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Trogir, where the boat is moored in Croatia. Flickr:Kate

Parques Nacionais da Dalmácia

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Parques Nacionais da Dalmácia

Moderado Bicicleta e Barco Passeios na(o)(s) Croácia

A Croácia tem uma bela, bem preservada costa com milhares de ilhas, arrecifes de corais e baías. Numerosas ruínas romanas, charmosas colinas e muita beleza de tirar o fôlego lhe espera aqui. Situada…

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3 years ago

Avaliador Verificado

Trip with some room for improvement.
As positive:
1. Bike guides were kind and always trying to fulfill all of our requests.
2. Waiter was really helpful, efficient and nice with all of us
3. Meals on board were tasteful
As 'not so positive':
1. All the the bike routes run 100% by car roads
2. We just were able to take a swim from the boat 2 or 3 times during the full week
3. Captain had to change the itinerary, that initially it did not sound as a problem until we finally spent 24 hours with the ship docked beside the garbage containers in a city with absolutely nothing to visit or to do... while enduring flies and really unpleasant smell...
4. Captain and part of the crew far from 'nice behavior' during the full trip until the last moment that they started to open the tip envelopes and count the money in the dining room with all of us still on board

As a summary, this National Park 'bike & Boat' trip was far from expectations.

Audrey F.
4 years ago

Avaliador Verificado

The quality of hybrid bike was a piece of junk compared with the bike I used in Amsterdam with a group was much better quality two years ago. I would have enjoyed cycling if the bike was in a better quality. The food was too heavy. Other than that, the scenery was beautiful.