The famous Etretat cliffs in Normandy. Photo via Flickr:Moyan Brenn

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Northern Normandy

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Cycling in Normandy in beautiful Northern France!

  • This Normandy bike tour starts in the double city of Eu-Le Tréport, a lively little harbor town with many seafood restaurants and numerous, awe-inspiring 19th century houses. You have an inviting market square on which stands the great Gothic Notre-Dame-et-St.-Laurent Church with its rich history. You’ll also find an impressive castle from the 16th century as well as amazing views overlooking the sea and chalkstone cliffs. En route, you will see France by bike through quiet river valleys and across many châteaux. There are various routes available for you to choose from each day.

    The routes along the coast cycle past the chalk cliffs and enjoy the vistas overlooking the Canal. The inland routes run through river valleys to small, rustic villages. Your castle-hotel for the week (pictured right) lies on a country estate and has a swimming pool, beauty salon, fitness room, and free internet access.

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  • Travel

    Fly to Paris.

    Local Travel

    Train from Paris airport to Eu - Le Tréport, 3½ hr.


    Average high temperatures in °F for the area are: April, 54º; May, 61º; June, 66º; July, 71º; August, 72º; September, 65º; and October, 57º

Where You’ll Stay

Excellent castle-hotel, Domaine de Joinville, built on a country estate with swimming pool, beauty salon, fitness room and free internet access.

What’s Included

  • Hotel accoomdations for 5 nights
  • Breakfasts & excellent 3-course dinners
  • 21-speed hybrid bicycle
  • Route descriptions & maps (one set per room)

What’s Not Included

  • Train ticket Paris to Eu - Le Tréport, ± $40
  • Use of fitness room at hotel: € 12 p.p. per day
TypeSelf Guided
Length6 days
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Tour Dates

Daily from March 1 to October 31, 2018

Skill Level

This Normandy bike tour is classified as an easy to moderate hotel based self guided tour with some steep climbs. You can choose how much you cycle each day with the various routes available.

Day-To-Day Itinerary

Northern Normandy Map

Various routes from Eu - Le Tréport:
A – North to Mers-les-Bains, 16 mi.
B – South to the castle of Cotelle, 37 mi.
C – Through valleys & to the Château de Blangy, 38 mi.
D – Along the coast & chalk cliffs, 29 or 45 mi.
E – The valleys of Yéres & Breste, 34 mi.

A - North to Mers-les-Bains, 16 mi.
After arrival, you’ll have the opportunity of exploring the towns of Le Tréport and Eu. In the port town of Le Tréport, you’ll be greeted with amazing views overlooking the sea and chalkstone cliffs. Northward, above the cliffs, sits the great Notre-Dame-de Falaise. You will cycle past many interesting attractions and can, for example, visit the museum in the former prison. On the other side of the harbor lies Mers-les-Bains with its unique villas from the art nouveau period. From here on, you ride to Bois-de-Cise, a beautiful forest-rich village, with once again impressive villas on the sea foreseen with scenic bike paths.

B - South to the castle of Cotelle, 37 mi.
The next route on this bicycle tour in France runs southwards along the reefs of the Canal. In Le Tréport, you’ll climb to the plateau above the chalk cliffs. First you’ll come to Mesnil-Val, where you’ll feel like you’re in England due to the many houses in the Victorian style. Further south, you’ll pass a few long drawn out agrarian villages. On the return leg, you’ll come across the gardens of Cotelle, with a 17th century castle. You’ll ride through the valley of the Yveres while making your way back to your castle-hotel via Eu.

C - Through valleys & to the Château de Blangy, 38 mi.
Route C runs over plateaus, through forests and quiet valleys. Along the way, you’ll regularly come across castles. Most of these, however, are privately owned. In Blangy, situated in the valley of the Bresne, you may visit the 16th century Château de Blangy that currently serves as a cultural center. Within the castle, you’ll also find a glass museum and geology museum. On the return leg, you’ll cycle for a stretch through the valley of the Bresle.

D - Along the coast & chalk cliffs, 29 or 45 mi.
Route D take you northwards. In Le Tréport, you’ll ride over the pedestrian bridge to Mers-les-Bains with its pretty villas. You can go to the Notre-Dame de Falaise, high up the chalkstone cliffs and further to the coastal town of Ault, where a noteworthy Romanesque church stands. Here also you have a great view overlooking the chalk cliffs on the sea. Through many agrarian villages, you’ll reach St. Blimont. By the church, you can lengthen the day’s route to St. Valery on the river de Somme. St. Valery is a lively harbor town with a chapel and an abbey around the towers of Guillaume in the old town center. Upon leaving St. Valery, you may decide to partake on a short round trip on a tourist train through the inlet of de Somme.

E - The valleys of Yéres & Breste, 34 mi.
Finally, there is also a route laid out through the valleys of the Yéres and the Breste. The Yéres is a virgin valley that runs parallel to the Bresle. You will ride through scenic villages, such as Cuverville and Sept-Meules. After a vivacious climb, you’ll cycle via Melleville and Guerville to the bustling town of Gamaches that sits picturesquely within the Breste valley. You’ll depart Gamaches and ride via quiet country roads back towards Eu.

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Customer Feedback

  • Kathryn K. 5 months ago

    We enjoyed the freedom of making our own decisions with our self-guided tour. We did not necessarily follow the maps and we chose to do completely different things on two days. The area was beautiful with a lot of different environments to enjoy. The hotel had wonderful staff who refused you nothing. The food was delicious and different. We were forced to use our French since there is very little English spoken in the area. We enjoyed the immersion into the community.

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