Wasgau wine region in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. Photo via Flickr:Pixelfreude Photography

Riverside cafe in Mainz, Germany. Photo via Flickr:Florian Christoph

German Wine Route Bike Tour

Germany Bike Tours

Bike along the romantic Rhine…

  • Wine can be grown only where it is really beautiful. It needs a mild climate, plenty of sun, and a slightly hilly terrain with little wind. Add some ancient culture, lovely towns, and quaint villages and you get this tour - through some of Europe's most beautiful holiday regions: Rhein-Hessen, Rhineland-Palatinate, Baden Baden, and the Alsace. For centuries, excellent wine has been cultivated in this region and also a delectable and varied cuisine, which ranges from "Saumagen" to Alsatian. It is more than one can hope for.

    Mainz, Worms, Baden Baden, and Strasbourg are only some of the many cultural highlights. This is a road bike tour in Germany to relax, have fun, and get to know the country and its people!

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    Rates are per person based on double occupancy.

    A non-refundable admin fee of 20 Euros per person is included in the deposit amount.

    Information to read before you book.

    We recommend purchasing bike trip insurance.

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  • Travel

    Fly to Frankfurt International Airport

    Local Travel

    Directly from the airport, take a train to Mainz which takes about 20 minutes and costs approximately €12. From the station in Mainz, taxi to hotel. To return to Mainz from Strasbourg, there is a bus transfer available for €135 per person (this includes bike for those who bring their own).


    Check local conditions before arrival. Average high/low temperatures for the area in degrees F are: April 56/39°, May 66/47°, June 71/53°, July 75/57°, August 75/56°, September 68/51°, October 57/43°


    GPS equipment with map function is available for rental for €20

Where You’ll Stay

There are two levels of accommodations for this tour
Category 1= 3 and 4 star hotels Category 2= 3 star hotels and winegrower’s inns

What’s Included

  • Hotel accommodations for 5 or 7 nights
  • 7 or 5 x breakfast buffets
  • Luggage transfer from hotel to hotel
  • Detailed road book (contains sight descriptions, route information, and restaurant recommendations)
  • Service hotline seven days a week
  • Road bike

What’s Not Included

  • Additional meals (dinner can be included for a supplement)
  • Local transportation by train or taxi
  • GPS device Garmin Etrex including GPS tracks
  • Bus transfer back to Mainz
  • Bicycle Protection
  • Travel Insurance

Extra Stay

Additional overnights available in Mainz or Strasbourg.

TypeSelf Guided
Length6–8 days
From628 Rates
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Tour Dates

Arrivals daily from April 12 to October 13, 2019

Skill Level

Moderate to difficult. This is a self-guided hotel tour with daily distances ranging from 50 to 56 miles. The terrain ranges from flat to hilly. Some climbs are challenging. There is a 2,370 hm given or difference in altitude.

Day-To-Day Itinerary

German Wine Route Map

OPTION 1: 8 days/7 nights

Day 1: Arrival in Mainz
Day 2: Mainz - Bad Dürkheim, 50 miles/80 km/450 hm*
Day 3: Roundtrip Bad Dürkheim through Palatinate/Bad Dürkheim, 56 miles/90 km/475 hm (or rest day)
Day 4: Bad Dürkheim - Bad Bergzabern, 53 miles/85 km/570 hm
Day 5: Roundtrip from Bad Bergzabern through Alsace/Bad Bergzabern, 53 miles/85 km/375 hm (or rest day)
Day 6: Bad Bergzabern - Baden Baden, 56 miles/90 km/250 hm
Day 7: Baden Baden - Strasbourg, 53 miles/85 km/230 hm
Day 8: Strasbourg, individual departure

* Höhenmeter (hm) is a term used to show height difference or meters ascended.

All distances are approximate.

DAY 1: Arrival in Mainz
In this city on the banks of the Rhine, you will experience over 2000 years of history. The first European books printed using movable type were manufactured in Mainz by Gutenberg in the early 1450s. You can visit the Gutenberg museum to learn more. The 1000 year old Mainz Cathedral is an example of several different architectural influences. Predominantly Romanesque in style, one can see Baroque, post romanesque, and gothic.

DAY 2: Mainz - Bad Dürkheim, 50 mi/80 km/450 hm
In order to become familiar with your bike, you will cycle from Mainz through the Rhine-Hessen vineyards in a leisurely way. Nice little villages and a slightly hilly terrain lead you to the German Wine Route.

DAY 3: Roundtrip, Bad Dürkheim - Palatinate, 56 mi/90 km/475 hm (or rest day)
On this day, the terrain is a little bit more demanding. Beautiful views over the vineyards as well as nice medieval towns provide a lot of variation.

DAY 4: Bad Dürkheim - Bad Bergzabern, 53 mi/85 km/375 hm
At the center of the German Wine Route, in Neustadt, the route takes you through the Pfälzerwald (Palatinate Forest) on pleasant roads with little traffic. This is an area of outstanding beauty. It is here that you will be able to really let go and simply enjoy cycling.

DAY 5: Roundtrip, Bad Bergzabern - Alsace, 53 mi/85 km/375 hm (or rest day)
Today your Germany bike tour starts on lovely by roads in the Palatinate Forest. You will enjoy nice panoramic views in the hilly Alsace region. The final destination for the day will be the Southern Wine Route.

DAY 6: Bad Bergzabern - Baden Baden, 56 mi/90 km/250 hm
Former military roads will lead you to the Rhine. From there , you will follow the foothills of the Black Forest till Baden Baden, which translated means Bath Bathe. The springs here have been known for more than 2,000 years and their composition resembles that of the Roman baths of the 3rd century. The water at the baths of "Caracalla-Therme" spa is rich in sodium chloride and comes from artesian wells 5,900 ft. under the mountain. You will want to indulge yourself!

DAY 7: Baden Baden - Strasbourg, 53 mi/85 km/230 hm
Through the Baden Wineland and Baden Wine Route, you will cycle back to the Rhine and the Alsace region. From there, its only a few kilometers until you reach Strasbourg, which is one of the most beautiful and ultimate European cities. It is where France and Germany "collide", sitting right on the border of the two countries. It can be hard to discern which country you are truly in. Be sure to visit the Strasbourg Cathedral, one of Europe's most beautiful examples of Gothic architecture.

DAY 8: Strasbourg
Individual departure or prolongation

OPTION 2: 6 days/5 nights

Day 1: Arrival in Mainz
Day 2: Mainz - Bad Dürkheim, 50 miles/80 km/450 hm*
Day 3: Bad Dürkheim - Bad Bergzabern, 53 miles/85 km/570 hm
Day 4: Bad Bergzabern - Baden Baden, 56 miles/90 km/250 hm
Day 5: Baden Baden - Strasbourg, 53 miles/85 km/230 hm
​Day 6: Departure from Strasbourg

*Höhenmeter (hm) is a term used to show height difference or meters ascended.

(All distances are approximate.)

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    • Michael Kieda 8 years ago     Verified Reviewer

      Simply put this was the best cycling adventure I have ever enjoyed, thanks to the beautiful scenery, challenging and rewarding routes, delightful accomodations, an excellent and well equipped bike, and a very conscientious tour operator. I have not yet selected the tour I will do this summer, but even with all the places I want to explore, I am seriously considering doing this tour again - it was that good!

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