Saint Moritz to Lake Garda E-Bike Tour

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Guided electric bike tour in Switzerland’s Alpine landscape

Cheryl Smith
5 months ago

Verified Reviewer

This is my 6 th European cycle tour in two years. Overpriced and overbooked. Avoid this shameless money grab at all costs. An enormous motor coach with limited access to parking lots and some tour stops replaced the advertised support van. Thus, Zero ability to stop during an accident or transport an injured rider—- which happened twice. There were no picnic lunches provided. We were handed a cheese/cured meat sandwich with optional banana/apple and choice of energy bars every morning. Meals provided were high-carb, low cost— as sub standard as the accommodations. Our last hotel provided rooms with, I kid you not, two flights of stairs within the room. At least it had an elevator. Many of the places we stayed did not. At first, we were expected to transfer our own luggage to/from the bus and back. As well as our e-bike batteries and chargers. The last few nights our luggage was actually taken to our rooms— a huge relief. When heavy rains set in and I asked Read More

Carla from Tripsite
4 months ago

Tripsite Staff

Hi Cheryl,
First and foremost, thank you for your patronage and as well, taking the time to provide feedback on your recent bike tour with us. I'm truly sorry to hear the tour did not meet your expectations, and I appreciate the detailed account of the issues you faced.
Interaction with the Owner: We deeply regret that you felt uncomfortable during your interaction with the owner. We have a long standing relationship with this owner, and I've sent hundreds of guests traveling with her, so needless to say I am very surprised there was such an uncomfortable interaction.
Overbooking & Pricing: It's disheartening to hear that you felt the tour was overpriced and overbooked. We strive to provide the best value and experiences for our participants. Note that this tour is structured a bit differently than some of the other tours you have participated in the past, which does account for more costs.
Support Vehicle: The safety of our participants is our Read More

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