Zamosc. Photo via Flickr:PolandMFA

Gorgeous colorful buildings in Zamosc. Photo via Flickr:PolandMFA
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Krakow and Southeast Poland Bike Tour

Poland Bike Tours

Cycling along the Ukranian border in the region of Galicia

  • This striking 8 day bike tour takes you through an area in southeast Poland bordering Ukraine where the unspoiled and the exotic meet. The central European region of Galicia (not to be mistaken with Galicia in Spain) is a historical region, currently divided between Poland and Ukraine.

    The mysterious east Carpathians ​are a highlight where you find a rich and varied relief, rarely encountered. The upper mountains, reveal a unique association of towers, needles, columns, mushrooms, bare rocks and sphinx-like forms, a virgin landscape that appears almost alien.

    This is a region shaped and molded over the centuries by many different cultures, the land where extremes live alongside one another, in perfect harmony.

    The tour showcases architectural wonders such as Zamosc town with its marvellous architectural highlights and the region’s virgin landscapes, and primeval forests.

    Enchanting Krakow is the starting point of your guided or self guided cycling adventure, treasure trove of Gothic and Renaissance architecture and the route then leads from one enriching experience to another:


    • Green Velo cycle path
    • Solska primeval forest
    • Roztocze
    • Famous Konik horses
    • Zamosc

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  • Self Guided tour
    Twin/double:  $ 1293 £ 640 $ 1,118 700 $ 1320 kr 7891 $ 797 Single supplement: $ 185 £ 91 $ 160 100 $ 189 kr 1127 $ 114

    extra options

    Electric bicycle rental: $ 129 £ 64 $ 112 70 $ 132 kr 789 $ 80

    Extra nights in Krakow

    Category B: $ 81 £ 40 $ 70 44 $ 83 kr 496 $ 50 Single room: $ 127 £ 63 $ 110 69 $ 130 kr 778 $ 79  

    Category A: $ 157 £ 78 $ 136 85 $ 160 kr 958 $ 97 Single room: $ 249 £ 123 $ 216 135 $ 255 kr 1522 $ 154

    please note

    Rates are per person based on double occupancy.

    A non-refundable admin fee of 20 Euros per person is included in the deposit amount.

    Information to read before you book.

    We recommend purchasing bike trip insurance.

    Please see our FAQ.

  • Travel

    Fly to Krakow Airport

    Local Travel

    Krakow Airport is served by two regular bus lines: 208 and 192. Bus stops within the airport’s premises are located near the T1 and T2 terminals. Fare is approximately one euro.

    There are taxi stands in front of the passenger terminals as well.


    Check local conditions prior to arrival. Average high/low temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit: July 71º/55º and August 71º/54º

Where You’ll Stay

Accommodations in quality 2 and 3 star hotels

What’s Included

  • Accommodation for 7 nights
  • Transfers Krakow to Przemysl and Zamosc to Krakow
  • Breakfasts and dinners
  • Luggage transfers from hotel to hotel
  • Set of maps and route descriptions
  • Bike rental

What’s Not Included

TypeSelf Guided
Length8 days
From700 Rates
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Tour Dates


April 27, May 25, June 15, July 6, July 13, July 20, July 27, August 3, August 10, August 17, August 24 and September 6, 2019 

Skill Level

This self-guided tour is over flat or gently undulating terrain with small climbs suitable for even children. Only Day 4 has a slightly longer climb (about a 100 m height differential) to the high banks of the San River but the magnificent view makes it worth it!

Day-To-Day Itinerary

Krakow and Southeast Poland Map

Day 1: Krakow - Przemysl
Day 2: Krakow - Korczowa, 30 mi. (45 km)
Day 3: Korczowa - Horyniec Zdroj, 35 mi. (56 km)
Day 4: Horyniec – Narol, 12.5 - 25 mi. (20 - 40 km)
Day 5: Narol – center of Roztocze, 28 - 31 mi. (45 - 50 km)
Day 6:  A cycle around Roztocze, 10 - 19 mi. (15 - 30 km or more)
Day 7: Center of Roztocze – Zamosc, 19 - 28 mi. (30 - 45 km)
Day 8: End of trip and return to Krakow

Day 1: Krakow - Przemysl
Individual arrival in Krakow. You meet at the Bird Service office in the old town and travel to collect the bikes at workshop.  Afterwards  you leave by bus at 3:00 pm for the town of Przemysl (a historic town on the Polish-Ukranian border. Your overnight accommodations are in a hotel located next to the new branch of the Green Velo bike path alongside the San River. We advise those unable to book a morning flight or the night train to Krakow to come a day earlier and to book an additional night in Krakow.

Krakow is a medieval city is a fairytale, with its bustling market square, spiraling gothic towers, castles, and legends about dragons. Explore the narrow backstreets, hidden courtyards, and the network of underground cellars and tunnels. Krakow is known as the cultural capital of Poland through its love of music, poetry, and theater. After years of occupation and struggle, Krakow has emerged a proud city with a strong sense of identity, yet has still maintained its artistic and fun-loving soul.

Day 2: Przemysl - Korczowa, 30 mi. (45 km)
The first stage of the tour is relatively short sountil noon, you can explore Przemysl, which is the  second oldest town in southern Poland. A town of historic beauty, offering breathtaking churches, the World War 1st fortress, and an overall aura of unexplainable awe. From there the route passes an aboretum in Bolestraszyce, through a narrow hanging footbridge once again on the San river and passes through Chotyniec Village with its wooden Eastern Orthodox church.

Day 3: Korczowa - Horyniec Zdroj, 35 mi. (56 km)
You cycle through the sleepy town of Wielkie Oczy (ironically translated as "Huge Eyes”), offering shadowy alleys, and multiple places of worship, Catholic and Eastern Orthodox, as well as an old synagogue. The route then leads on peaceful tarmac paths through the neighboring forest,  concluding with a 16th century Orthodox church in Radruz and a nearby lagoon, where we can immerse ourselves in its cool refreshing waters. We spend the night in Horyniec, a small Roztoczian spa town.

Day 4: Horyniec – Narol,  12.5 - 25 mi. (20 - 40 km)
You are now in eastern Roztocze, and from this day on, apart from the main Green Velo track, you will have numerous different, but equally picturesque routes to chose from. A visit in the "Szumy nad Tanwią” (Soughs over Tanew) reservoir, where the waters of Roztoczian rivers flow over the rocky thresholds, is highly recommended.

Day 5: Narol – center of Roztocze,  28 - 31 mi. (45 - 50 km)
Once again, you have several variants of the route to chose from. The Green Velo track runs through the town of Józefów. You can also cycle through Krasnobrod and explore an interesting open-air museum there, the farm in Guciow, over the meandering Wieprz river, offering an exhibition of ethnographic and geological wonders. You stay in Zwierzyniec or another nearby village for the next two nights.

Day 6: A cycle around Roztocze, 10 - 19 + mi. (15 - 30 km or more)
You will pedal throught the forest today! After leaving the mountains and the San valley behind, the rides to the east through extended forested regions of the Solska primeval forest where habitat of elk and mountain cocks. The small spa resort town of Horyniec is the destination today, which lies very close to the border of Ukraine.

Day 7: Center of Roztocze – Zamosc,  19 - 28 mi. (30 - 45 km)
You can once again chose between different paths. The shorter route through Kosobudy and other pretty villages, or the Green Velo track in the Wieprz valley. Zamosc is a beautiful reneissance town, always worth visiting. Before we check-in at the hotel, in the old town, we cycle around Zamosc fortifications built in 16th century.

Day 8: End of trip and return to Krakow
Bike into the heart of Roztocze! This region is a cyclists' paradise and until recently, was completely unknown to foreign tourists. Delightful villages dot the route and the roads and forest routes are perfect, with little traffic. It is a gently undulating landscape with some small climbs to provide variety. The highlight of today are tectonic movements in the area, a geological feature causing murmuring sounds (Szumy). The two rivers, Tanew and Sopot, create several small but roaring river rapids. You will be returned to Krakow. May we suggest an overnight here?

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  • Sveinn O. 6 months ago     Verified Reviewer

    Well worth time. good tracks beautiful landscape. we started 3 hour trip in przmysl very nice town that is not on map going to top of town hill panoramic wiew. hotel in korczowa we got dessert first than main course :). staff in training

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