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  • Andaluzia - Sevilha a Granada
    by Greg and Susan H. 3 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    In relation to overall satisfaction for the trip we felt the breaks for coffee and lunch were a bit long and being in November daylight at the end of the day was an issue so in our opinion the breaks needed to be shorter.
    In relation to hotel food overall the breakfasts provided were superb except for the hotel in Alcala La Real (Hotel Terrepalma) where the breakfast was both meagre and unhealthy. If the hotel can't accommodate the breakfast requirements perhaps another location for breakfast could be found for a group of hungry bikers.
    In relation to the route descriptions that were written for the bikers to carry they were, at times, difficult to follow and somewhat confusing. For the most part the guide was able to offset the confusion.
    The time of the year impacted the scenery as most fields were plowed under and there was a lot of smoke from fall burning making the views hazy however we did have fantastic weather which certainly added to the scenic Read more… experience.
    Our guide, Jeff Lacey, was amazing! He was knowledgeable and attentive, great with people, excellent bike technician, fluent in both Spanish and English, he was encouraging and overall having him as a guide truly added excellence to this trip.
    Thank you Tripsite for all your support prior to this trip. Your support and organization before the trip were truly appreciated, prompt and well executed.
    What was the most memorable part of our trip? The variety in the terrain including the scenery!

    Countries: Espanha

  • Andaluzia - Sevilha a Granada
    by Bob S. 3 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    The written notes for the trail description were poorly written and not accurate. Our guide made up for this with proper verbal description for each segment.
    The hotels were all superb with the the one exception ( Hotel Torre Palma) where the breakfast was lacking, just some pastries, bread, coffee and juice and no fruit, cheese, meat or yogurt.
    Overall the trip was excellent and we surely enjoyed our extra knowledgeable guide Jeff.

    Countries: Espanha

  • Andaluzia - Sevilha a Granada
    by H. Devine 4 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    We requested electric bikes, but the guide and company was not very familiar with them, and the bikes provided were outdated and clunky compared to newer bikes that are available, and were not sized properly for the taller riders. E-bikes are a growing trend - they allow people to take bike trips that they otherwise would not have, and the company should get competitive with promoting them.

    Our guide Jeff got off to a rough start by being late and because he was alone trying to resolve faulty bikes, was not able to provide several walking tours that were discussed in the itinerary. He wasn't a ""people"" person and didn't respond well to equipment problems and various requests by the guests. Toward the end of the trip, he really tried to redeem himself though, and knocked himself out to be helpful. Jeff is a wonderful person and I enjoyed his company and expertise very much. I think it was a little much to have 10 guests with only one guide to Read more… handle everything.

    The hotels were fine, some a bit dated, but acceptable. I would have been willing to pay a little more for slightly better accommodations in Seville and Granada.

    Breakfasts at the hotels were all very good, but the group dinners provided in Seville and especially Alcala a Real were seriously awful. Definitely needs to be rethought and the restaurants upgraded. We would have preferred to dine on our own.

    The approach to Granada was a big buzz-kill. We had been riding for days in bucolic serenity, and to navigate the busy traffic circles and congested streets, trying to follow the guide's van was frightening, dangerous and a big let-down. Just as we took a local bus from Seville to our bike point in Carmona, the same should have been done with our ending. I would recommend that taxis be called at the last lunch stop outside of Granada to take guests and their bags directly to the hotel, with the bikes finally put away in the van at that point. Much better than the guide trying to transition everything on a busy sidewalk in front of the hotel after a harrowing ride. There was simply no reason to continue the bike course into the heart of Granada.

    Other than Granada, the bike course overall was outstanding -- I can only say wonderful things about the beauty, friendliness and road quality, including the Via Verde, what a treat. The rest day in Zuheros was actually our favorite day, with a lovely hotel and pool to enjoy.

    My negative comments are only meant to be constructive and to improve upon what was a fantastic vacation for us. We only want to do bike vacations from now on, and can't wait to plan the next one. Congrats to Tripsite for having such a great site and ability to find unique tours and operators all over the world. "

    Countries: Espanha

  • Andaluzia - Sevilha a Granada
    by B. Carrigan 4 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    We were looked after by our guide and the route was good. Spanish drivers were very considerate.

    Countries: Espanha