Flyover in Trieste, region Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy. Photo via Flickr:Giulio

Seafood lunch in Piran, Slovenia. Photo via Flickr:Toni Krasnic
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Venice to Poreč Bike Tour

Italy, Slovenia, Croatia Bike Tours

Bike tour in Venice and along the Croatian Coast!

  • This bike tour in Europe takes you through three countries in one week! You will bike in Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia. The history of the Republic of Venice provides the backdrop for this exciting adventure. Initially formed by scattered marsh islands inhabited by refugees, Venice became one of the Mediterranean's great powers. Biking the outskirts of Venice, you will leave the famous city and cycle along the beaches of the coastline and up to the plain of Friuli, exploring this area that has always been a bridge between the Mediterranean world and central Europe. The bike route then leads to the fascinating town of Trieste, culminating in cycling the beautiful Istrian coast in Croatia! The landscape is geographically complex; alps, limestone plateau, alluvial plain, and shelving coastlands. The culture, diverse as well, and cycling immerses you in it all.


    • Venice, the lovely, mystical and romantic city on water
    • Cycling along the stunning seacoast
    • The white castle of Miramare, the beloved home of Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian of Habsburg
    • Eufrasian Basilica in Porec, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

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  • 2020

     Category ACategory B
    Season 1:  $ 1293 £ 657 $ 1,146 735 $ 1349 kr 8155 $ 819 $ 1135 £ 577 $ 1,005 645 $ 1183 kr 7156 $ 719
    Season 2:  $ 1469 £ 747 $ 1,302 835 $ 1532 kr 9264 $ 930 $ 1311 £ 666 $ 1,161 745 $ 1367 kr 8265 $ 830
    Season 3:  $ 1557 £ 792 $ 1,379 885 $ 1624 kr 9819 $ 986 $ 1399 £ 711 $ 1,239 795 $ 1459 kr 8820 $ 886
    Single Supplement:  $ 405 £ 206 $ 359 230 $ 422 kr 2552 $ 256 $ 317 £ 161 $ 281 180 $ 330 kr 1997 $ 201

    Season 1: April 4 and October 3, 2020
    Season 2: April 5 to May 15 and September 12 to October 2, 2020
    Season 3: May 16 to July 18 and August 22 to September 11, 2020

    extra options

    Electric bike rental: $ 194 £ 98 $ 171 110 $ 202 kr 1220 $ 123

    Hybrid bike rental: $ 70 £ 36 $ 62 40 $ 73 kr 444 $ 45

    Helmet rental: $ 26 £ 13 $ 23 15 $ 28 kr 166 $ 17

    Transfer Porec to Venice by boat around 7-8 am (approx. 4 hours) starting at* $ 114 £ 58 $ 101 65 $ 119 kr 721 $ 72 *Pricing depends on season 
    If the ferry boat is not available, the service will be replaced by a private transfer. The booking (complete with full names, passport number/ID card number, nationality, date of birth) is compulsory when sending the reservation. Passport expiry date should be 90 days past your return travel date from Croatia.

    Extra nights:
    Mestre Cat. A:  $ 123 £ 63 $ 109 70 $ 128 kr 777 $ 78

    Single room: $ 176 £ 89 $ 156 100 $ 183 kr 1109 $ 111

    Mestre Cat. B:  $ 97 £ 49 $ 86 55 $ 101 kr 610 $ 61

    Single room: $ 150 £ 76 $ 132 85 $ 156 kr 943 $ 95

    Porec Ca. A+B:  $ 114 £ 58 $ 101 65 $ 119 kr 721 $ 72

    Single room: $ 150 £ 76 $ 132 85 $ 156 kr 943 $ 95

    Venice (from):  $ 158 £ 81 $ 140 90 $ 165 kr 999 $ 100

    Single room (from): $ 264 £ 134 $ 234 150 $ 275 kr 1664 $ 167

    please note

    Reduction for 3rd/4th person in same room

    Cat. A: $ 229 £ 116 $ 203 130 $ 239 kr 1442 $ 145

    Cat. B: $ 176 £ 89 $ 156 100 $ 183 kr 1109 $ 111

    Rates are per person based on double occupancy.

    A non-refundable admin fee of 20 Euros per person is included in the deposit amount.

    Information to read before you book.

    We recommend purchasing bike trip insurance.

    Please see our FAQ.

  • Travel

    Fly to Venice Marco Polo Airport

    Local Travel

    From Venice Marco Polo Airport, the easiest way to reach downtown Mestre is on the ATVO Fly Bus, which runs between the airport and the Mestre railroad station. The buses run from early in the morning until late evening, with several departures every hour during most of the day. Travel time is only 17 minutes, and the cost is approximately €5.


    The average high/low temperatures in °F for the region 55°/40 °for March, 61°/46° April, 70°/55° May, 76°/61°June, 81°/65 July, 81°/64° August, 74°/59° September, and 64°/50 for October.


    Regarding ferry transfer, this must be reserved at time of booking: check in at 6.15 a.m. in Porec - boarding at 7:00 - departure at 7.15 a.m. - arrival in Venice at 11.00. Luggage restrictions apply. One stored bag and one carry on allowed not to exceed 10 kg in weight and no more than 56 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm. If you will have more than one piece of luggage, additional pieces are €5 per piece at the time of booking or €10 at the time of boarding.

Tour Dates



Every Saturday from April 4 to July 18 and August 22 to October 3, 2020 

Every Sunday from May 17 to July 12 and August 30 to September 20, 2020 

*Special departure dates for at least 5 people

Season 1: April 4 and October 3, 2020
Season 2: April 5 to May 15 and September 12 to October 2, 2020
Season 3: May 16 to July 18 and August 22 to September 11, 2020

Skill Level

This self-guided tour entails 300 km of riding over 6 days. The first three days are mainly on flat roads across the Veneto and Friuli plain. The last three days you will encounter a few more hills but nothing extreme. During the high season, you will encounter more traffic on the coast. Total vertical climb: 1,390 m, Terrain: 92% tarmac, 8% unpaved

Where You’ll Stay

Category A: 3 and 4 star hotels
Category B: 3 star hotels

What’s Included

  • Hotel accommodations for 7 nights
  • Breakfast buffets
  • Tour information and route descriptions
  • Welcome meeting in English
  • 27-gear unisex touring bike with handlebar bag and pannier
  • Bicycle Protection
  • Luggage transfer
  • *Ferry transfer on Day 2 (bike not incl. approx. €4)
  • 7-day service hotline
  • *On July 19, the ferry service is not available and will be replaced by a private transfer.

What’s Not Included

  • All other meals other than breakfast
  • Local hotel taxes (10 to 15 €)
  • Boat transfer from Porec to Venice (approx. €65-85/person)
  • Travel Insurance
TypeSelf Guided
Length8 days
From645 Rates
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Day-To-Day Itinerary

Venice to Poreč Map

Day 1: Arrival in Mestre/Venice
Day 2: Mestre/Venice - Jesolo/Caorle/coast, 25/40 mi. (40/65 km)
Day 3: Jesolo/Caorle/coast - Portogruaro, 25/37 mi. (40/60 km)
Day 4: Portogruaro - Aquileia/Palmanova, 37 or 43 mi. (60 or 70 km)
Day 5: Aquileia/Palmanova - Trieste, 31 or 43 mi. (50 or 70 km)
Day 6: Trieste - Portorož/Piran, 28 mi. (45 km)
Day 7: Portorož/Piran - Poreč, 34 mi. (55 km)
Day 8: Poreč

Day 1: Individual arrival in Mestre/Venice
The city of Venice will captivate you with its charm and splendor. Venice is still a monument to the glory days of the Renaissance. The whole city is an extraordinary architectural masterpiece in which even the smallest building contains works by some of the world's greatest artists such as Giorgione, Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese, and others.

Day 2: Mestre/Venice - Jesolo/Caorle/coast, 25 or 40 mi. (40 or 65 km, vertical climb 0m)
After a few kilometers, your bicycle tour in Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia continues by ferry and then by Vaporetto. You will pass in front of Piazza San Marco, one of the most beautiful squares in the world.  Then you will reach Punta Sabbioni, the furthest south area of the Adriatic coast, which is north of Venice. From here you cycle along the stunning seacoast, with various opportunities for a refreshing bath in the sea. The overnight will be in one of the places along this famous coastline.

Day 3: Jesolo/Caorle/coast - Portogruaro, 25/37 mi. (40/60 km, vertical climb 0m)
Upon departing from Caorle, with its wonderful historical center, the route leads north towards the Julian alps. You will leave the sea behind you arriving in Portogruaro, one of the main centers in the period of Serenissima Republic of Venice, still impressive with its glorious Palazzi. Portogruaro was officially founded in 1140 by a group of fishermen who settled there and built a river port.

Day 4: Portogruaro - Aquileia/Palmanova, 37 or 43 mi. (60 or 70 km, vertical climb 30m)
The day is spent cycling between the region of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, passing through an area abundant in water and history, among rivers, canals, and ancient roman towns. Your destination will be Aquileia, with its roman excavations, or Palmanova, named ‘the starry city’ because, from above, the city resembles a 9-pointed star. You can shorten the stage by about 20 km by train from Portogruaro to Latisana.

Day 5: Aquileia/Palmanova - Trieste, 31 or 43 mi. (50 or 70 km, vertical climb 420m)
The route leads once again towards the sea and the gulf of Trieste awaits you. However,  there are many opportunities to explore along the way! Duino with its two castles, Sistiana with its characteristic bay and Miramare with its famous castle built according to the wishes of Massimiliano d’Asburgo, situated in a beautiful park of more than 20 hectares in size, are all worth a detour!  Just a few kilometers lie between you and Trieste, the ancient port of the Asburgic Empire, which has much to offer in the way of attractions. It is possible to reduce the daily mileage of about 30 km with a train transfer from Monfalcone to Trieste at the end of the stage.

Day 6: Trieste - Portorož, 28 mi. (45 km, vertical climb 470m)
After a few kilometers, you will cross over into Slovenia, often cycling along cycle paths through famous holiday resorts such as Koper, first Venetian, and then Austrian, and Piran, another important town which was ruled over for a long time by Venice. The destination today is Portorož, a town renowned for its spa and bathing facilities. 

Day 7Portorož/Piran - Poreč, 34 mi. (55 km, vertical climb 470m) 
Cycling in Slovenia towards the south, you will pass through the salt mines of Secovlje, a large town known for its salt works and a key area as regards ornithology. Some kilometers later you will cross the Croatian border down along Istria, the Adriatic sea’s largest peninsula. In the end, you will reach Porec, the tourist capital of Croatia, with its Eufrasian Basilica, which in 1997, was declared Patrimony of Humanity by UNESCO.

Day 8: Poreč
Departure after breakfast. Return to Venice by boat available for a supplement.

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Tour Reviews

  • Diane Z. 3 months ago     Verified Reviewer

    We thoroughly enjoyed the trip. The itinerary, written directions and maps were great. Taking the ferry out of Venice and riding through the historic town centers were definite highlights.

  • Diane Z. 4 months ago     Verified Reviewer

    This self guided bike trip was a great way to see the countryside. We biked through vineyards and along the coast for most of the trip. The written directions and maps given to us were very accurate and made navigating so much fun. My suggestion for others is to start early so you can make the most of each day. I'm so glad we did!

  • Wes J. 2 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    Great scenery and a very good vacation. I recommend taking the boat out of Trieste to avoid the traffic.

  • MARCOS FERRAZ 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    Estamos super-satisfeitos com voces e a Giro Libero. Tudo transcorreu muito bem de forma profissional e organizada, superando ate nossas expectativas.
    O material distribuido (mapas e guias) foi otimo; as bikes todas aguentaram bem sem darem qq problema, em otimo estado de manutencao e apropriadas ao trajeto; o percurso muito bem marcado; o funcionario da reuniao inicial foi pontual e nos atendeu muito bem e orientou sobre tudo; os hoteis super de acordo com o contratado, bem localizados e confortaveis; enfim, um passeio que nos alegrou em muito com paisagens lindas e repleto de experiencias culturais.

  • Kristine Johnson 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    Traveling from Venice through northeast Italy and Trieste into Slovenia and Croatia was beautiful and culturally rich.

  • Magdalena Cheung 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    I found the trip operator a bit disorganized. Nobody told us that the tour guides & map etc were put in our room, and we did not know until the briefing time. During the briefing we went through the material kit, but we were not offered any additional info. The options re the accessories with the bike were not chosen by us, but the operator insisted we chose it and refused to exchange reading board for bike bag.
    The map and guide do not always match. We expected bike route would be traffic free and for bike only, but apparently 90% of the time it was not the case. The bike was a bit heavy for me, especially I am only slightly over 100lbs.

  • Al E. 5 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    This was our 13th Tripsite Tour and as always, it was exceptional. The bike route was well marked, the bikes were new and well serviced and the Hotels were excellent. It was a very interesting ride. Thanks to Hennie and Carla for recommending the Tour.
    Al and Sue

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