Amsterdã a Bruges - 11 dias

Holanda, Bélgica Passeio de Bicicleta e Barco

Passeio de bicicleta e barco na Holanda e Bélgica pelo Delta Works, campos de Flandres e muito mais

Amsterdã a Bruges - 11 dias Mapa
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Bobby H.
5 months ago

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Too many memorable parts to decide. The staff aboard the quo vadis, the food, the beautiful scenery both on the bikes and barge. All were superior.

Gary H.
5 months ago

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This was our first Bike and Barge tour, it was great. The stay on the barge was what I expected. The captain and crew were wonderful. Captain (Hans) gave daily briefings, chef (Marcel) created a wide range of meals throughout the week that were excellent, desserts by Maria were also excellent. We enjoyed the whole experience on the barge.
Cycling with a guide was also wonderful, Ron (our guide) has a great knowledge of the history and facts of the areas we cycled, is very friendly and personable. He found hidden gems. We laughed and had a great time with him. Our group was friendly and made some new friends by the end of 11 days. It's a great experience. Cycling was easy, flat but winding in places.
I would recommend this ride.

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