Prague to Dresden - A Tale of Two Rivers

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Cycling along the Vltava and Elbe Rivers

Prague to Dresden - A Tale of Two Rivers Map

Maria Patricia Zambrano
2 months ago

Verified Reviewer

I did this tour with my daughter on july 2022
the tour was excellent and really enjoy it!! WONDERFULL
The day before our trip, we met Luca and he explained us everything about the bikes and how to get to each city following a map in a App using our cel phones ... (I think it will be better for the company to rent GPS instead of us using our phones... so we use them only to communicate, take photos , videos etc and dont run out of battery ... (We came prepared so we didnt had any problem because we had extra external batteries... but anyway )
While traveling wE could contact LUCA by WhattsApp and was very easy to reach... He is a great guy !!

The first day as we started from Prague to Melnik was ok ... but as the days went by, the scenery began to get better and better and more beautiful til the end in Dresden !! Traveling by bike through all this places is very easy end very enjoyable.. IS LIKE DREAMING
There are many places you can sit down Read More

Deanne S.
3 months ago

Verified Reviewer

We liked cycling by the river and seeing the beautiful sights. We were lost a couple of times so would have liked more detailed instructions.
We also liked the places we stopped for the night and some of the side trips like at Hrensko and Terezin.

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