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Karen W.
1 month ago

Verified Reviewer

A wonderful way to experience the Netherlands! The towns and countryside are great to explore by bicycle. This being my first trip to the Netherlands, it was interesting to see so many varied landscapes when my pre-trip impression of the country was just canals and flat land between cities. It was so much more....beautiful forested areas full of songbirds, huge sandy beaches, interesting agricultural regions....and the TOWNS! So much history and charm. Wonderful people too.

My one suggestion for others would be to navigate the bike paths and lanes in the same way you would in your car on the road: Keep right unless passing, pay attention at intersections, make sure to know the signage and lane marks, look both ways before pulling out into traffic, etc.. Netherlands is truly heaven for bike riders, but you do need to pay attention because there are so many riders everywhere.

Debra S.
2 months ago

Verified Reviewer

The itinerary was fabulous! It was perfect for our level of activity interest; the directions were easy to follow and the bikes were perfect. Our hotels were great and we were very happy to have our luggage arrive before us; one hotel even put the luggage in the room for us.

The suggestion to be in Gouda on Thursday was perfect - we absolutely loved the cheese market! We modified our cycling on that day to fit the weather and interest, so the flexibility in our schedule was an additional bonus for this sort of trip.

I'm so glad we planned to stay over night in our first city, as it gave us the opportunity to explore before cycling off to the next spot. I would recommend that anyone taking this tour also plan to spend the night of the last day of cycling in the destination city as well, as it was very relaxing on the other days to put the bikes away, rest and explore which was not an option for the last day. Also note that anyone taking this sort of tour should Read More

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