Lovely town of Rothenburg. Photo via Creative Commons: Berthold Werner

Bavarian beer, of course! Photo via Flickr:digitalmagicphotography
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Tauber River Valley Romantic Road

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Bike from Würzburg to Donauwörth

  • Germany’s famous Romantische Strasse covers some of Europe’s most beautiful and interesting trails where old-world charm and tradition run deep and well-preserved medieval towns line the route. Würzburg is the perfect starting point for this tour, known for its great Baroque architecture. Scenically situated along the Main River, Würzburg has one of the country’s greatest palaces and is the center of the Franconian wine region. Its 15th century Alte Mainbrücke (Germany’s 2nd oldest stone bridge) contains many religious statues of note.

    Further on, the tour runs along a forest path through the Steinbach Valley and along the Aalbach River. Worth seeing in Dertingen is the beautiful Gothic fortress-church. In the romantic river town of Wertheim, the Tauber and Main Rivers meet. Wertheim is well-known for its castle, wine, and medieval town center. Bad Mergentheim is known for its lively Renaissance market place as well as the medieval castle Deutschordenschloss with the accompanying Baroque Castle Church whoso Rococo interior includes elaborate frescos.

    One of the great highlights of this bicyle tour in Germany will be the picturesque town of Rothenburg, which is said to epitomize the Romanesque style. Discover the old town and Saint Jakob’s Church with its famous wooden altar made by Riemenschneider. This world famous medieval town (considered one of Europe’s best-preserved) is surrounded by amazingly intact 13th century city walls with numerous gates and towers, including the Markus Tower. Tour the town with the traditional night watchman, and don’t forget the great Franconian wines and beers!

    Next is a ride through the idyllic Wörnitz Valley to the enchanting town of Dinkelsbühl, which is much like a fairytale land with its quaint cobblestone streets dotted with 16th century houses. The medieval city walls and towers date back to the 10th century. Nördlingen has Germany’s only fully conserved town wall to walk on, and you can enjoy a magnificent view from the 90m high bell tower of Saint George’s Church. The town is known mainly for the meteorite that landed here some 15 million years ago that left a crater (known as the Ries) at least half a mile in diameter. At last, the tour ends in Donauwörth, which lies at the mouth of the Wörnitz as it joins the Danube River. It has splendid imperial streets with impressive old buildings and a lovely town square.

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  •  Category ACategory B
    5 day tour from Würzburg £ 393 $ 699 480 NOK 4720 kr 4357 $ 566 £ 348 $ 619 425 NOK 4179 kr 3858 $ 502
    Single room £ 471 $ 838 575 NOK 5654 kr 5219 $ 679 £ 426 $ 758 520 NOK 5113 kr 4720 $ 614
    Dinners included £ 84 $ 150 103 NOK 1013 kr 935 $ 122 £ 64 $ 114 78 NOK 767 kr 708 $ 92
     Category ACategory B
    5 day tour from Rothenburg ob der Tauber £ 389 $ 692 475 NOK 4671 kr 4312 $ 561 £ 369 $ 656 450 NOK 4425 kr 4085 $ 531
    Single room £ 483 $ 860 590 NOK 5802 kr 5355 $ 696 £ 463 $ 823 565 NOK 5556 kr 5128 $ 667
    Dinners included £ 82 $ 146 100 NOK 983 kr 908 $ 118 £ 66 $ 117 80 NOK 787 kr 726 $ 94
      Category ACategory B
    8 Day tour £ 623 $ 1,107 760 NOK 7473 kr 6898 $ 897 £ 557 $ 991 680 NOK 6687 kr 6172 $ 802
    Single room £ 770 $ 1,369 940 NOK 9243 kr 8532 $ 1,109 £ 705 $ 1,253 860 NOK 8457 kr 7806 $ 1,015
    Dinners included £ 144 $ 256 176 NOK 1731 kr 1598 $ 208 £ 107 $ 189 130 NOK 1278 kr 1180 $ 153

    extra options

    Electric bicycle rental: £ 82 $ 146 100 NOK 983 kr 908 $ 118

    Electric bicycle rental 5-day tour: £ 57 $ 102 70 NOK 688 kr 635 $ 83

    Bus transfers (Must be reserved in advance. Price is per person including own bicycle):

    Rothenberg to Würzburg (daily departure at approximately 10:30 AM, min. 2 participants):  £ 49 $ 87 60 NOK 590 kr 545 $ 71

    Donauwörth/Rain to Würzburg (daily departure at approximately 9 AM, min. 4 participants): £ 56 $ 99 68 NOK 669 kr 617 $ 80

    Donauwörth/Rain to Rothenburg (daily departure at approximately 9 AM, min. 4 participants): £ 46 $ 82 56 NOK 551 kr 508 $ 66

    Extra nights (price is per person/night):

    Category A
    Würzburg: £ 59 $ 105 72 NOK 708 kr 654 $ 85 Single room: £ 85 $ 152 104 NOK 1023 kr 944 $ 123

    Rothenburg o.d. Tauber: £ 48 $ 86 59 NOK 580 kr 536 $ 70 Single room: £ 71 $ 127 87 NOK 856 kr 790 $ 103

    Donauwörth: £ 56 $ 99 68 NOK 669 kr 617 $ 80 Single supplement: £ 86 $ 153 105 NOK 1033 kr 953 $ 124

    Category B

    Würzburg: £ 52 $ 92 63 NOK 620 kr 572 $ 74 Single room: £ 75 $ 134 92 NOK 905 kr 835 $ 109

    Rothenburg o.d. Tauber: £ 44 $ 79 54 NOK 531 kr 490 $ 64 Single room: £ 69 $ 122 84 NOK 826 kr 762 $ 99

    Donauwörth: £ 50 $ 89 61 NOK 600 kr 554 $ 72 Single supplement: £ 75 $ 133 91 NOK 895 kr 826 $ 107

    please note

    Rates are per person based on double occupancy.

    Information to read before you book.

    We recommend purchasing bike trip insurance.

    Please see our FAQ.

  • Travel

    Fly to Frankfurt.

    Local Travel

    Train from Frankfurt airport to Würzburg, 1-2 hr.


    Average high/low temperature in °F for Würzburg is approx. 56/39 in Apr; 65/47 May; 70/53 June; 74/56 July; 75/56 August & 67/50 September.


    Tour is also available as 5 days/4 nights from Würzburg to Rothenburg or from Rothenburg to Donauwörth. Please call or email for further details.

Where You’ll Stay

Category A: Comfortable middle class hotels
Category B: Good hotels and inns

What’s Included

  • Hotel accommodations for 4 or 7 nights
  • Breakfasts
  • Luggage transportation
  • English route descriptions with German map (route book)
  • 7 speed bike with back pedal break or 21/24 speed bicycle with free wheel equipped with pannier
  • Guided tour with the night watchman in Rothenberg
  • GPS data on request
  • Service hotline

What’s Not Included

  • Remaining meals
  • Bus transfers
  • Bicycle protection
  • Trip insurance

Extra Stay

Extra nights are possible!

TypeSelf Guided
Length5–8 days
From420 Rates
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Tour Dates

Arrival possible daily from April 8 to October 2, 2018

Skill Level

Easy to moderate self-guided hotel tour. Cycling distances range from 19 to 30 miles, with an average of 28 miles a day over 6 days. Routes are well marked, and consist of flat terrain with hills scattered throughout.

Day-To-Day Itinerary

Tauber River Valley Romantic Road Map

Day 1: Arrival in Würzburg
Day 2: Würzburg - Wertheim, 28 mi. (46 km)
Day 3: Wertheim – Bad Mergentheim, 30 mi. (48 km)
Day 4: Bad Mergentheim - Rothenburg, 33 mi. (53 km)
Day 5: Rothenburg – Dinkelsbühl,  36 mi. (60 km)
Day 6: Dinkelsbühl – Nördlingen, 23 mi. (37 km)
Day 7: Nördlingen – Donauwörth, 39 mi. (63 km)
Day 8: Departure from Donauwörth.

Day 1: Würzburg
The starting point of your journey is the residence town of Würzburg. With its splendid buildings, including the residence and fortress Marienburg, the town became world-famous. There lived great artists such as: Balthasar Neumann, Tilman Riemenschneider and Tiepolo. Enjoy the charm of this town that lies among vineyards at the Main-riverside, and experience the romantic wine rooms. Your overnight stay is in Würzburg.

Day 2: Würzburg - Wertheim, approx. 28 mi. (46 km)
Today you'll leave Würzburg on a woody path through the Steinbach Valley, and cycle through small villages and along the picturesque Aalbach. Near Bettingen, you'll finally reach the Main. Definitely worth seeing is the Gothic fortress-church with the Saint Mary's altar at Dertingen. Now there are only a few kilometers left until Wertheim. This small town between Spessert and Odenwald is located picturesquely at the mouth of the Tauber as it runs into the Main. The beautiful castle ruin made of striking red sandstone lies high above the old city. In the evening, enjoy the romantic atmosphere of this Gothic town. Overnight stay is in Wertheim.

Day 3: Wertheim - Bad Mergentheim, approx. 30 mi. (48 km)
Today you'll leave the Main and bike further on through the Tauber valley. You will have both pure nature and art-historical sights of a thousand year-old history. For instance, Balthasar Neumann became the artist of bridge-building of the Tauber Valley. Through many bends, the river runs in the direction of Gamburg. A little later, you'll arrive at Tauberbischofsheim with it's great castle. This town has an interesting history that you can easily see from its many great buildings and monuments. From now on, you'll be following the Romantic Road Street to Bad Mergentheim, your overnight stay.

Day 4: Bad Mergentheim - Rothenburg ob der Tauber, approx. 32 mi. (53 km)
First of all, you should plan a visit to the lively and friendly town of Bad Mergentheim. It has a pretty renaissance market place surrounded by incredible buildings. Nearby, you can visit a castle with a museum. Soon after leaving Bad Mergentheim, you can visit the water fortress of Weikersheim with its Rococo-style park. At Creglingen, you should definitely take the time to visit the well-known Saint Mary's altar of Tilmann Riemenschneider. Finally there's the highlight of your journey, Rothenburg. Stroll around through this world famous Gothic town that is surrounded by thick walls with seven doors. During the evening hours, you will enjoy a tour with the "watchman" in Rothenbug.   

Day 5: Rothenburg ob der Tauber - Dinkelsbühl, approx. 36 mi. (60 km) 
​The next destination of your journey is Schillingsfürst with a very nice Baroque Castle. Before you get there, there's a small ascent to cover. Cycling through Zumhaus with its Bicycle Musuem and Feuchtwangen, you will then reach the day's destination, Dinkelsbühl. This town lies in the idyllic Wörnitz Valley. There's a beautiful market place as well as some quaint traditional restaurants to visit. Something special at Dinkelsbühl is the night watchman.

Day 6: Dinkelsbühl - Nördlingen, approx. 23 mi. (37 km)
Today you will ride through a region of special geographical interest, namely the Nördlinger Ries. Fifteen million years ago, there was a meteorite 1200 meters in diameter that impacted the area, and left a crater of 20 to 25 kilometers in diameter. The destination of this stage is Nördlingen, which has Germany's only fully-conserved town wall to walk on. You can enjoy the view of Saint George's church from a bell tower of 90 meters high. For those who are geologically interested, there's the Crater Museum. Overnight stay is at Nördlingen.

Day 7: Nördlingen - Donauwörth, approx. 39 mi. (63 km)
On today's route, you'll leave behind the Ries region and bike through the beautiful Wörnitz Valley. You'll pass Harburg, whose old fortress lies high above the valley. Then, you'll reach Donauwörth at the mouth of the Wörnitz as it enters the Danube. An essential part of the town is the splendid imperial street with impressing buildings, one beside the next. Another special attraction of this town is the Käthe-Kruse Puppet Museum. Overnight stay is in Donauwörth.

Day 8: Individual departure.
Departure following breakfast.

5 Day Option from Würzburg

Day 1: Arrival in Würzburg
You start your tour in the old Franconian city Würzburg. The town is famous for its many spectacular old buildings. Renowned artists like Balthasar Neumann, Tilman Riemenschneider and Tiepolo lived and worked here. Enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the town, beautifully situated among vineyards on the banks of the Main, and get to know the Franconian Joie de Vivre in one of the romantic wine bars. You spend the night in Würzburg. 

Day 2: Würzburg - Wertheim, 28 mi. (46 km)
You leave Würzburg on forested trails along the valley of the Steinbach river and bike through small villages beside the Aalbach river. The medieval fortified church in Dertingen has a beautiful altar which is worth a visit. You reach the Main River in Bettingen. From here it is only a short way to Wertheim: The small city is located between the hills of Spessart and Odenwald forests, where the Tauber joins the Main. A charming ruined castle built out of red sandstone sits majestically above the small, narrow alley of the historical town center. Enjoy the romantic atmosphere of this medieval town during a relaxed evening. You spend the night in Wertheim. 

Day 3: Wertheim -Bad Mergentheim, 30 mi. (48 km)
Today you leave the Main and continue into the Tauber Valley. This region combines beautiful countryside with art-historical relicts from over 1000 years of history. Balthasar Neumann is one of the area’s many artists and is known as the “Master Bridge Builder of the Tauber Valley”. The river follows a winding path before arriving in Tauberbischofsheim. The “Kurmainzische Schloss”, a pretty castle with thick walls and impressive towers, is a silent witness to the interesting history of the town. Numerous monuments and old buildings show architectural influences from several different ages. From here you take the Romantic Road to Bad Mergentheim, where you spend the night. 

Day 4: Bad Mergentheim - Rothenburg ob der Tauber, 32 mi. (53 km)
You spend the morning in Bad Mergentheim, a lively and friendly spa town. The renaissance market square is surrounded by grand old town houses. Shortly after Bad Mergentheim, you pass the Weikersheim Palace with its lovely baroque park. Then you continue to Creglingen where you can see the famous altar to Mary by Tilman Riemenschneider. Finally, you cycle onwards through the charming Tauber Valley to Rothenburg. Just before midnight the Rothenburg night watchman offers guided tours of the city (included in tour price). He has many exciting stories to tell about life in the Middle Ages! You spend the night in Rothenburg. 

Day 5: Individual departure

5 Day Option from Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Day 1: Rothenburg ob der Tauber
You start your tour in charming Rothenburg ob der Tauber. The town is an excellent example of German romance and boasts a historical town center with many beautiful medieval buildings which are surrounded by 2 impressive city walls. The famous carved altar by Tilman Riemenschneider in the Church of St. Jakob is a must-see. Enjoy the flair of the city during an evening stroll through the quaint and lit alleys. You spend the night in Rothenburg o. d. Tauber. 

Day 2: Rothenburg ob der Tauber - Dinkelsbühl, 36 mi. (60 km)
The first destination of your bike tour is visible from afar: The old, baroque castle in Schillingsfürst rises mightily above town. A short climb takes you up to Schillingfürst, then you continue to Feuchtwangen. Finally you reach the former free imperial city of Dinkelsbühl in the idyllic Wörnitz Valley. The town square is surrounded by beautiful, colorful old town houses. Enjoy Frankish cuisine in one of the traditional restaurants. A city tour with the Dinkelsbühl nightwatchman is highly recommended. You spend the night in Dinkelsbühl. 

Day 3: Dinkelsbühl - Nördlingen, 23 mi. (37 km)
Today you cycle to the Nördlinger Ries, an area of great geological interest. 15 million years ago a meteorite with a cross section of 1500 meters hit the earth at a speed of 72,000 km/h in this spot and left an 20-25 km large crater between the Swabian and Frankonian Alps. Your destination today is the former free imperial city of Nördlingen. Don’t miss Germany’s only entirely preserved city wall! It is even possible to walk around on it. The 90 meters high bell tower of St. George’s Church is known as “Daniel” and offers an amazing view into the Ries (the meteorite crater). Another point of interest is the old tanners’ quarter and of course the Ries Crater Museum for the geologically enthusiastic. You spend the night in Nördlingen. 

Day 4: Nördlingen - Donauwörth/Rain,23/39 mi. (39/63 km)
You leave the countryside of the Ries and bike through the beautiful Wörnitz Valley. Soon you pass Harburg with its lovely castle, situated high above the valley. Visit the charming old town center between the river and the castle. You continue to Donauwörth, where the Wörnitz meets the Danube. The Reichsstreet is the main attraction of the city: This lovely street is bordered by numerous amazing old town houses, like the Tanzhaus and Café Engel. Also visit the Käthe Kruse Doll Museum! You spend the night in Donauwörth or Rain am Lech. 

Day 5: Individual departure
Please note that all distances are approximate.

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Customer Feedback

  • Terrence Z. 6 months ago

    This potentially could be a great tour but it was not a great tour for us. The tour guide book was in German which we do not read, thus we wasted a lot of time every day being lost! Also, the provided bikes were not of the best quality, and pedaling them was not easy! The hotels were fine, but we would not recommend this tour unless you read German!

  • Raylee F. 1 year ago

    Most memorable part: The scenery, food and the cycling on quiet roads or bike paths.

  • Raylee F. 1 year ago

    We absolutely loved our Romantic Road cycle. Cycling in Germany is very scenic. People we met were friendly & helpful. Beer was great bread and pastries delicious. The route was well marked. We had a really wonderful holiday.

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