistake we made was the worst one we could have made: ignoring the instructions to Read more… take the van transfer from Grein to Gasthof zum Aigner Kreuz, Bad Kreuzen to avoid very steep inclines. However, some of the literature given to us suggested we go to Klam Castle (a good way up the incline to Bad Kreuzen), which was not on the way to Grein, and that is what we did.

    I've now taken 5 bike trips in Europe: 2 using hotels, 3 using boats/barges. Barges are easier: you only have to unpack and repack once while riding.

    Thank you for all your help putting this trip together. Overall, it was a great experience.

  • Heidi Coleman 3 years ago

    The route descriptions were mixed. Some were excellent. Some were not. But our overall experience was wonderful. When the route descriptions were not as good, it added to the adventure and, as a result, we met additional people, who were generally warm and helpful.

    It would be most helpful to have both detailed instructions (which are confirmed, e.g., make sure there's a street sign if the cue is to turn at a street or provide odometers if the cue is the travel a certain distance), and also decent maps."

  • Alison Hartman 5 years ago

    The bike trip from Passau to Vienna will always be one of the highlights in my life! It was the first bike trip I had ever taken and it couldn't have been better! The bikes and maps were given to us, the hotels arranged and everything was incredible! If you want an experience in your life that will remain with you this trip! I'm 65 and it was so much fun! I have told all of my friends to plan this trip and experience the trip of a lifetime while biking along the Danube. Enjoy!

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