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John M.
2 years ago

Verified Reviewer

Comments are for the self-guided Danube cycle path Passau to Vienna with support by Austria Radreisen.
Most memorable was riding through the small towns. Tips and suggestions: It was a little confusing how to leave the bike at the end of the trip, whether to lock it or not, would it be safe until returned to Austria Radreisen. We locked ours in the hotel inside parking spaces and left the key inside the panniers which we left in the hotel office. The hotel choice was good except in Linz it was very difficult to get there by bike; it was a big hotel and we would have preferred a guest house. The food was very good eating in hotel dining rooms everywhere except Traismauer where dinner was not available at the hotel. The "Danube Bike Trail" booklet provided by Cycline is a little confusing to read. We used a off-line map application (Locus) to find our way. I would have preferred a lighter bike and a single sided kickstand would have been better than the heavy double Read More

Stan Carr
2 years ago

Verified Reviewer

We took the self-guided "Sport" tour from Passau to Vienna, starting on 2 April.

A. Here are our suggestions for anyone looking at the tour options for Passau to Vienna.
1. Don’t ever sign up for the “Sport” version of the tour because it requires 50+ miles every day, and leaves no time for exploring or resting.
2. If you are doing the self-guided trail, do yourself a favor and get the e-bikes. The bikes given to us were really inadequate for the distances.
3. Consider doing the bike & boat option rather than biking the whole way. The reasons? If on a boat, you won’t have to pack and unpack every day; You won’t have to search for the hotel in the evening, and you can look forward to relaxing on a boat every night. Another big plus is that from the shoreline, you often cannot get a good perspective on the scenery. When the cliffs rise overhead and you are below, you can’t see them at all. And you may be able to Read More

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