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Henry F.
5 years ago

Verified Reviewer

The Portugal scenery was amazing. But the best part of the trip was the care we received from the local service, Portugal Nature Trails. One of our party fell and broke a rib on the trip, and Sofia at Portugal Nature Trails was all over it. She arranged a trip to the hospital, for many additional taxis, and checked in with us regularly.
Not memorable: the hotel in Comporta. This hotel was not up to the standards of the other hotels, and the breakfast was extremely skimpy. So much so that we had to stop for another breakfast about an hour into our ride that morning. You should not use that hotel again.

6 years ago

Tripsite Staff

Hi everyone! This is Mary from Tripsite. I biked this tour in the fall of 2014 to check it out for all of you. The tour as written is 8% off road and I was challenged but rewarded with incredible cliff top views of the sea. (The tour can be adjusted for more on road riding if you prefer). One of my favorite memories: tackling a steep downhill, off road, I could hear this soft clanging of sorts that got louder and louder the closer I got to the base of the mountain. As I followed the path, I crossed a farmer's backyard, turned a corner, and there was a herd of sheep. The clanging sound were the sheep bells! It was an awesome moment I will never forget. I have to tell you that Portugal is now one of my favorite places! The people are unassuming and genuinely friendly. When I would bike into a town, I would wonder where the "touristy" cafes were...you know the places that overcharge for a coffee. What I found were real cafes and the locals sitting and sipping coffee or a beer. As far as the services, bikes were awesome, biking with a GPS is the way to go, scenery, spectacular!

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