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Road of 100 Castles - Münsterland Bike Tour

Germany, Netherlands Bike Tours

Bike the hills of Münsterland to the flats of Holland

  • The traditional German word "Pättkes" is used to describe the small paths leading slightly off the beaten track in the Münsterland region that people have been using for decades. On this bike tour in Germany and Holland, you will cycle through beautiful villages, pastures, with views of castles, baroque palaces, former courts and ancient country estates. This sparsely populated area of countryside, dotted with farms surrounded by stately oaks and characterised by flat fields, pastures and meadows, is like a giant park, harmoniously landscaped yet offering incredible variety. The history of this lovely region stretches right back to Roman times with a number of relics from a turbulent past. You will find something to suit every taste, at every age. At the end of the day, you can share your cycling tour highlights over a meal featuring excellent regional specialties and savor the hearty German beer!

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  • 7 Day Tour 

    Season 1Option AOption B
    Twin/double £ 524 $ 1,162 617 $ 930 NOK 5810 kr 5363 $ 697 £ 471 $ 1,043 554 $ 835 NOK 5217 kr 4816 $ 626
    Single room £ 673 $ 1,492 792 $ 1193 NOK 7458 kr 6884 $ 895 £ 608 $ 1,348 716 $ 1079 NOK 6742 kr 6224 $ 809
    Season 2  
    Twin/double £ 566 $ 1,254 666 $ 1003 NOK 6272 kr 5789 $ 753 £ 502 $ 1,113 591 $ 890 NOK 5565 kr 5137 $ 668
    Single room £ 715 $ 1,584 841 $ 1267 NOK 7919 kr 7310 $ 950 £ 640 $ 1,418 753 $ 1135 NOK 7091 kr 6545 $ 851


    8 Day Tour

    Season 1Option AOption B
    Twin/double £ 603 $ 1,337 710 $ 1070 NOK 6686 kr 6172 $ 802 £ 551 $ 1,220 648 $ 976 NOK 6102 kr 5633 $ 732
    Single room £ 752 $ 1,667 885 $ 1333 NOK 8334 kr 7693 $ 1,000 £ 676 $ 1,499 796 $ 1199 NOK 7496 kr 6919 $ 899
    Season 2  
    Twin/double £ 649 $ 1,439 764 $ 1151 NOK 7194 kr 6641 $ 863 £ 576 $ 1,277 678 $ 1022 NOK 6385 kr 5893 $ 766
    Single room £ 798 $ 1,768 939 $ 1415 NOK 8842 kr 8162 $ 1,061 £ 702 $ 1,556 826 $ 1245 NOK 7778 kr 7180 $ 933

    extra options

    Electric bicycle: £ 93 $ 207 110 $ 166 NOK 1036 kr 956 $ 124

    GPS rental with tracks (deposit): £ 42 $ 94 50 $ 75 NOK 471 kr 435 $ 57

    Extra nights in Münster (price is per person/night):

    Option A £ 58 $ 128 68 $ 102 NOK 640 kr 591 $ 77 Single room: £ 81 $ 179 95 $ 143 NOK 895 kr 826 $ 107 Option B £ 43 $ 96 51 $ 77 NOK 480 kr 443 $ 58   Single room: £ 72 $ 160 85 $ 128 NOK 800 kr 739 $ 96

    Child discounts are available


    please note

    Rates are per person based on double occupancy.

    Information to read before you book.

    We recommend purchasing bike trip insurance.

    Please see our FAQ.

  • Travel

    The most practical international airport to arrive to for your tour start in Münster is Düsseldorf (DUS). Another options is the smaller but closer Münster Osnabrueck International Airport (FMO).

    Local Travel

    Düsseldorf (DUS):
    There are two train stations in the Düsseldorf Airport, both inter city and regional. Train travel is approximately 1 1/2 hours and cost about €20. Taxi to first hotel. Münster Osnabrueck International Airport (FMO) Bus to Münster City Center. Travel time is 45 minutes. Cost is approx. €7.60. Taxi to first hotel.


    Please check local conditions before arrival. Average temperatures for the area in °F are: April, 46°; May, 53°; June:,60°; July, 62°; August, 62°; September, 57°; and October, 50°


    On request, you will be provided with a GPS device from Garmin for the entire duration of your trip. All day trips are stored on the device. Instead of reading the map and written directions, “simply” follow the route shown on the preset device. You will receive the device, together with a short briefing, at the reception desk of your initial hotel. A security deposit of 50€ is required for the device.

Tour Dates

7 day tour:

Every Saturday from April 20 to September 28, 2019

Season 1: April 20 to May 4 and September 21 to September 28, 2019
Season 2: May 11 to September 14, 2019

8 day tour

Every Saturday and Sunday from April 20 to September 29, 2019
Season 1: April 20 to May 5 and September 21 to September 29, 2019
Season 2: May 11 to September 15, 2019

Special departure dates can be arranged for groups of at least 6.

Skill Level

The Münsterland is crisscrossed by well-maintained bicycle paths and small roads that are suitable for cycling. Also, forest paths, hiking trails and roads are built into the cycle network and offer a great variety in the saddle. You cycle along the typical "Pättkes" , mostly on flat paved roads and sometimes on forest and hiking trails. The right trail through Münsterlands parks you will find for sure because it is the first region in Europe that consistently signposted its cycling network with over 4,500-km of bike trails. There are more than 3,000 direction signs and 15,000 small signs on the route guiding you on your way.

Where You’ll Stay

Option A: Great 3 & 4 star hotels and B&B’s.
Option B: Very nice 2 & 3 star hotels and B&B’s.

What’s Included

  • Accommodations in double room with private bath
  • Breakfast
  • 21 speed bicycle
  • Luggage transfer
  • Detailed route description with maps, including tourist information
  • Sign posted route
  • Tips for tour preparation

What’s Not Included

Extra Stay

Additional nights possible in Münster before or after tour.

TypeSelf Guided
Length7–8 days
From554 Rates
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Day-To-Day Itinerary

Road of 100 Castles - Münsterland Map

7 Day Tour

Day 1: Arrival in Münster
Day 2: Münster - Billerbeck, 20 mi. (33 km)
Day 3: Billerbeck round trip, 28 mi. (45 km)
Day 4: Billerbeck - Lüdinghausen, 27 mi. (43 km)
Day 5: Lüdinghausen round trip, 54 mi. (44 km)
Day 6: Lüdinghausen - Münster, 24 mi. (39 km)
Day 7: Departure from Münster

Day 1: Arrival in Münster
Münster, a worthwhile starting point and destination of this tour lures with old gabled houses, art museums, the cathedral, the Peace Hall, the principal market, Lake Aa, with the castle and many traditional student pubs. Come early and take a tour by bike in the city center of Münster. (Parking spaces available at the hotel, arrival by train is possible.)

Day 2: Münster - Billerbeck, 20 mi. (33 km)
Walk around the old town of Münster on the famous promenade, past the castle before you cycle out of the city in the green Münsterland parkland. Take a worthwhile break on "Rüschhaus House" with the Droste-Hulshoff Museum and castle Hülshoff with extensive park system.Visit Havixbeck the interesting sandstone museum and make a stop in one of the lovely cafes and beer gardens along the way. The highest peak in the whole Münsterland is the Longinusturm, with its fantastic panoramic view - a real highlight at this stage. Then look forward to Billerbeck that is nestled in the mountain range of Baumberge and features medieval streets.

Day 3: Billerbeck round trip, 28 mi. (45 km)
Through lovely parkland of Westmünsterland you will cycle to the enchanting castle Darfeld and the chateau Varlar, which are both inhabited private. Sparse forests accompany you to the beautiful city of Coesfeld. Visit the worth seeing Lamberti church on the central square in the old core and take a break in the quaint local pub brewery Stephanus. In the afternoon you reach the foothills of the Baumerge, you pass lonely lying farms and finally you cycle along the Berkel back to Billerbeck.

Day 4: Billerbeck - Lüdinghausen, 27 mi. (43 km)
There is much to see on this day! Visit Equip the picturesque place Nottuln with its historic Baroque center, whose Stiftsplatz is considered one of the most beautiful places in the Münster region. Visit the oldest blue printing plant in Westphalia and watch the production of blankets and curtains. Then you continue the famous "Castle Route" and cycle through open fields and meadows to the castle Senden, passing castle Kakesbeck to Lüdinghausen with its medieval fortress 'Burg Vischering'. This belongs with its drawbridge, the castle and the worth seeing Münsterland Museum to the best preserved and most beautiful castles in Germany! Not only the associated Castle Cafe invites for an enjoyable stay, but also the remarkable facilities.

Day 5: Lüdinghausen round trip, 54 mi. (44 km)
Get excited for an other highlight of your trip. After a few kilometers you will reach castle Nordkirchen that has the promising epithet "the Westphalian Versailles". Not only the precious interior with ornate plaster ceilings, the precious paintings, the tall columns, the black marble fireplaces are worth seeing, but also the extensive park with its beautiful gardens and the Orangery. Also the pheasant and the Oranienburg want to be discovered. Then you cycle to Selm, where the beach on Ternscher See lures with excellent water quality for swimming and sun terrace to linger. After refreshing you bike in the afternoon on the "Castle Route" route back to Lüdinghausen.

Day 6: Lüdinghausen - Münster, 24 mi. (39 km)
This morning, following the famous "Pättkes" through the typical parkland up to the small town Ottmarsbocholt, that proudly presents its historic grain windmill. On the "Castle Route" you cycle to the Dortmund-Ems Canal, that is the largest stretch of water through the Munsterland and leads you now to Münster. Enjoy the last few kilometers of the trip through the "Old Port" of the city, which in recent years become the most popular meetingplaces for students due to a multitude of restaurants. Have the cycling day come to an end and immerse yourself into the bustling life of the charming city.

Day 7: Departure from Münster
With many memories and impressions the bike tours through the heart of the Münsterland ends after breakfast at the hotel.

8 Day Tour 

Day 1: Arrival in Münster
Day 2: Münster - Schöppingen, 51 km
Day 3: Schöppingen - Zwillbrock, 60 km
Day 4: Zwillbrock - Raesfeld, 60 km
Day 5: Raesfeld - Coesfeld, 51 km 
Day 6:
Coesfeld - Lüdinghausen, 52 km
Day 7: Lüdinghausen - Münster, 55 km
Day 8: Departure from Münster

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  • Don Shields 7 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    My wife and I did this tour with our two young children. I rode a tandem with a tag along so the our two kids had my leading through the ride. We had a wonderful time, and the help we received in booking the right family accommodation was fabulous. I highly recommend this tour as a family

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