Tuscany - Florence, Siena, and the Chianti

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A glorious bike tour in Tuscany

Tuscany - Florence, Siena, and the Chianti Map

Jay M.
3 years ago

Verified Reviewer

Nice to bike along the Mediterranean coast and a chance to swim at a few beaches. Also nice to bike through the agricultural areas and seeing tomatoes and eggplant growing and watermelons being harvested.

6 years ago

Tripsite Staff

This is Mary from Tripsite and this was my very first Tripsite tour back in 2010, I believe. I was traveling alone and self guided so flexibility was required, not to mention that my first cycling day was the coldest on record for years! ( I was cycling in early April.) I did get turned around a few times as I learned to read the route descriptions and follow the maps but each Tuscan hilltop was a reward in and of itself. From this tour I learned that when cycling self guided do expect: 1. To get turned around at least once or twice 2. That the Italians will always tell you to go straight 3. That the ancient streets many times do not have their names clearly visible 4. That most of the towns are located on a hill. 5. That Tuscany is simply stunning! Highlight: seeing Florence from afar from a hilltop and then cycling down and into the ancient city itself. I also learned that some of the best experiences happen when you least expect it! I am giving this a four star because personally I felt the bike was very heavy (but thankfully geared low enough for the hills!)

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