My first experience on an electric bike


Cherie K
3 months ago

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Hello, The heartfelt communications in the emails that I have read says so much about the company and everyone who works to make these trips as special as they are.

Friends have made plans for the Bavarian Tour in 2022 and we have been invited to join. Many in the group are serious riders, however due to a knee replacement that didn't provide the desired outcome, I am unable to ride. So, I was wondering what my options might be while everyone is riding? I suspect this has happened before, so I look forward to your suggestions.

Thanks so much,

Karen M
5 years ago

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I used an e-bike on our trip from Amsterdam to Bruges. Most of the time I rode without assist, but on an occasional hill or riding into a hearty wind, it made a HUGE difference. Instead of getting frustrated or exhausted, I was able to enjoy the scenery whilst everyone on the standard bikes had their heads bowed in concentration!

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