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Cycle through idyllic German towns like Assmannshausen. Photo via Flickr:e_calamar

Heidelberg to Koblenz

Germany Bike Tours

A bike tour along the Romantic Rhine…

  • Starting in the magnificent old University town of Heidelberg, whose fame and history extend to Martin Luther and the Calvinists, this beautiful cycling tour meanders leisurely along the Rhine River to the medieval town of Koblenz – right at the junction of the Rhine and Mosel Rivers. Visiting Heidelberg’s world-famous castle or Schloß allows for a spectacular view overlooking the city. From here, this Rhine bike tour commences through the “Riviera of Germany”, into Heppenheim’s market place with colorful half-timbered houses scenically situated along the route as well as the 700-year-old town of Zwingenberg, which is the oldest town in the Bergstraße district. The town is known for its local white wines, market square, white Bergkirche, Alsbach Castle and Schloß Auerbach, a flamboyant 13th century castle. Via lush meadows and farmlands will come the first foothills of the Platine vineyards followed by numerous wine villages.

    In Mainz, the highly-impressive Chagall windows in St. Stephan’s Cathedral should not be missed, or perhaps a visit to the Gutenberg Museum. As you cycle Germany, you will also pass through the well-known wine village of Rüdesheim. Then the central Rhine Valley region gives way to a breathtaking landscape where the river flows between defiant castles, sunny vineyards, through slate mountains; and further on, past the castles of Reichenstein and Sooneck as well as the island-castle of Pfalzgrafenstein. The most splendid of castles (in Marksburg) is also on the list! Your bicycle tour in Germany will end in the commercial heart of the wine industry itself, namely Koblenz. This cozy village offers endless evening delights.

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  • 6 Day Tour: £ 548 $ 873 575 NOK 5750 kr 5308 $ 690

    Single room: £ 710 $ 1,132 745 NOK 7450 kr 6877 $ 894

    7 Day Tour: £ 633 $ 1,010 665 NOK 6650 kr 6138 $ 798

    Single room: £ 805 $ 1,284 845 NOK 8450 kr 7800 $ 1,014

    extra options

    Electric bicycle rental: £ 95 $ 152 100 NOK 1000 kr 923 $ 120

    Bus transfer from Koblenz to Heidelberg: £ 71 $ 114 75 NOK 750 kr 692 $ 90

    Possible daily leaving at 9 a.m. Advanced reservation necessary. Minimum of two people required to book.

    Extra nights (price is per person/night):

    Heidelberg: £ 68 $ 108 71 NOK 710 kr 655 $ 85

    Single room: £ 101 $ 161 106 NOK 1060 kr 978 $ 127

    Koblenz: £ 50 $ 79 52 NOK 520 kr 480 $ 62

    Single room: £ 76 $ 122 80 NOK 800 kr 738 $ 96

    please note

    Rates are based on double occupancy.

    Information to read before you book.

    We recommend purchasing bike trip insurance.

    Please see our FAQ.

  • Travel

    Fly to Frankfurt.

    Local Travel

    Train from Frankfurt airport to Heidelberg, 1 hr.


    The average high/low in °F in Heidelberg is approx. 59/41 in April, 66/48 May, 71/53 June, 75/57 July, 73/55 August & 68/50 September.

Where You’ll Stay

Accommodations in 3 star to 4 star inns and guesthouses

What’s Included

  • Hotel accommodations for 5 or 6 nights
  • Breakfasts
  • 21/24-speed hybrid bicycle equipped with panniers
  • Luggage transfer
  • Route descriptions & maps
  • Service hotline
  • Gondola to Neiderwald monument in Rüdesheim (excl. bike)

What’s Not Included

Extra Stay

Extra nights in Heidelberg and Koblenz are recommended!

TypeSelf Guided
Length6–7 days
From575 Rates
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Tour Dates

Arrival every Saturday from April 8 to October 7, 2017

Skill Level

This is an easy self-guided hotel tour with distances averaging about 33 miles a day. Routes make use of good, hard asphalt roads (bike paths/side streets). Terrain is almost entirely flat with a possible sloping hill or two.

Day-To-Day Itinerary

Heidelberg to Koblenz Map

6 Day Tour:

Day 1: Arrival in Heidelberg
Day 2: Heidelberg – Bensheim/Zwingenberg, 26/30 mi. (42/48 km)
Day 3: Bensheim/Zwingenberg – Bodenheim/Mainz, 28/37 mi. (46/59 km)
Day 4: Bodenheim/Mainz – Bingen, 23/28 mi. (37/45 km)
Day 5: Bingen – Koblenz, 39 mi. (63 km)
Day 6: Departure from Koblenz

DAY 1: Heidelberg
Individual arrival in Heidelberg. If you would like to visit the world-famous Castle that reigns highly over the Neckar, ride with the mountain train to the top of the Königstuhl Mountain, or you could take a walk through the narrow lanes of the old part of town. Finish off the day in one of the many traditional restaurants usually frequented by students in this old University town.

DAY 2: Heidelberg - Bensheim/Zwingenberg, 26/30 mi. (42/48 km)
You'll leave Heidelberg and follow the famous Bergstraße, the smallest viticultural region of the republic. Enjoy the mild climate of the so-called “Riviera of Germany”, where almonds, figs, peaches and kiwis are cultivated. One of today's highlights is the market place in Heppenheim, with its timber-framed houses. Passing Bensheim, you'll then reach the 700-year old town of Zwingenberg. Taking an excursion through the small streets below the mountain church, you will find numerous quaint restaurants, in which there are delicious wines to try. Overnight in Zwingenberg.

DAY 3: Bensheim/Zwingenberg – Bodenheim/Mainz, 28/36 mi. (46/59 km)
Leaving the Bergstraße, you'll continue your German cycle tour through the flatland along the Rhine and then take the ferry over the Rhine to Gernsheim. Through scenic meadows and vegetable fields, you will come to the first foothills of the Platine vineyards. Following will be several picturesque wine villages. In Oppenheim, you should visit the German viticulture museum. Next will come Nierstein, where you can partake on a cruise on the romantic Rhine. Overnight in an old vine-growing estate some kilometers before Mainz or directly in Mainz.

DAY 4: Bodenheim/Mainz – Rüdesheim-Assmannshausen/Bingen,  23/28 mi. (37/45 km)
Before starting the day with a trek along the Rhine, you should visit the impressive Chagall windows in the St. Stephan's Church in Mainz, or the Gutenberg Museum. Next, you could either follow the calm bike tracks along the left bank of the Rhine through fields and meadows, or go along the right bank for a worthwhile visit to the village of Eltville. Here an excursion will lead you through a quiet valley of high altitude in the Rhine region to the impressive Eberbach monastery founded in 1116 that was used in the film “The Name of the Rose”. Then you will come to the most well-known wine town in Germany: Rüdesheim, where you'll find the “Drosselgasse” with its wine houses. A gondola takes you up to the Niederwald monument, where you have an excellent view over the Rhine valley. You spend the night in Rüdesheim-Assmannshausen or in Bingen on the other side of the river.

DAY 5: Rüdesheim-Assmannshausen/Bingen – Koblenz, 39 mi. (63 km)
The romantic Middle Rhine valley is one of the highlights of the trip. You pass Reichenstein Castle and picturesque Castle Sooneck and reach the ancient wine town of Bacharach. Then, you bike past Kaub and Castle Pfalzgrafenstein on an island in the Rhine and see the legendary “Loreley”. The route takes you via Spay to Rhens. Rhens is known for its extravagantly carved and painted truss buildings. On the other side of the river you can see Braubach and the Marksburg, one of the most beautiful old fortresses alsong the Rhine. Finally, you reach Koblenz. Visit the “German Corner” on the Mosel estuary, take the gondola to Ehrenbreitstein Fortress or mingle with the happy wine drinking folk in the restaurants and bars. You spend the night in Koblenz.

DAY 6: Departure from Koblenz

7 Day Tour:

Day 1: Arrival in Heidelberg
Day 2: Heidelberg – Zwingenberg/Bensheim, 26/30 mi. (42/48 km)
Day 3: Zwingenberg/Bensheim – Bodenheim/Mainz, 28/37 mi. (46/59 km)
Day 4: Bodenheim/Mainz – Rüdesheim-Assmannshausen/Bingen, 23/28 mi. (37/45 km)
Day 5: Rüdesheim-Assmannshausen/Bingen – Boppard, 26 mi. (42 km)
Day 6: Boppard - Koblenz, 13 mi. (21 km)
Day 7: Departure from Koblenz.

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