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Bruges, West Flanders, Belgium. ©Hollandfotograaf

Amsterdã a Bruges Tour de Bike

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Amsterdã a Bruges Tour de Bike

Fácil–Moderado Bicicleta Passeios na(o)(s) Holanda, Bélgica

Experimente este maravilhoso tour de bicicleta pela Holanda até a Bélgica, cidades, vilarejos e canais passados em ciclovias de alta qualidade. Com nossos passeios de bicicleta e barco entre Amsterdã…

4,5 fora de 5


Eric P.
3 months ago

Avaliador Verificado

Excelente cicloviagem, paisagens muito bonitas, vias super seguras e uma ótima organização pela tripsite!

Tahnee R.
3 months ago

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This is our second TripSite tour and we love the combination of bike/hotel/luggage transport support and being on our own and without the added cost of a guide. We have recommended Trip Sites to many friends.

A few of the positives and suggestions...


Great bikes. High quality, both the regular and e-bikes.

Friendly, responsive and helpful staff. When a few of our group asked to exchange for e-bikes after a first very windy day, the local company (Dutch Bike Tours) was very friendly and drove them to us within a couple of hours (for a cost but that was expected).

The Netherlands is amazing for biking. Flat, accessed by a huge network of bike paths (seemingly every roadway), very well signed, drivers unexpectedly respectful to cyclists (compared to the U.S.), and so scenic.

Some lovely towns: we especially loved Gouda, Willemstadt, Zierikzee, Middleburg and Bruge.


Information: While we had contact with the local Leia Mais

Silvia Susana D.
3 months ago

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The bike trip from Amsterdam to Brujas was excellent! The fisrt day was a little bit difficult to follow the maps and GPS but we made it :), the gps was very usefull , and the maps that they gave us too, using both things was perfect not to get loss. It is only a matter to get use to the signs and maps and GPS, but if you could I suggest to pay a litlle extra money and ask for the gps.
The hotels were beautifull and confortable, the only one I would take out of the route is the one in Papendrecht, not because of the hotel, the hotel was very nice, but the area is not really nice. I suggest that night to stay at a hotel in Dordretch. Dordretch is beautiful :).
The routes were so nice, I really enjoyed the tour, we didn´t have any problems with the bikes. Our luggage was always on time in our next hotel. so everything was perfect!

elke k.
4 months ago

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We are from Mexico and this is our second time with tripsite. And definitely looking forward to do it again.
Amsterdam to Brugge is magic!!
The sites, the routes, the lodges and great food!!
We decided to do it on ebike and was an excellent choice.this way we could enjoy the road with the right effort.
The bikes were excelent and all the experience with tripsite is the best!
Looking for for our next trip!

Andrew M.
7 months ago

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Here are a few suggestions:

1. Offer a less congested route out of Amsterdam. The route we were given took us through the areas with the most traffic and a lot of confusing turns. An alternative route could easily be offered and would have made the first day's ride a lot less stressful.
2. Several of our bikes had problems with shifting and other things. My bike often would shift down and up with no input from me other than pedaling. Two other bikes in our group of four had shifting issues. Also, my seat kept tilting forward on the seat post, despite the fact that I had a multi-tool and would crank the Allen bolt as tight as I could. Unbelievably, there was no interest from Dutch Bike Tours in identifying which bikes had problems.
3. Although most hotels were nice (we had the upgraded package), a few were very disappointing. In particular, the Woerten Best Western and the Vlissingen Hotel Piccard were quite bad and depressing, with tiny rooms and no charm at all. These were unacceptable.
4. The ride was scenic and very pleasant-- the bikes themselves and a few bad hotels were the only bummers.

Norman F.
7 months ago

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The trip was excellent begging to end overall. We made it a day longer as offered. If I was offering suggestions to the tour operator it would be as follows. Have somebody explain how the electric bike works, including the locking system, locks, and battery removal. We had the aid of the hotel employee who came down and helped us out. I would also highly recommend the GPS as many signs or markers are missing, especially getting in or out of Amsterdam and some of the towns along the way. All hotels were great except Vlissingen (that one was a huge let down). The breakfasts at all the hotels were good as were the staff in all of them including V. I would pay more if the all hotels were like the Zierikee location, hotel names are alluding me. The tracks chosen were excellent and we did the long route each time. Some great little towns for a beer or lunch along the way. The rides are extremely easy and relaxing. Never a busy trail. Will be booking another one ( take the better hotels if offered). The whole trip was memorable.

Lawrence F.
1 year ago

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The trip From Amsterdam to Bruges is a wonderful cycling experience - lovely scenery, charming towns full of history, great, fresh food, and easy cycling over the flat lowland terrain that defines the Netherlands. One has to accept the wind and rain as part of the experience, but we were certainly lucky this time with the weather - mostly sunny or lightly overcast days, with occasional drizzles and gusts of wind, particularly near the coastal areas. A highly recommended tour that provides a great introduction to the region.

The only concerns/suggestions I would offer are these: a) would prefer hotels located in/close to the town center, not in the suburbs; would also prefer locally owned hotels rather than chains,2) the maps were
Generally unhelpful - they are virtually microscopic, and certainly difficult to follow on a bike - suggest getting the GPS option, or just using the GPS on your phone, and 3) if wind/rain/distances are a concern, would suggest opting for the excellent and very efficient ebikes that are so common here in the Netherlands.

Don H.
3 years ago

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The accommodations were perfect. All of the lodgings were comfortable, clean, and well appointed. They were located in the heart of the community. Our luggage was transferred from place to place in a timely manner. The bikes were comfortable and the bags easily fit everything we needed on the route.

Kim F.
3 years ago

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Every day was an adventure. The bike paths were lovely to follow and every town was beautiful. We enjoyed riding all day and walking the towns at night before selecting a restaurant for dinner. The history was endless and the daily map book provided good advise for sightseeing in each town. Generally the ride was easy until we got to the coast where the wind presented a challenge. Amsterdam and Brugges proved to be the perfect bookends for the smaller towns we visited in between.

Guilherme G.
3 years ago

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Maps must be improved.
We got lost more than one time.
The signs are very poor in many places.
Local people are not used to the signs used in the bike route used in the maps. So they could not help us.

The first day of the trip is too long. It would be better to do it in two days.

The normal package hotels are not good. For few cities we payed for upgrade hotels. This ones were very nice.

Carol C.
3 years ago

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I loved riding through all of the farm land and villages. All of the hotels we stayed in were great. They all had fantastic breakfasts. Only down fall was the GPS device, it would just stop working so we would have to rely on street signs or local people to send us in the right direction. My bike was great, but another person in the party had to put up with a seat that was falling.

Brooks B.
3 years ago

Avaliador Verificado

Enjoyed All aspects of this Bike Tour. Thank You for all the coordination and attention to detail. We chose this as a list minute add on to a long trip to Europe and Tripsite folks worked hard to make this happen for us! We will definitely book a future Biking trip with you ASAP! Thank You!!

Curt K.
4 years ago

Avaliador Verificado

Our bike barge tour was fantastic, starting with the scenery and locals backed up by the staff , food and guides.

Heather W.
5 years ago

Avaliador Verificado

The full range of stimulating experiences of all things Dutch with so many things different every day. The impressive first day, in particular, through and out of Amsterdam set up exciting anticipation for subsequent days that was maintained. If one highlight has to singled out, which is somewhat unfair, it would be the spectacular and unique ride over the Zealand Bridge and competing there with the raw forces of nature. Our tip would be to ensure you use the route maps and GPS in combination noting the advice that there are variances, and each evening check out the actual start of the route for the following day.

Janet S.
5 years ago

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The bike ride from Amsterdam to Bruges was a great way to connect 2 tourist destinations and get a different experience going through the amazing countryside. The fact that the Netherlands is so bike-friendly makes all the difference! The local partner has a lot of experience with planning the right routes and selecting optimal locations to stop at night.

Jeanine C.
5 years ago

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Our booking and trip experience were excellent. The Tripsite team were very responsive to all inquiries and questions. The trip information provide was accurate, provided information to provide to family members at home and was received in a timely manner.
Excellent trip, staff and overall experience!

Peter and Janice Vink
7 years ago

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This was our first tour in hotels, others have been on barges. I would recommend staying with the barges. There is no contact with a person regarding the tour or the bikes except hotel staff so issues with the bikes were difficult. Bikes were in bad shape we had 4 flats and a broken gear casing so we spent a lot of time in bike shops getting repairs done. Thank goodness ther are lots of bike shops in Holland. GPS was good but one day took us to the wrong hotel some 10 km off course and missed a town we had to back track the next day to see, so that was very annoying. After that we made sure it had the right destination on the GPS. Some hotels were lovely but a couple were very small. We had purchased the meal plan and that was good, though Tripsite said we would have a choice of meals there were 3 places it was just one meal offered to bike tour participants. Holland is beautiful and enjoyable to bike though we had lots of rain and wind so dress appropriately.

Cornelius Mast
8 years ago

Avaliador Verificado

The Mast Family
Bike tour Bruges to Amsterdam,
June 14-20, 2015

We really enjoyed the trip. The scenery was beautiful and we got a good overview of the coasts, farm land, waterways, historical sites and the cities. The hotels were very nice, comfortable, varied and had good restaurants in the hotels. The breakfast buffets were great. We particularly enjoyed the smaller hotels. Luggage transfer worked well.
The routes were easy to follow for the most part once we got “tuned into” finding the route signs. With the maps we were also able to alter the route to see some other sites we were interested in.
A couple of things would have made the trip easier:
More specific information about the bikes, which differ from those we normally ride, before the trip started would have helped us to get a good start the first day.
An extra tube for the tires would have helped since some tires required multiple patches.
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