Breisgau e Rota do Vinho da Alsácia

França, Alemanha Passeios de Bicicleta

Pedale a Floresta Negra ao longo do Reno

Breisgau e Rota do Vinho da Alsácia Mapa

Antonina (Ena) G.
10 months ago

Avaliador Verificado

Beautiful scenery loved the old towns. The bikes were great

Donatella Yelda
3 years ago

Avaliador Verificado

Amazing tour...Loved every minute of it! The staff was awesome. The bikes were great! The hotels were all very clean, with friendly staff and great breakfast. The route was beautiful. The towns were fairy tale dreamy. Did we get lost more than once? Yes of course we did, it's a given and expected when you're not familiar with the rout and towns, no matter how good the map and directions are. Having said that, getting lost was part of the charm of the trip, we got to explore more areas/places. Most trails and routs are very well marked and if you follow the "Bike Route" marks you will not get lost too much, maybe a turn here or there. We used Google map along with the paper map/directions provided. In some areas Google conflicted with the provided directions and that's how we got lost ... but it was fun exploring. If you're the daring type who considers every turn a new adventure you will have a blast. But if you're the type that everything has to be precise then you might get frustrated.

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