Cheb, Czech Republic. Photo via Flickr:Berndt Thaller

Astronomical Clock in Old Town Square in Prague, Czech Republic. Photo via Flickr:Traveltipy
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Spa Triangle and Prague Bike Tour

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  • Come and bike in Prague; the land of healing springs, rich history, breathtaking scenery, and openhearted people. This bike tour in the Czech Republic begins in Western Bohemia, an atmosphere like no other with numerous spa towns, remarkable historical sites, and beautiful scenery. You will be able to see the unique Reliquary of St. Maura from the 13th century, located in Becov nad Teplou. Other sights worth seeing are include the bizzare complex of 11 houses called "Spalicek" and the unique imperial castle with the massive town fortification and famous chapel and visit the town of Cheb. You will also have a chance to taste the healing springs in the fairytale-like spa towns and castles from the 19th century. Most of the time, you will be biking through a magnificent nature of the Slavkovsky Forest and through the valley of the Ohre River. An overall highlight of this tour that makes it so unique is the beer spa, which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

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  • Guided  $ 1645 £ 857 $ 1,480 995 $ 1708 kr 10702 $ 1,125

    Single supplement: $ 223 £ 116 $ 201 135 $ 232 kr 1452 $ 153

    High season supplement (April 15 - June 15 + September 1 - October 15): $ 17 £ 9 $ 15 10 $ 17 kr 108 $ 11


    Standard: $ 1116 £ 581 $ 1,004 675 $ 1159 kr 7260 $ 763

    Single Supplement: $ 223 £ 116 $ 201 135 $ 232 kr 1452 $ 153

    Premium: $ 1389 £ 723 $ 1,249 840 $ 1442 kr 9035 $ 950

    Single Supplement: $ 265 £ 138 $ 238 160 $ 275 kr 1721 $ 181

    High season supplement (April 15 - June 15 + September 1 - October 15): $ 17 £ 9 $ 15 10 $ 17 kr 108 $ 11

    extra options

    Electric bicycle rental: $ 116 £ 60 $ 104 70 $ 120 kr 753 $ 79

    Pre-tour meeting in Karlovy Vary (per group): $ 132 £ 69 $ 119 80 $ 137 kr 860 $ 90

    Dinners included in standard hotels: $ 119 £ 62 $ 107 72 $ 124 kr 774 $ 81

    Dinners included in premium hotels: $ 189 £ 98 $ 170 114 $ 196 kr 1226 $ 129


    Extra nights
    Low season (June 16 to August 31):

    Standard accommodations: 
    Twin/double: € 40
    Single: € 75 

    Premium accommodations: 
    Twin/double: € 63
    Single: € 94

    High season (April 15 to June 15 + September 1 to October 15):
    Standard accommodations: 
    Twin/double: € 50
    Single: € 95 

    Premium accommodations: 
    Twin/double: € 72
    Single: € 113


    Standard accommodations: 
    Twin/double: € 40

    Premium accommodations: 
    Twin/double: € 60


    Private Transfer Karlsbad-Prague (1-2 people) $ 91 £ 47 $ 82 55 $ 94 kr 592 $ 62 Private Transfer Karslbad-Prague  (3-4 people) $ 66 £ 34 $ 59 40 $ 69 kr 430 $ 45 Private Transfer Karslbad-Prague  (5+ people) $ 58 £ 30 $ 52 35 $ 60 kr 376 $ 40 Prague Airport to hotel (1-3 people) $ 50 £ 26 $ 45 30 $ 51 kr 323 $ 34 Prague Airport -Hotel transfer (4-8 people) $ 66 £ 34 $ 59 40 $ 69 kr 430 $ 45 Prague Main train station to Hotel (1-3 people) $ 41 £ 22 $ 37 25 $ 43 kr 269 $ 28 Prague Main train station to Hotel (4-8 people) $ 50 £ 26 $ 45 30 $ 51 kr 323 $ 34


    Guided bike tour of Prague:
    2 people: $ 74 £ 39 $ 67 45 $ 77 kr 484 $ 51

    4 people: $ 66 £ 34 $ 59 40 $ 69 kr 430 $ 45

    6 people: $ 58 £ 30 $ 52 35 $ 60 kr 376 $ 40

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    Rates are per person based on double occupancy.

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  • Travel

    Fly to Prague.

    Local Travel

    Transfer to first hotel.


    Average high temp in °F for Prague is: May 64º, June 69º, July 72º, August 73º, September 65º, and October 54º.


    Extra nights in Prague


    It is possible to extend your trip with extra nights! You can also add a guided tour of Prague. Please ask us for additional details!

Where You’ll Stay

Accommodations in City Standard or Premium Hotels

What’s Included

  • Hotel accommodations for 6 nights
  • Breakfasts
  • Detailed maps and route descriptions
  • Pretour briefing
  • 24-speed bicycle with helmet, handlebar bag, pannier, mud guards, and bike bell
  • Luggage transportation
  • Telephone support
  • Guided only
  • Dinners
  • Tour guide
  • Support vehicle

What’s Not Included

  • Individual arrival and departure to/from Prague
  • Lunches and dinners (dinners included only in guided tour)
  • Entrance to beer spa
  • Extension in Prague (day 6)
  • Bicycle Protection
  • Travel Insurance

Extra Stay

Extra nights in Prague possible.

Length7 days
From675 Rates
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Tour Dates

Guided: June 2 and July 14, 2019
Self-guided: Arrival possible daily from May 1 to October 15, 2019

Skill Level

This is a moderate guided or self-guided hotel tour. Total distance cycle is 243 km over rolling hills.

Day-To-Day Itinerary

Spa Triangle and Prague Map

Day 1: Arrival to Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad)
Day 2: Karlovy Vary loop, 19 - 44 mi. (30 - 70 km)
Day 3: Karlovy Vary - Frantiskovy lazne, 38 mi. (62 km)
Day 4: Frantiskovy Lazne Spa and Iron Curtain trails loop, 10 - 37 mi. (15 - 60 km)
Day 5: Frantiskovy Lazne - Marianske Lazne, 31 mi. (50 km)
Day 6: Marianske Lazne - Chodova Plana - Mariánské Lázně, 34 mi. (55 km)
Day 7: Mariánské Lázně - Karlovy Vary (Prague), 27 mi. (43 or 70  km)

*All distances are approximate.

Day 1: Arrival to Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad)
The first day of this bike tour will begin with your arrival to Karlovy Vary. This 14th-century town, founded by Emperor Karel IV, is the largest spa center in the Czech Republic. The town is known primarily for its 12 healing springs, the Becherovka liquor, and world-famous china/porcelain. An early arrival is recommended, so that there will be time enough to spend on the colonnade or for a short hike with wonderful view over the town! On request a transfer by car or bus can be organized from Prague (130 km). - This transfer is free of charge for fully guided trips and tours with luggage transfer included!

Day 2: Karlovy Vary loop, 19 - 44 mi. (30 - 70km)
Today is full of options! You can spend the day in Karlovy Vary, famous for its hot springs. 650 years of experience has brought the local unique spa treatments to the point of perfection. Karlovy Vary is also unique for it's colorful and whimsical architecture. You can also take a short ride to Andělská Hora, a village that is overlooked by the ruins of a gorgeous castle. Use the bike trail along the Ohře river to explore other small villages and castles. 

Day 3: Karlovy Vary - Frantiskovy lazne, 38 mi. (62 km)
Today you'll start from Karlovy Vary and bike through the amazingly beautiful Ohre river valley. The day leads you along a newly built cycling trail through the Slavkov Forest nature preserve and the stunning Svatosske Skaly rock formations. Following the river, you arrive in Loket with its stunning 14th-century castle. Next stop is the town Sokolov with a nice chateau and town center originating in the 13th century. Refreshments abound along the route, but the Kynsperk brewery or the coffee Mostov's small chateau are highlights. Today's last stop is the spa town of Frantiskovy Lazne (Franzesbad), a 19th-century spa town built by the emperor Franz I.  This regal town still maintains the atmosphere of the golden age of spas. Immerse yourself and enjoy the waters after a long biking day!

Day 4: Frantiskovy Lazne Spa and Iron Curtain trails loop, 10 - 37 mi. (15 - 60km)
Today's program is quite flexible as you will stay here for two nights, so those more interested in the spa can relax the whole day and enjoy the treatments! For those who decide to bike instead, we can recommend loops up to 70 km. For centuries this area stood as the border between the Holy Roman Empire and the Czech kingdom. Thanks to this fact, the day's ride will be full of castles, fortresses, and chateaux, many accurately restored so the whole trip looks like a journey through "Old Europe“ - which it is! Part of the day will also trace the borders of the Iron Curtain, a reminder of the Cold War. Should you desire, a short trip to Germany reveals the recently restored Hohenberg castle, where the German people expelled from Czechoslovakia after World War II have their cultural center.

Day 5: Frantiskovy Lazne - Marianske Lazne, 31 mi. (50 km)
Just a couple of kilometers from Frantiskovy Lazne, you will reach the town of Cheb. For centuries, this town was the gate between the Holy Roman Empire and Czech kingdom. This beautiful town is without doubt the most "German" place in the Czech Republic, highlighted by the 13th-century merchant house, "Špalíček" and the imperial castle, unique in the Czech Republic. It was the favorite residency of the emperor Friedrich Barbarossa and contains a striking Romanesque chapel. From Cheb, you bike on car-free roads through small villages that attest to the centuries-old influence of the German people. On the way, you will visit a Marian Loretto pilgrimage church and a chateau in Stary Hroznatov. The last stop on the way is the opulent chateau Kynzvart, built by Counselor Clemmens Metternich in the 19th-century as his representative seat. Today, its architecture makes an elegant café stop. Just a few kilometers on, we reach our final stop of the day – the spa town of Marianske Lazne. Take time to soak those muscles in the spas' healing waters.

Day 6: Marianske Lazne - Chodova Plana - Mariánské Lázně, 34 mi. (55 km)
In the morning, you can conquer the climb or opt for the ski lift! Once on top, you will bike along small roads to the Tepla monastery dating back to 12th century. Admire the monastery church and the library with some 80,000 books from all eras. From here, you will continue through the mild forests and meadows of the Slavkovsky Forest area to Chodova Plana. This small town hides a nice brewery and a real beer spa! Should you desire, you can experience the local beer (Chodovar) with all the senses! After tasting the beer, you will finish the loop back to Mariánské Lázně.

Day 7: Mariánské Lázně - Karlovy Vary (Prague), 27 mi. (43 or 70  km)
Today, you will enter the Slavkov Forest nature preserve to discover its hot springs and other curiosities. In the village of Krasno, you can enjoy tower-top views and learn a lot about the town's history in its mining museum. From there, you will bike to the town of Becov nad Teplou, it's chateau the hiding place of the famous St. Maura reliquiary. It is one of the most important and valuable historical items of the country and of all Middle Ages Europe! From Becov, you can either take a transfer to Karlovy Vary, bike the remaining distance, or simply take a transfer to Prague. It is your decision in which of the two cities you spend your last evening of the tour.

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Tour Reviews

  • Diane I. 3 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    Most memorable: The rolling hills and how all the natural beauty was so breathtaking that I hardly even minded when I had to pedal through the rain.

    Suggestions: The provided breakfasts were varied. However, if you're vegan or vegetarian, head to some grocery stores or pack protein bars; it's definitely a country with a meat-based diet.

    This is an absolutely gorgeous tour! The route is planned really well to give you a variety of things to do. The scenery is utterly picturesque, full of rolling hills, idyllic pastures full of cattle and wheat and wildflowers. If you're into architecture, you can see Medieval castles along nearly every path and you can marvel at the influence of different cultures when it comes to town centers. Want to take it easy and go to some hot springs for relaxing baths? There's time for that. Don't want to go up some really tough hills? Take a ski lift. What's that? You *do* want more biking? Great, head on Read more… over to Germany! Because you stay the night in the same place a couple of times, you have flexibility with the loops you take. You can pick your own form of relaxation, whether that's at a spa or in the saddle.

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