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Château de Chaumont in the Loire Valley, France. Flickr:@lain G

Vale do Loire - Orléans a Tours

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Vale do Loire - Orléans a Tours

Fácil Bicicleta Passeios na(o)(s) França

Os três passeios de bicicleta no Vale do Loire, de Orléans a Tours, Tours a Angers e Angers a Le Croisic, podem ser realizados individualmente ou um após o outro. Começando em Orléans, as rotas…

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Kevin C.
4 months ago

Avaliador Verificado

Road cycling in and between small villages in the Loire Valley countryside is a great experience that we will remember for a lifetime. The air was fresh and clean; the farm roads and paths quiet and almost entirely car-free; and the locals we encountered along the way were delighted to attempt conversation with us. We often stopped along the way at small local patisseries, boulangeries, and ice cream shops for sustenance, which was heavenly and inexpensive by American standards. We traveled by train from Paris to the start of our tour in Orleans and again by train from the end of our tour in Le Croisic back to Paris. The trains conveniently ran frequently, quickly and on-time.

We bookended our self-guided cycling tour with a few days in Paris at both ends of the tour. We were glad that we gave ourselves time to adjust to the nine-hour time difference and the attendant rigors of travel before getting on our rental bikes in Orleans. Taking a few days at the end before Leia Mais

Cathy J.
1 year ago

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My husband and I have taken six trips with TRIPSite, mostly self-guided bicycle tours. We continue to appreciate the outstanding value we receive from TRIPSite and their vendors. Whether we ask for customized routes, additional layovers, comfortable accommodations or wayfinding/GPS materials, TRIPSite delivers every time. The regular bikes (not eBikes) we choose are high quality, the distances are manageable for two +70 year old cyclists, and the new GPS app worked beautifully. Our luggage was always delivered to our destination in a timely manner, our rooms were always ready when we arrived (really important when we craved a shower) and the included breakfasts were hearty and substantial prior to a day of cycling. Sixty percent of the two Loire Valley tours were on spectacular roads and picturesque trails without cars, a huge advantage for us for safety considerations.

We discovered that when we cycled through the vineyards, countrysides and forests, it was often difficult to Leia Mais

Timothy M.
4 years ago

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Amazing! We've done many organized and self supported tours, but this one by far is our favorite. We combined two 4-day (of riding) tours into one, the Orleans to Tours and Tours to Angers tours, for eight days of riding and a day on each end for coming and going. We chose the lowest level of hotels and all were fine. We don't spend much time in the room anyway, we just need a comfortable bed. The itinerary was perfect, average of 50km a day and usually one chateau visit along the way so at an easy pace we had plenty of time for a morning coffee stop, a few hours at the chateau du jour and lunch, and arrived at the hotel in time to do laundry and head to dinner. The overnight stops were a good mix of big cities (Orleans, Tours) and quaint towns. We didn't take a rest day, but if you're considering it, think about Amboise, a quaint town, rather than the midpoint Tours. Amboise was our favorite town-a good selection of restaurants, a beautiful chateau Leia Mais

Frank H.
5 years ago

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The Loire River Valley tour was spectacular in every way: bikes, scenery, route, trails, signage, difficulty level (which was "easy" and fit our previous experience level), the towns and accommodations.