Road of 100 Castles - Münsterland

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Castles and charm on a bike tour in Germany

Road of 100 Castles - Münsterland Map

Don Shields
10 years ago

Verified Reviewer

My wife and I did this tour with our two young children. I rode a tandem with a tag along so the our two kids had my leading through the ride. We had a wonderful time, and the help we received in booking the right family accommodation was fabulous. I highly recommend this tour as a family

Elizabeth T.
3 years ago

Verified Reviewer

1. There were only about 10 castles on the tour. Most of the castles were not open to the public to visit.
2. The maps and written instructions given to us upon arrival were in German which we do not know. There was an option to download these instructions onto a smart phone but we were not given this information until on day 3 of the tour. We had made no provisions to attach a smart phone to our bike and protect it from the weather.
3. The scenery was pleasant for a few days but became boring as there was not much difference each day.

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