Tripsite Traveler: Prague to Dresden - A Tale of Two Rivers

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By Denise Giusti • February 17, 2017

Feeling tired of traveling alone, I was looking for something different to do around the world when suddenly to my pleasant surprise, I found Tripsite's wonderful bike tours.

I chose the Prague to Dresden Bike Tour following the Elbe river.

I arrived in Prague the day before the tour started and when I arrived at the hotel the saw the first surprise! At the reception, there was a folder with all the tour information left by the guides. My tour was the fully-guided tour and I didn’t need to worry about the path to follow but anyway, I felt very comfortable having all the tour information with me.

The guided tour has two guides: One guide goes in a van and the other by bicycle cycling with us. The guide on the van followed us during the entire path, but we met him only at some points during the ride.

The guided tour was perfect for me because it offered me everything I was looking for during my holidays. Walk, pedal, enjoy the landscape without the need to worry about the path or anything else, and in very good company with the group and the guides.

I will do a list with the things done for us by the guides:

  1. Filled our water bottles

  2. Offered fruits, cereal bars, and nuts

  3. Told us the places’ histories

  4. Calibrated the bicycles’ tires

  5. Washed the bicycle (if necessary)

  6. Carried our luggage from one hotel to another

It means that I just needed to pedal. Fantastic!

We have arrived at our first destination, Melnik and to our surprise, a wine festival was going on and our dear guide guaranteed some traditional wine for us. Fair enough after a 54km ride ☺

On the Litomerice way, I had the best experience of my life! I ate fruits directly from the trees. The fruit trees were all along the way and the sweet guide realized my happiness eating these fruits so he used to stop all the time. He found a pear tree so I was able to eat “only a pear more” (hehe).

The day we were going to Decin was my 35th birthday and I received a wonderful sunny day as a gift…

and also a surprise party and what a view!?!? At the Chateau Velké Březno, Czech Republic.

Every day during the morning the guides used to tell us the day’s plan and always asked for your opinion. This was very cool because the same time everything was already organized and we didn’t have to worry but everything was very flexible. An example was when we have arrived in Decin. We were able to choose between going rock climbing, going for a walk around the city or just relaxing at the hotel. I decided to go for the Rock Climbing and I L-O-V-E-D it.

We have just arrived in Germany! Amazing to cross countries by bicycle only using bike paths and beautiful ways. Falling in love more and more every day.

Between Decin, Czech Republic, and Bad Schandau, Germany was the Czech-Saxon Switzerland National Park, another activity option given. All the group has agreed and we went there. Amazing!

The last day of our bike tour (unfortunately) ended in style. Another fantastic sunny day! We arrived in Dresden, one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen in all my life. One castle more beautiful than another with undescribed colors.

The tour was amazing! I strongly recommend it to anyone! It was more than perfect! Thank you Tripsite for showing me the best trip of my life EVER!

Feel free to explore all of our bike tours in Czech Republic and Germany.

Denise Giusti de Abreu Souza – Brazilian, engineer and a Cycling T-shirt brand owner, called D-Tees.

Denise Giusti de Abreu Souza – Brazilian, engineer and a Cycling T-shirt brand owner, called D-Tees.

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