Metz a Cochem

França, Luxemburgo, Alemanha Passeio de Bicicleta e Barco

Pedale por 3 países ao longo do rio Moselle!

Metz a Cochem Mapa

Ross M.
1 year ago

Avaliador Verificado

This is the best kept secret for those of us that enjoy intimate, caring, luxurious adventure with people that will care and spoil you along the way. Quo Vadis will always be our first choice if available and the standard by what we measure all of our other trips.

Patti S.
1 year ago

Avaliador Verificado

The beautiful scenery along the Mosel River is the star of this Bike and Barge trip! The vineyard along the steep mountain face for miles and miles, the gorgeous river meandering , the church steeple in every village, and the ancient castles on the mountain top! I could not believe I was there in the midst of this! Would not hesitate to recommend this trip to anyone and I have!

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